Monday, July 3, 2017

The Ways of My Household 7/3/2017

Well, here we are, in the beginning of the second half of the year. Where did the first half go!!!

(Can anyone guess what's in the wheelbarrow?)

Hmmm, let's see what did last week look like ...

I added a few more essential oils to the medicinal part of my pantry.  I learned quite a bit about essential oils during my 100 Day Learning About Essential Oil Challenge and am trying to build this area of my pantry up.  If you’re interested in essential oils, I would encourage you to start your own challenge.  I found it quite interesting and we have found several things that have been very helpful to us.

Speaking of 100 day challenges … it’s time for me to decide on my next one … let me see, what shall it be?  I think I want to take up the challenge of sewing for at least 15 minutes each day. There are several things I want and need to stitch up so I think now is the time to take on this challenge!  The rules I’ll follow are:  The 100 days do not have to be in succession and sew or do something sewing project preparation related for at least 15 minutes each day.

We stopped in at a local store last weekend to get an item we needed and my husband found pork chops on sale for $.99/lb.  We went back to get some more a couple of days later and they didn’t have any.  The sale price was $1.8o something.  We didn’t buy any!  But there was another one of the same kind of store on the other end of town so we went there in hopes of finding more for $.99/lb.  They didn’t have any for $.99/lb but they did have some for $1.29/lb.  Not as good a sale but it was better than $1.80 something a pound.  We purchased 4 packages and turned them into 9 vacuum sealed meal size portions for our freezer.

A friend called one morning to alert me to a sale that Dollar General was having on Libby’s whole kernel corn, Libby’s green peas and Libby’s green beans.  Two for $1! Since we had to be in town later that day for another reason, I stopped in and purchased several cans of whole kernel corn and of green peas to add to my pantry.

I knew I was behind on harvesting in our garden but I didn’t realize I was as behind as I was … in ONE day I harvested …

Green beans (I added 13 quarts to my pantry.)

A 5-gallon bucket of squash (The squash is outdoing itself this year.)

10 heads of cabbage

And all these herbs:  lemon balm, savory, lovage, sage, yarrow, plantain, oregano, feverfew, basil, borage, and peppermint.  My dehydrator has been humming and my window shelf is full of herbs drying naturally.  

I still have nettles, comfrey and rabbit tobacco to harvest!

I sliced and dehydrated some young tender squash and when I get a jar full I’ll vacuum seal jar.  I’ll grind these into powder when I’m ready to use it in veggie burgers, meat burgers or in soup.  I also chopped some up using my handy dandy chopper, dehydrated them, and will vacuum seal them in a jar too.  I’ll use them to drop in soup this winter.     

We harvested the first of our okra for this year this week.

With all the harvesting we’ve done we’ve been able to feed the compost bin quite well!  Our chickens even got a daily serving of garden scraps!

I have always wanted an Excalibur dehydrator and this week when Amazon ran a sale on them my husband told me to order one.  We saved $112 dollars!!!  I can’t wait for it to get here!   My current dehydrator (not an Excalibur) is at least 25 years old so I don’t feel too bad about replacing it.  

We ate leftovers for 3 evening meals this week.

I downloaded this book for free from Amazon:  A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides Book #1), by Traci Peterson, Kindle Edition    

What did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally last week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I don't dehydrate things as much as I should. I had a Nesco for a few years. My birthday was coming up and the husband never bothered to get me anything, always saying...go buy yourself something. (Hallmark moment ladies) So I tagged him for an Excalibur one year.

    You will not regret that purchase. Not only could I put more in the drier at a time, but things dried more quickly....and not all that tray shuffling. The other thing I noted was the color of things stayed brighter....peas for instance.

    You won't regret that buy at all!

    1. Now, I'm even more excited for mine to get here, mdoe37!

  2. Oh Patsy, your garden produce is just wonderful!
    The Kindle books sounds good and I got it too, Thank you.
    On the frugal front, I am staying home, finding ways to use what I have and when I did shop, I only bought what was on my list.

    1. Rhonda, staying home is the best frugal tip I could give anyone!!!

  3. What a good harvest so far! No wonder you were tired but this was all good to hear about as its all adding to your pantry! xxxx

    1. That's the way I feel Annabel, it's all adding to my pantry!

  4. Your garden is doing great! Our fruit trees and bushes are producing well but our veggies are not this year.

    1. Debbie, it is just the opposite here. We will have no fruit from our trees this year due to an unusually warm February that brought out the blooms and an unusually cold March that killed them all. Our garden however is doing really well!

  5. Patsy,
    Your getting an Excalibur?! You lucky lady! And your harvesting is fantastic! We have a little while yet before we will be harvesting, but I have been gathering lamb's quarter's aka wild spinach. It dries and constitutes really well and you can grind it into flour. I just eat it as I gather it. Since it is the same as spinach and it has been so hot here already I didn't plant actual spinach this year. Plus it is great food for chickens. I am working on using up the stuff in the freezer so that if there is a good meat sale I will stock up really good again. It is so hot here and we still have months to go! I am about ready to set up some lights out by the garden and do my gardening at night! LOL

    1. Vicky, I know, I can hardly believe it myself! They were on sale for $104, regular price $216. I really feel blessed!

  6. I downloaded the book too thanks for the recommendation it was very good


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