Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Preparedness: First Aid Kit in Your Vehicle

Here's a preparedness question for you ...

Do you have a first aid kit in your vehicle?  

If so, what do you keep in it?

What are some things you would want or need to have in it? 

Let's help each other build a first aid kit for our vehicles ...

1, 2, 3 ... let's go ...

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Patsy we have St Johns Ambulance Service here in Australia. They have kits that are made up for various activities. Each kit comes with a list so you can replace as you use, or top up as required. We add paracetamol, emugel, allergy tablets and Bluey's medications to our list.


    Besides the first aid kit we also keep a blanket, sleeping bag, spare space blanket and we take a large aluminium water bottle with us every time we get in the car.
    A First Aid kit bought from St John's or similar, is a large outlay in cost, but so worth it when you need it.
    My 4WD is the vehicle we pull our caravan with when we go on our annual road trip, and it has the bigger first aid box. Bluey's ute has a smaller kit under his seat. We also have a small kit in the caravan itself. All of these have been used and each time we were very grateful that we had such good first aid supplies on hand.

    1. Jane, I'm going to go check out the site you posted the link to. What is paracetamol and emugel?

    2. Paracetamol is the active ingredient in some headache medication. The brand name here is Panadol. Panamax is another one of these. Emugel is a gel rub for arthritis and inflamed muscles. It actually helps my knees better than any anti inflammatory tablets do.

    3. Jane, I will have to check those out ... thank you!

  2. Patsy, you might already have them, or find them more easily, under the names acetaminophen and ibuprofen gel.

    1. Allegra, thank you I do have the acetaminophen. I'll have to look for the ibuprofen gel!


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