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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Countdown to Christmas ... 12/14/2016

Today, I put up our Christmas tree and finished decorating.   We normally put our tree up right after Thanksgiving but I didn't want to put it up this year until the hearth construction was completed.

This year I also went with a smaller tree ... a pencil tree to be exact and a few well placed decorations throughout the house. (It was so much easier to decorate the pencil tree!)

This year I've kept everything simple and I am loving it!  

The 'snapshots' are from our tree this year ... I hope you enjoy them!

I also gathered the addresses for the Christmas cards I'll be mailing.

What did you do today in your journey toward Christmas?

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  1. I love my simple decorations! I'm glad your enjoying yours! We weren't sure how the puppy (she's 10 months) would do with the tree/ornaments, so only the top half is decorated. hahahahaha! It sure looks funny!

    1. Jenn, that's funny ... a half decorated tree!

  2. I love your decorations, snow and berries on your tree! I would love to see a full shot of it! Today I made 4 more batches of toffee. I've made 10 batches so far and hope 2 more will be all I need so I can get on to making more goodies.

    1. Melody, I tried getting a picture of the whole tree but it just doesn't come out well ... sorry! Hmmmm, I love toffee! I bet your kitchen smells divine!

  3. I love the tree. I see you have a little sneaky Elf in there too. I love hearing the guys where I work talk about their Elves and what they get into. Makes me wish I had grandkids close by (as of yet, I still don't have any). What did you use for snow on your tree? I am still working on the knitted blanket for my son and hope to be able to make a batch of black walnut fudge tonight and maybe start my gingerbread cookies. Have a great day Patsy! Paula in Kansas

    1. Paula, I don't have any grandkids that live nearby either but I have done the elf for a children's sunday school class that I used to teach. They loved it and Holly (the elf) asked them to do kind things for others. Holly visited the classroom every Sunday morning for the whole month of December. The would come into class looking for Holly! I loved it as much as they did! I usually buy 'snow' at the after Christmas clearance sales at either JoAnn's Fabrics or at Michaels or A C Moores. I just pack it away with the Christmas decorations until the following year. I've already thrown away the bags from what I used this year so I can't tell you what the official name is. Sorry! Black walnut fudge ... hmmm, that sounds delicious!

  4. yes, your décor is beautiful! I would love to see a full shot too and the new hearth! xoxo

    1. Barbara, I've tried getting a good picture of the whole tree but I just can't do it with the camera I have. Sorry!

  5. A batch of Toffee Butter cookies went into the freezer. A few cards went out and we watched Miracle on 34th Street, my fave.

    I like the idea of a pencil tree and maybe someday but some are not ready for that here. :)

    1. Lana, this is our first year to have a pencil tree and I am hooked! It had become such a big job to put the big tree up and was getting to the point that I was worn out when it was completed. (It's just me and my husband and while my husband greatly enjoys the final product, he does not help decorate it in any way.) The pencil tree is 7 feet tall and pre-lit. I have it sitting in an old antique trunk. I absolutely love the way it looks. It was so much easier to decorate too and took much less time!

  6. Oh I love this post. I began Thanksgiving week and still have a few things to add. It's so much fun. I loved reading your post. I hope you'll come over and share it at Count Down To Christmas. I am sure others would love to see your new tree! This is the perfect week to link up because I'm offering a giveaway.
    Be sure and leave a comment and follow me after you fill out the form too
    you'll get 2 more chances!
    Here's the link:
    Merry Christmas


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