Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Preparedness: Security Around Our Homes

We finished up phase 2 of our disaster preparedness class this week and are beginning phase 3 which is making and completing our disaster preparedness lists of things we individually want to do.  One of the things brought up was to improve security around our homes and several ideas are being discussed which include ...

security lights
security cameras
alarm systems
stratigically planting prickly plants and bushes
neighborhood watches

What would you add to this list?  Can you think of something else?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. The people who built our house planted holly bushes with the big, hard, prickly leaves all around the house. They are horrible to take care of because the leaves even stick us through leather gloves and then make sore red spots. No sane person would tangle with them!

    1. LOL, you're right Lana which makes them a good choice for home security planting.

  2. 3M security film on the windows - in Australia you need a qualified installer. It is amazing stuff and also provides some energy efficiency qualities. We are more interested in case of hail storms, which can be quite frequent and devastating where we live.

    Patsy, I have learned many interesting things from your blog, even though we live in very different conditions. Great job, thank you.

    Elaine in Australia

    1. Elaine, thank you for your words of encouragement! I will have to check out 3M security film, I don't I have ever heard of it!

  3. Hi Patsy, this is a bit extreme but has worked for a neighbour. This neighbour was nursing his terminally ill wife when some teenagers broke in and stole their sons computer. The little devils came back the next night for some more electronics. Sam had had enough. He has an electronic trip wire installed around the house. When the line of sight is broken, a large bull horn goes off. Needless to say the pesky teenagers were caught.
    Another neighbour had some wine taken out of the outdoor fridge on their veranda. This is at the back of the house. They were inside at the time. They have bought, from an electronics store a line of sight alarm. They have it set on a distinctive doorbell sound and have had this go off once or twice at night, with our little dog barking her head off. It would seem that the would be thieves have moved on.
    We have solar gutter lights. These give soft light for up to 6 hours along our driveway entrance. We have motion sensor lights set up on our shed. We had these installed after Bluey had several thousand dollars worth of tools stolen this time last year.
    I think having light is very important as a form of security.

    1. Jane, how interesting! I would never have thought of these ideas. Thank you!

    2. Thank you for these ideas. We had food taken from the deep freeze in our garage a few years ago. We found it interesting that the thief took the time to look around and took the meats labeled organic and nothing else. We are much more careful to keep the doors closed now unless we are outside.

  4. We have kept our telephone landline and not gone over to cell phones here at the house. With a landline phone, when you call 911 they are able to immediately track where you located. If you don't say anything, an officer is sent to investigate. With a cell phone, it is difficult and time consuming to find your exact location.
    Landlines also work when the electricity is off.


    1. Jeannie, that's helpful info, thank you for sharing!

  5. I would add beware of the dog signs, a big dog bowl (whether you have a dog or not) security signs, lighting that works when the power is out... being well lit is more important then than ever. Change your routine, keep things looking well tended to. Clear places a person could hide. Do not open the door to strangers!
    We have bells inside our gates. If they are opened we hear.
    Look inside your car before getting in, check the back


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