Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Ways of My Household 7/30/2017

The picture is of Prudence (my sourdough starter.)  I needed to put her on hold for a few weeks so I let her dry naturally and stored her in this jar.   

I harvested more elderberries this week.  This has been our best year of harvesting since planting them a few years back.

I harvested mullein flowers this week and let them dry naturally on my window seal.

I continue to harvest cayenne peppers and lay them on the window seal to dry.  We use a lot of cayenne peppers so I’m diligent to keep them harvested as soon as they turn red.  Some mornings that’s a hand full and some mornings it’s quite a few more.  At any rate, my window seal is currently full and we are so thankful!

I've been using the peach ice cubes I made from this post.  I drop them into a glass of home-brewed green tea.  Hmmmm, it sure is good!

The same neighbor that called and offered to let us harvest his okra last week called again this week.  This time we harvested a 5 gallon bucket full.  We shared some with another neighbor and then I canned 5 quarts using the method found in this postI had a small amount left over so I dehydrated it.  

The neighbor that we shared the okra with gave us a watermelon.   We had been wanting one but didn’t want to pay the high prices at the grocery store.  We had the watermelon for snack one evening and oh my, was it ever good!   We are blessed to be a part of a neighborhood network where several of us share with each other.

I practiced making some of Mimi’s ‘swoosh’ roses.  She’s right these things are addicting!  I'm going to practice a little more (still have to work on the leaves) and then I'm going to make up some cards and gift tags.

I’ve started utilizing the library more for books to read.  

Here’s what I’ve recently read …

TheDiscovery Saga Collection by Wanda Brunstetter  

What I’m currently reading ….

A Mother’s Love by Charlotte Hubbard   
(Yes, I’m an Amish fiction fan … they are my kind of ‘escape’ books!)

It was so hot and humid weather wise last week.  The sun really heats up the house through the windows in the back of our house and one way we've combated that is to close the blinds and then draw the blackout curtains.  It makes a good 10 degree differance in the temperature inside our house when we do this.

We continued to do our normal saving things, feed the compost bin, cook from scratch and this week the only groceries we purchased was a gallon of milk.

What did you do to add to your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Love the roses! I saw an idea for making xmas cards out of paint samples. I picked up a lot of those little sample cards at lowes Saturday and Paul looked at me and said put them back. He thought I had some painting projects for I'll share if my cards turns out good.
    I added 21 ribeyesteaks to my freezer this week for $3.99 lb . They were $7.99 a lb at another store.
    Yes...I'm an Amish fiction fan too. Love escapes like that.

    1. Janet, I had to laugh about the paint sample cards! In other words, no more painting!!!! I'll look forward to seeing your cards. That was a good deal on the ribeye steaks. We'll have to check them out.

  2. Patsy, your roses are GOOD! You should have seen my early attempts. They looked somewhat like a blood clot...hahahahaha! Once you get the hang of them, there'll be no stopping you. You'll be Swoosh Rose-ing on everything. That's a great week. Tell me, I've seen Okra, but have no idea what to do with them. They're not a common vegetable in our part of the world. I'd love to try them, but do you pickle them? Steam them? Deep fry them? Can you help? Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi, I'm loving swooshing these roses! Okra can be cut up, battered and pan fried or deep fried, steamed whole, boiled whole, cut up and used in soups and gumbo's, cut up and oven roasted, pickled, or dried and then powdered to add to burgers, soups, stews and casseroles. Okra is one of our favorite foods!

  3. Patsy, Prudence is a good name for your sourdough starter :-)

    1. Thank you Nanna Chel, it kind of fits her and me too, we're both kind of 'prudent!'

  4. Dear Patsy, I was worried about Prudence when I first saw that jar. She's just dried out! We will say she's having a rest. I am not really familiar with Okra either. You have had plenty of harvest so this is good! With love

    1. LOL Annabel, yes, she is having a rest!

  5. You had a good, productive week despite the humidity. I bought yarn on and sale and used a coupon. I watched youtube and taught myself the C2C (corner to corner)stitch and made 2 afghans for Christmas presents. It got hot so I have started a third by making squares which I'll crochet together later. I have been finding a lot of bargains on antique things I like at thrifts and garage sales. Problem is I already have too many after moving to a smaller house. So I made the move and rented a booth at an antique mall, I move in Tuesday.They will let me also sell the things I make there so I should have fun with my booth.That led me to an other bargain after we went to the Habitat Restore looking for pieces to make my booth displays. We live in an Amish area with countless cabinet shops. We bought a beautiful cabinet, not completely done, that was being made for an island. Sometimes people change their mind or there was an oops measurement. It was $50 and is so well built and solid. It has a giant drawer in the bottom, must be made for pans or other heavy things because it weighs a ton. It has huge self closing mechanism, just barely touch with your foot and it closes. My husband said that probably cost 50 right there. We were pretty excited.

    1. Gloria, what a find on the cabinet!!! I want to learn how to do the C2C stitch too. It sounds like they work up pretty quickly! You'll do really well with the booth at the antique mall. Wish I lived close enough to come visit it! Sounds like you and retirement are getting along just fine!


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