Monday, February 20, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 2/20/2017

It's beginning to look like spring around my house!  This flowering quince is just one example.  Daffodils are up and blooming, forsythia is in full bloom (it's so pretty), my hydrangea bush is putting on leaves as is my elderberry bushes.  Our pear tree is blooming and so is one of our peach trees. We simply have not had a winter and now it's time to start planting our spring garden. I surely hope ole man winter doesn't decide to make an appearance now!

Here’s how last week shaped up …

We’re still working on the chicken coop!  Savings to us this week by doing the work ourselves: $221

We saved $32.72 using coupons and shopping sales for pantry and non-pantry items.

I made 2 jars of kefir this week.  Savings $16

We found whole fresh picnics on sale for $.88/lb. They came in a 2 –pack so we purchased one.  We brought them home and slow-cooked them in the oven for several hours.  We had this along with home canned green beans and home canned beets from our pantry shelves for dinner that night.  There was lots more than we could eat so we left some in the refrigerator for leftovers and then vacuum sealed the rest (4 packages) and added it to the freezer part of our pantry.

I had two rose bushes that needed moving, they were not doing as well as they could in their locations, so I dug them up and moved them.  I will give them lots of TLC over the next several weeks to help them get established in their new location.

I made tuna fish salad this week so we could have something quick for lunches. Everything to make it came from our pantry and the eggs came from our chickens.  It was yummy good on some low-carb bread!  (It’s more of a method than a recipe … tuna fish; boiled eggs, chopped; home-canned sweet pickle relish and Miracle Whip salad dressing.  Mix, refrigerate and enjoy!)

I found this simple eye glass cleaner recipe over at Vicky’s Kitchen and Garden.  How simple … and how ‘chemical’ free!  Since both my husband and I need reading glasses this little recipe is going to come in handy.   

You know that I’m all about keeping a well-stocked pantry so when I read Cheryl’s post titled ‘No Money to Prep!’ I knew I had to share it with others.  It’s a good one so hurry on over there and read it.   

Annabel and Vicky gave us a boost in the encouragement area this week with this post titled Pantries and Preparedness:  Encouragement!  

I can’t forget Jes’s series that she is doing titled ‘The Time to Come:  A Proverbs 31 Preparedness Series, there’s some really good stuff there too.  

I hope you will take time to visit and read each of these posts/sites, when we all work together sharing our knowledge, the task of keeping a well-stocked pantry like grandma used to do, doesn’t seem quite so daunting. 

I got a virus on my computer this week and my son, who lives 12 hours away, was able to walk me through how to get rid of it.  Savings to us, at least $75  (So thankful to have a son who has the know-how to do this sort of thing.)

I crocheted 2 more dishcloths this week for the dishcloth challenge I’m participating in.  Savings:  $8

I saved several free crochet patterns from this site!  

Not working outside my home … Saved $100

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge Savings  savings/earnings have been $4520.99, add this week’s amount ($452.72) and the total for 2017 thus far comes to $4973.71.

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry, care for your household or live frugally this week? 

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

Have you read this series, This is Why! and this free e-book, Yes, You Can Have a Well-Stocked Pantry?  And don’t forget to check out the ‘Free Downloads’ page.  You’ll find some helpful pantry building stuff available for free!

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  1. The amount of knowledge that I've picked up from you and the others is great. I've been writing it down in a journal to be referenced to in times of emergency.
    We were just talking about chickens yesterday and how I'll need a coop soon. That's great you are putting one together yourself. Your saving a lot of money.
    Have a great week. Thanks for mentioning me!


    1. Vickie, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! I've learned alot from your site as well!

  2. Life looks busy around your place, but if the poor old groundhog was right, you may get another snow.

    1. helpmeettohim, snow is a very rare occurance for our area as in almost non existant! We'll probably have a few cold snaps here and there but not much else. Our winters are usually on the milder side but never since we've been living in this area have I seen a winter as mild as this one! Our winter coats and scarves have just not been needed this winter!

  3. Great savings alone on the kefir! Those fermented foods can save us so much money when we prepare them ourselves! And the health properties they provide will save on the medical bills. Free probiotics!!! Also, thank you for sharing a link to our Preparedness series. Have a wonderful Monday! :)

    1. Jes, I make smoothies using kefir and when I skip a day my body lets me know by craving it!

  4. I love your posts. Honestly, you and Terri at Blue House Journal are my favorite bloggers because I learn so much from you in every post.

    I'd love to start making dishcloths. Do you launder them in any special way? I assume you don't have problems with food particles not coming out?

    1. Karla, thank you! I love the Blue House Journal too! I don't laundry my dish cloths in any special way and I have not had any problems with food particles not coming out thus far. Thank you for such an encouraging comment!

  5. I'm in SW MO and our Quince is getting ready to open. The Daffodils have buds on them and the Forsythia is in bloom also. The grass is greening up, although it never completely browned out this winter. Saw my first Robins Saturday! Now I will patiently wait for the Hummingbirds and Butterflies!

    1. Kris, your winter sounds like ours!


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