Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge #8

I almost didn't get any sewing of any kind done this week but at the last minute I grabbed my crocheting and got to work.

The end results ...

I can say that I got to sew (in this case crocheted) for at least 15 minutes ONE day this week!  Hey! It counts!!!!

Want to see what I worked on ...

Here you go ...

I have now completed 18 out of the 100 days in my 100 Day Sewing Challenge!

What about you, what did you get stitched up this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27


  1. That is just lovely
    Jenny from Tasmania

  2. Patsy zero sewing but plenty of crocheting. I have two single bed blankets I want to have made for Christmas. These are for my folks new caravan. I am 2/3's through the first one. I do a couple of rows every night. The blankets are in a 12ply wool blend so need to be finished by the end of September as this is when our hot weather starts.

  3. Oh dear, I really must get something going! I am currently knitting Tribbles for my other mother.

  4. Good job, Patsy! Here's my progrees:

  5. Patsy, I have sewn up a few squares on my new grandson's raggy quilt. If I just devoted a few solid hours to it then it should be finished but I do procrastinate at times :-)

  6. Dear Patsy,

    I think I should attempt this challenge. I find it hard to make time for such things like sewing or other crafty pursuits. It might give me the extra push I need to get started.

    Your crochet work looks lovely :)


  7. No, I have not done any sewing this week, or last week. Every extra moment has been spent processing the food from the garden. I did drop by Hobby Lobby and walk through the fabric section and dream. It is a pleasure to browse, feel the fabric and enjoy the colors. I only bought what I walked in to get so I am proud of myself for being under control. I didn't earn a day toward my 100 sewing days, but I will give myself a GOLD STAR for not buying fabric when I can't close my sewing closet door.

    Jeannie @


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