Sunday, March 5, 2017

All American Pressure Canner Question!

I recieved this question from a reader and since I don't own an All American pressure canner I told her that I would share the question with the Working Pantry family of readers. In  my opinion the All American pressure canner is one of the best on the market and I personally would like to own one someday so I'll be following the responses for future reference.

If anyone can help this lady please do so, it can be quite frustrating when our pressure canners aren't working properly.

Here's the question ...

I am in desperate need of help with using an All American pressure canner. Do you know of anyone who could help troubleshoot why the canner isn't putting forth a full, steady column of steam for 10 minutes and also leaking issues around the metal to metal seal.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't have one of those kind. Could it be though she just needs a new seal? I had to buy one for mine before. Also maybe she could go to their website and contact them. They might could help her.

  2. Following is a link to the AA CANNER manual. I found it for my daughter when I found a 921 at a yardsale ($50).
    It can be found on other pages as well, but this site is where I did a lot of my pressure COOKER research (before buying a kuhn-rikon).
    Possibly your reader has a manual, but just in case :)
    On the top of the canner are several ways for pressure to be released. Each should probably be checked. The little rubber plug might need to be replaced. The valve the gauge goes on might need to be cleaned. If it has a pet-cock, it too might need to be cleaned or replaced. If it has a weight, same (mine is an older though still safe version; daughter's is newer and no pet-cock). There is no gasket on this style. You need to be quite sure you are tightening down the lid tightly and evenly. Both parts need to be clean and smooth. The county cooperative service will check the gauge for accuracy and this needs to be done every year or so if you are relying on it for the pressure reading. The gauge and rubber plugs and pet-cock and weights are available as replacements online. If it were me, I would try it out with just water in the canner, turned on high, and then try to figure out what was going on. Maybe it is a smooth-top stove that doesn't get not enough? You can treat the metal seals with oil but they need to be smooth and clean to work (no food debris or rust). AAC is finely machined and should be great for a lifetime of use. Mine is from my MIL. They bought it decades ago to can salmon on an Alaskan beach. I hope she will keep trying and maybe seek an in person expert for another set of eyes?

  3. Good advice already given. I have had an issue and took a fine Scotch Brite and rubbed the edges well, put the olive oil on and put the lid back on. With a metal to metal seal even a tiny bit of debris can cause an issue.

  4. Thank you so very much for posting this!

    It is a brand new canner, bought on Black Friday. This was our first use of it. We didn't know to do a trial run with the empty canner.
    The stove is gas and new in December. My first order of business this afternoon is to call the company directly.

  5. I have 2. One was my grandma's and I cannot even imagine how old it is. It holds 7 quart jars. I bought one when I got married in 1982. It is a taller one, and you can put an extra rack in it and it will hold 2 layers of pints, or 2 racks and it will hold 3 layers of those short 1/2 pints we canned tuna in.

    A few years ago, my husband took them into the Cooperative Extension Office and they checked the gauges and seals, then recommended a place to get the little rubber seal replaced. If I remember correctly, one of the canners (we actually have another grandma's as well, but it's different) needed a whole new dial.

    When I get the canner out for the first time of each canning season, I spray both the lid (only the part where it needs to lock down to the canner--the lower, skinny insert on the outside edge where it will touch) and the top inside of the canner with Pam spray, or wipe a little oil on them with fingers or a paper towel. This is the place that the air and steam seem to leak out on occasion if they aren't bonding together correctly and that extra lubrication seems to make a huge difference in the canner's ability to slide into where it needs to go. I may repeat this oiling another time or 2 during the entire canning season, but I certainly don't do it every time, or even weekly.

    Then, I try my best to make sure the lid is level and even on top of the canning pot. I tighten 2 screws at once, on opposite sides, bringing them to a nice firm position, but not super tight. Then, I grab 2 more opposite screws and tighten until I've done them all. Then, I check them all to make sure they are tightened firmly and none are loose, and I visually check to make sure the lid still looks level. That usually does the trick for me. Good luck! Becky

  6. You might try asking Linda of Linda's Pantry on YouTube. She has many canning tutorials and recently upgraded to an AA.

  7. After calling the customer service number on Tuesday, I found out that you will not necessarily see the steam. BUT, if you can see a piece of paper move if it's held above the steam pipe and you are hearing the air vent from the pipe you still time it and proceed with processing.
    Gloria's advice from above was wonderful. We followed it, washed everything, re-oiled the seal area; refilled the pot, ran a test run to make sure that the gauge worked, then canned successfully.

    The last thing - the CS rep said when u asked her about it that some leaking around the seal is normal for the first few times with a new canner.


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