Friday, June 16, 2017

Disaster Preparedness Class #12

You have a strong urge to talk to someone other than those in your household so you pick up your cell phone … is it working?  

Have you been able to keep it charged? 

If not, do you have an alternate way of communicating with others?

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  1. We can charge our cell phones whenever we travel in our vehicles, so they should be still working. Although we may not have them charged completely or maybe not all of them working, at least one should be working at all times so we have it for emergencies.

    We live in a subdivision that is just outside the city limits (thus why we have wells and septic systems). If we want to talk to someone, there are always neighbours around to chat with. Like us, they would be floating around doing daily chores and would be happy to stop for a minute or two to catch up with how we're all fairing.

    1. Rhonda, we found that people did a lot more in person talking to each other when electronics were not working after Hurricane Matthew!

  2. We do have the car chargers for the cell phones, but that means we have to be driving around and using up precious gasoline to charge them... I have a wind up radio that has attachments so I can also charge phones. I have been told that texting takes less data than making a call, so perhaps texting will be in order--better than nothing! Also, I talk to myself a lot, does that count? lol.

    1. LOL, Joy, it absolutely counts!!!

  3. I talk to myself too! I don't always get the answer I want though.Tried the cell phone at same time every day and today had a signal so rang my sisiter to see how my Mum and she were doing! She was so surprised when her cell phone rang. It was good to hear her voice. We have had a lot more interaction with our neighbours, hope it stays that way when the crisis is over.

  4. Talking to yourself is the best ever, you never disagree and you always win the argument!

  5. Apologies for the delay in responding. I've been fighting a health isssue, which has kept me off-line for several days. Hope to get a resolution this afternoon. I live within walking distance (albeit it a long walk) with several friends. If I needed to talk with someone I knew, I'd likely walk to their place and hopefully find them at home. My cell phone could be charged in the car, and I'd likely reserve it for communitcating with my daughter, mother, and sisters, who live out of the immediate area. I recently purchased a clip-on cell phone booster charge pack (2 hours on reserve) and am reseraching solar charging options for iPhones.

  6. My phone has lost its charge. My sister's and parents' phones had more charge to begin with, but are now also dead. We seldom use our cell phones, so we're not very good about keeping them charged. We have a car charger that we could possible use in an emergency like this, but the one car that it works in was being repaired when the storm rolled and the storm-damage has kept the parts from being delivered. So, that car won't start at all and we can't charge phones that way.
    We do have a landline and it continued to work in our last power outage; so that's what we've been using this time, too.
    We also have each other and several neighbors to talk to if we just feel an urge to chat!

    -Susan O.


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