Thursday, March 16, 2017

Preparedness: Extreme Conditions!

Yes, I'm still knee deep in tax preparation but Vicky, the same Vicky who wrote this post, sent me the following.  Vicky is the voice of practical wisdom and I wanted to go ahead and share her thoughts on surving extreme conditions.  Thank you Vicky!

Whenever we are preparing we need to have the thought in mind that we may be under some extreme circumstances. Now the term extreme may mean different things to everyone, but we should always try to glean what we can from any scenarios so we have that bit of information tucked away in case that situation could possibly be one we're in.

Weather is a big culprit against us these days and when preparing you want it to be as affordable as possible and your resources to last as long as possible. When everyone else in the same situation is competing for them there is often little left. We don't always know how long a situation will last so it is important to be good stewards of what we have during those times.

One of the biggest things I see people over look is the fact that they are trying to use what they have for the whole house be it heating or cooling. That may not always be the best thing to do. For example last year here there were issues with propane and people went weeks without being able to get their tanks filled and it was during a frigid time. They were wearing coats and hats and gloves inside their house plus covering up with several blankets too. And they used a whole tank of propane within a week because it was so cold instead of trying to make it last a bit longer and were in the same situation again not long later of being cold, having a cold house and having to bundle up inside the house.

Sometimes it is best to choose one room for these times and just use it. You can easily block the room off and retain heat or cooling easier and not use all of what you have for the whole house which can get costly. Especially if you would have very little to work with. One room is easier to heat up and keep warm than a whole house in an extreme emergency situation.

If the power goes out it is easier to light one room.

We won't have to wear 5 layers the whole time.

It is better for kids than sending them to bed in a cold room. Plus the body heat helps keep the room warm.

It will save a lot in the cost of heating fuel whatever source it comes from than trying to heat the whole main part of the house.

Being comfortable goes a long way in an extreme situation.

Back in the day during blizzards or times of flooding some older people lived mainly in their kitchens. They would block it off with a sheet or blanket and the Mrs. would cook or bake and that was part of their heat source for the day. There is a lot to be said just for the willingness to try.

Are you prepared enough that you would never have to use just one room to conserve your supplies? Do you have supplies that you will have to use wisely to make sure they last as long as possible and you get the most out of them? Do you have a room that would be the best place to hunker down if you had to? 

Would you be willing to for an extended period if needed? How would you do and what would you need?


Vicky has given us something to think about hasn't she?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Hi Patty, hope you get your tax sorted soon. We saw our accountant on Wednesday and have last years tax sorted. It's only 3 months and it will be time to do this years.
    Vicky all of what you wrote is good advice, however I thought it was what you would do anyway. Have people lost their common sense? I live in a hot climate so don't have to contend with extreme cold and don't know how I would manage in such circumstances. When it's too hot and the power is out I sit in my blow up wading pool in between getting jobs done. When it's too hot we cook on the barby on the veranda, rather than the electric stove in the house. Hmm maybe we need to give everyone a vaccine of good common sense.

    1. Jane,
      LOL not all have lost common sense, but preparedness is a way to address many situations and have the information or a plan ahead of time. For some any kind of disaster or emergency situation is totally new and sadly some people tend to box themselves into their daily life and what society dictates and right now our society has been more about having the biggest and the best and not so much about self sufficiency or the possibility that any type of supply could ever run out or be stopped and so if we have any younger generation who is wanting to learn all they can well that is where posts like this come in handy because they will now know how to help themselves a little better if they need too.
      And LOL after all of the cold we've had I'll trade you for some of your heat please!


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