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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My 100 Day Crocheting Challenge Summary

Last fall I began a 100 Day Challenge to learn how to crochet.  The rules were simple.  I would work for at least 15 minutes a day for 100 days learning how to crochet.  The days did not have to be consecutive.

Last week I completed the 100th day and as a way of wrapping it up I thought I would do a summary of the projects I completed.

my first project .. edging on a washcloth ...

edging on a bath cloth ...

edging on another bath cloth plus grub roses ...

this edging on this hand towel ...

 dishcloths ...

edging on a baby blanket ... I actually did 2 of these ...

edging on a muslin baby wrap ...

more dish cloths  ( I have actually done quite a few dish cloths) ...

and the big project that I'm continuing to work on ... a blanket/afghan.

This has been a most enjoyable challenge and let me just say if I can teach myself to crochet, you can too.  My tools for learning were Youtube, a basic crochet for beginners book like this one and lots of patience!

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  1. Patsy, everything looks so nice. I love all the edging. The afghan/blanket you are working on, are you using the heavy blanket yarn that reminds me of chenille? I am using heavy blanket yarn for my campfire blanket and it is so soft and warm. Paula in Kansas

    1. Paula, yes, it is so soft you just want to bury yourself in it. It is Bernat Blanket yarn.

  2. Everything is very beautiful Patsy! You have done a superb job a little decorative touch can really transform things can't it?

    1. Thank you Vicky, yes it can! I really enjoyed this challenge!

  3. Wow Patsy you have done some wonderful work. I find myself adding to my dishcloth collection. I also use beautiful soft cotton to crochet up face washers. Adding crochet edging takes these to a luxurious level. Crochet is soothing for me and so portable. Love it.
    Looking forward to seeing you afghan all finished.

    1. Jane, I love that it is portable too and I've been thinking about doing up some face washers and adding an edging. Your comment has convinced me to add it to my list of things to crochet.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Joy! I really enjoyed the process ... well, except for when I had to pull out parts and redo!!!!

    2. Ugh, the pull out and redo! I've done that so many times since I have started. It sure helps you learn a new stitch well!
      Everything looks beautiful! Great job!
      Melody from Oregon

    3. Melody, it surely does! LOL ... might as well laugh about it, it's part of the process of learning!

  5. Patsy it's all so pretty! Not sure why I just don't know very much about edging. I need to learn more about it soon and get to making something very pretty!

    1. Vickie, edgining was what made me want to learn to crochet. Annabel's work is so beautiful and I wanted to learn how to create those beautiful items.

  6. Love your crochet items. I was wondering to myself yesterday what you will be doing with all your items, will you use them as gifts, donations or for personal use?
    I have been making hats and there has been lots of pull out and redo!

    1. Laurie, I have already given a lot of them as gifts, plan to give some of them as gifts in the future and am using the rest in my home. Good question!

  7. Nicely done! I like the idea that the 100 days doesn't necessarily have to be consecutive.

    1. Chipmunk, I don't think I could do 100 consecutive days ... life just doesn't work that way in my world!


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