Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 6/20/2017

I've had a busy week but before we get to that let me share that my husband got a good report from the doctor concerning his injury.  The doctor said he was 75% through the healing process and to keep doing what he had been doing.  

In addition to spending 2 days going back and forth to doctors ...

I added 3 squash casseroles to the freezer part of my pantry.  I really want to build my pantry up in the area of freezer meals.

My goal of adding freezer meals to the freezer got another boost. We found some huge bell peppers on clearance at the grocery store, bought them, brought them home and turned them into stuffed peppers for the freezer.  We added 4 stuffed pepper freezer meals, 3 quart bags of cooked rice and 2 quart bags of browned ground beef to the freezer part of my pantry. (The cooked rice and ground beef were left over from the stuffing part of the stuffed green peppers.) 

We found banana’s on sale for $.39/lb so we purchased some, brought them home, peeled and cut them up into smoothie making size chunks.  I added enough for 27 smoothies to the freezer part of my pantry.

We’re eating cabbage, green onions, radishes and squash from the garden.  We picked our first green beans and canned 7 quarts.

We've been feeding garden scraps  to the chickens and to our compost bin.

We purchased a 5 lb bag of shreded Mozzarella cheese and after using some of it in a casserole, made the rest of it up into ½ cup servings which I froze in snack bags.  The snack bags were in turn put inside of quart size freezer bags.  I added 28 half cup servings to the freezer part of my pantry.

I was able to get another face cloth crocheted.  For this one instead of adding a ruffle to the edges, I just added loops. This one, as the last one, along with a bar of pretty smelling soap will become a gift.  I used Bernat 100% cotton yarn to make this one.

I ordered and received some chickweed to use in making a salve for skin irritations.  I hope to get it made before I run out of what I have on hand.

We found some apples on clearance at Kroger, bought some, brought them home and started peeling and slicing them for dehydrating. As of this writing the dehydrator is huming right along full of apple slices.  I have enough apples left to fill up the dehydrator again.  I am always happy to find marked down produce!

I’ve been treating an ingrown toenail for my husband using essential oils and foot soaks.  I’m happy to say that it started showing improvement after the 2nd treatment and by the 4th it wasn't bothering him anymore. Here’s what we did, with an emery board we filed down the top middle edge of the toenail from the topside  (you can also cut a small 'v' in the middle edge of the tonail) … we soaked the foot in an Epsom salt water solution then applied less than a drop of clove essential oil to help numb the area.  Next, came an application of tea tree oil followed by an application of OnGuard essential oil.  (Note:  I am not a doctor and have no medical training. I am simply sharing what worked for my husband. This treatment has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Please consult your physician for medical concerns and conditions. Use caution when using essential oils.)

 I was in Walmart one day and found several partial bolts of fabric on clearance for $1 per yard.  I was told that they were doing a ‘reshelving’ and were clearancing out all their discontinued fabrics.   The lady in front of me had several bolts and I had 5 bolts myself.  I paid a little less than $20 for quality fabric that would have cost me well over $100 had I paid full price for them.   The sewing part of my pantry got a big boost!!!

How did you build up your pantry this week or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy your posts and I've had my awareness of being prepared improved a great deal. I've always had extra food in case something happens but I need to work on the water.

    One thing I'm really uncertain about. The frozen foods. Quite a few people fill their freezers but if the power is off for an extended time, what happens? Do you have a generator? How much gas do you store if you do and where do you store it? I've thought about buying one but that is another issue! What kind is best? I thought for a long time if I had one and kept the van full of gas I would have a "stash of gas" but I happened to mention it at the hardware store and they told me that the screen over the gas would keep me from using it. So I don't worry so much anymore about keeping it full.

    I'm trying but it is quite confusing! I used to have a fabric business and when I sold it I kept quite a bit. It is embarrassing really to have so much! :) But handy really. When any of my friends need fabric this is the first place they come.

    1. Janet, you are talking to someone who would have kept ALL the fabric and not felt bad about it one litte bit!!! As for frozen foods, this is a really tough subject. In the past we have lost entire freezers of food ... more than once. It was a bitter pill to swallow for sure! We do have a freezer now and we do have a generator. If we lost power for an extended period of time I would start a marathon canning and dehydrating marathon while I still had gas for the generator to operate the stove and dehydrator and keep the food frozen while waiting to be processed. For us, we do not keep more food in the freezer than could be processed in a 3 - 4 day preserving marathon. As for gas for the generator, we have several 5 gallon gas cans that we keep filled and rotated. This system works for us quite well.

  2. Since doing the emergency preparedness challenge, I've been motivated to stock up a bit more. This week I really scored on some deals. I found 2kg jars of peanut butter (the big jars) on sale for $3.49 at Costco. Then I bought 12 cans of spagetti sauce, 12 cans of mushrooms, 6 cans of baked beans, and 4 packages of pasta (900g size) for $0.75 each can/package during a great grocery store sale. I wasn't really in need of the peanut butter or spaghetti sauce, but at those sale prices, it was worth buying extra!

    We've been eating out quite a bit lately, just due to being so busy right now. DD is graduating from grade 8 next week, I'm back to my seasonal job and there have been so may medical appointments, end of school year things, etc. I have moved to buying groceries every other week (although if I see a good sale while out, I will grab it!) to save time. Hoping once school is done, life will settle down.


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