Monday, August 1, 2016

The Ways of My Household ... 8/1/2016

Before we get started on this week’s entry, if you were one of those who had questions about my reference to chalking in the last pantry challenge, I did a post titled “What is Chalking?” that should answer your questions.  It can be found HERE.   

I’ve had a week of changes …

I’m making a few changes in my weekly posts.  The first change is the title … The Ways of My Household (replacing Pantry Challenge) which more accurately reflects what I write about each week.  The other changes are very minor and have to do with formatting.  It’s the same type of sharing I’ve always done; I’m just changing up a bit how I present it.

Another change is that I have closed and disbanded the A Working Pantry Facebook group. I highly recommend the group … Pantry Ladies, if you want to be a part of a pantry related group.  

As a result of shutting down the A Working Pantry Facebook group I will be able to share and post more here.  

So, let’s get started ….

Here are some ways I ‘looked well to the ways of my household’ this past week …

Note:  My Vicky Challenge Savings are added in at the appropriate places.  

Canned tomato juice.    I added 5 quarts to my pantry!

Harvested okra from our garden.  We ate some and I froze some.  We also harvested squash, cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.  Saved $20

Saved seeds from Roma tomatoes grown in our garden.  (I was able to save a lot of seeds this week.)  Saved $10

Was given this watermelon and raised the tomatoes from heirloom seeds we planted in our garden.  Saved $10  

Saved seeds from heirloom tomatoes mentioned above.  Saved $8

Chickens laid 2 dozen eggs this week:  Saved $6

And we have roots!  In an earlier post I shared that I was starting some cuttings for rooting purposes.  As you can see the basil has lots of roots and is ready for planting. The peppermint is rooting really well and the rosemary isn’t far behind, but we’re still waiting on the sage to start putting out its little ‘fingers of roots.’  These will make some really nice herb pots for gift giving purposes.

Made more kefir Saved: $4.08 ($2.04 per batch)

Saved $36.48 using coupons, shopping sales and loss leaders for pantry and non-pantry related items.  

Purchased all natural chicken legs on clearance from Sam’s Club for $.79/lb; was able to add 9 meals to the freezer part of our pantry as a result.

I broke my little toe on my right foot this weekend.  I mean, it was almost laying flat forming the lower part of an “L.”  I knew it would do no good to go to the ER as they don’t do anything for broken toes, even those that are pointing in the wrong direction … and hurting very badly.  My husband taped it and I called a friend who is a nurse to make sure I was correct in assuming that there was nothing a medical doctor could do for it besides tape it.  I was right.  I know that comfrey is a good bone healer so I am diligently searching for home remedies that I can use to help my toe heal quickly.  Help me out, what herbs and or essential oils do you know about that help bones heal?

Added compost material to the compost bin.  We are going to have some good composting soil for next year’s garden!

We thought our hot water heater had gone out and were preparing to purchase another when my husband took a closer look and determined that there was nothing wrong with the hot water heater but instead a galvanized metal pipe had developed a small crack in the section that threaded on to another part.  After looking it over closely, my husband and I determined that it had to have been a defect in the pipe as there was no rust or anything anywhere near the small crack.  At any rate my husband was able to fix it for much less than it would have cost to have a repair man come and do it.  Saved $100

Yard work/gardening/landscaping (does not include mowing) (1 hour x $10 per hour for labor):  Saved $10 (It’s too hot to do any more outside than has to be done.  The weather man stated last week that we had had over 30 straight days of temperatures that felt like they were well over 100 degrees. It feels like it’s been much longer.)

Not working a job outside my home savings $100

Books I’ve read this week …… I pulled my Tasha Tudor books off the shelf this week and went back through them again.  I get so inspired by the simple life she lived and her beautiful gardens.  Here are the ones I have … Tasha Tudor’s Garden and The  Private World of Tasha Tudor.

The USDA’s ‘moderate’ Food Budget for a family the size of ours is $589.70 monthly.  In July we spent approximately $300.00, (I say approximately because I don’t have all my grocery receipts.) that’s a savings of$289.70 

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge Savings  savings/earnings have been $9,415.43, add this week’s amount ($594.26) and I/we have saved $10,009.69.  

Now it’s your turn ... 

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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