Monday, December 5, 2016

The Ways of My Household ... 12/5/2016

I am taking a little break from both of the series I’m doing, Our Journey to a Mortgage Free Home and the One Month Preparedness series.    I will resume both after the holidays as there is still much to share in both series. 

The Countdown to Christmas series I’m doing seems to be very popular.  If you are reading along you will notice that we are not doing anything that costs a lot of money, we are mostly enjoying what we have around us or if I’m making something, using what we have on hand and just simply enjoying the simple things of the season.  (You can read about these little stockings in the latest entry of our Countdown to Christmas Series.)

Thank you for honoring me with your visits here at A Working Pantry!

Let’s see how the ‘Ways of My Household’ went this week …

Note:  My Vicky Challenge Savings are added in at the appropriate places.  

We were without running water in our house for two and a half days last week.  My husband spent about 16 hours working on our pump and well before he was able to fix it.  Saved:  $240

My husband also worked some more on the hearth.  Saved: $288

We saved $13.95 using coupons and shopping sales for food and non-food pantry items.

We are eating heavily out of our pantry right now which means we aren’t spending much at the grocery store … yeah!!!!   

I’m already looking ahead to January and planning some things that I will be canning and adding to my pantry then.  Yes, adding to my pantry is a year round event at our house!

Speaking of January makes me think of the new year coming up and I’m already making notes and thinking about some goals I want to achieve for 2017.   Anybody else already thinking ahead to 2017?

I earned a $10 Amazon gift card from cashing in coke points.  A big ‘thank you’ to Vicky (of the Vicky Challenge) for giving me the ‘heads up’ on this ‘sale.’

I stitched up this little zippered pouch this week thinking it would be good for a child to keep some of their treasures in ... what do you think?  If I purchased it at the store it would cost at least $10 ... Saved:  $10  (I made it out of leftover scraps from previous sewing projects except for the zipper.  I buy zippers in bulk which means I can get them at a much better price then purchasing them individually.)

I’m on day 68 of my 100 Day Crochet Challenge.   I’ve been experimenting with different stitches this week and don’t really have a finished project to show.   The concept of doing a 100 day challenge has worked really well for me and I’ll definitely be doing more next year.  (I’ve already decided on what my next 100 Day Challenge will be … but you’ll have to wait until next year to find out!!!!) Thank you Annabel from over at The Bluebirds are Nesting for introducing me to this concept!

Not working outside my home … Saved $100

The USDA’s ‘moderate’ Food Budget for a family the size of ours is $589.70 monthly.  In November we spent about $125, that’s a savings of $464.70

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge Savings  savings/earnings have been $15,649.52 add this week’s amount ($1,126.65) and I/we have saved $16,776.17

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry, care for your household or live frugally this week?

A Working Pantry
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I love the pouch. I think it would be great for treasures. :-) Anyone would be lucky to receive it.
    One year for Christmas I made my (7) co-workers and little pouch that had a button and put a pack of gum in there for them to use in their purse (to hold gum or change), and 4 of them still have them to date. We all believe - it's the thoughtful homemade gifts that are the best.
    Cindy from Alabama

    1. Cindy, I love your pouch idea ... hmm, I think I'll add that to gifts to work on for 2017. You don't happen to have a picture do you?

  2. Dear Patsy,
    Its more for wool and rugs etc but try Pineapple crochet stitch as it is my favourite! If you want I can send you a link to a you tube tutorial. It makes up the most gorgeous blankets/rugs and it is really fun to do! Basically it is only the same old stitches its just the order they are done in...
    FB is not showing me that you have a new post. That is why I keep being slow to the party! I will rectify that hopefully.
    Yes I sure am thinking about the new year. I am trying to wrap this year up well, finish off challenges and make Christmas good. But I am thinking about the year thats been and the new year. I made very big goals this year. Painting the whole house myself was one as you know. And I did it! Im tired but apart from tiny finishing up tasks it is done! That saved $23000 according to my calculations! Plus the house looks lovely! It makes my heart sing to drive past or look at the house from the front.
    I am continually upping our preparedness. We are facing likely power failure in heatwaves which could be dreadful.
    With your blog subject it is just amazing what you faced this year. It is almost like you always knew you would be needing an extensive pantry and preparedness.... everything that has happened one after the other has put all your preparedness to use. What a year! We only had a significant storm and our entire state lost all power. That experience taught us a lot. It was huge. Even some hospitals had no power and everything failed. Cars stopped as no fuel could be pumped. People were stuck in elevators. Traffic lights failed. In fast order basically everything failed. My mind boggles what would happen here if it went on for days and days. A complete melt down. Yet now we are expecting it is likely ahead of us as our power stations have closed down!
    I feel the need to prepare more than ever before. So I look forward to earning as much as I can with you in 2017. With love

    1. Annabel, please, please, please send me the link to the Pineapple crochet stitch tutorial. After I finish up the edging on some pillowcases I am going to do a blanket ... I think maybe you call them a rug. I can hardly believe that I am actually feeling confident enough to tackle such a big project!!! We have certainly had a year, I won't argue with you about that! We've had plenty of opportunity to put our preparedness to the test and have learned so much from hands on experience that you just don't think about in general preparedness. After the holidays we are going to hit pantry building really hard as well as preparedness. What will you do if your power stations all close down, is there another source of electricity for everyone? This is very worrisome, girl you better get to preparing!!!


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