Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge #15

This last week just flew by and once again I only got to stitch one day ... and that was not sewing on my sewing machine stitching, but crocheting.  I spent a lot of time riding this week so my stitching had to be portable. Here's what I 'stitched up' ...

I loved stitching up this hair tie in my favorite color pink ...

I also did one in black.  Here's the tutorial I used and the pony tail holders I used.  I want to do more in other colors as well!

I've completed 31 days of my 100 day sewing challenge.

What have you sewn or stitched up this week?

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  1. They're lovely! My mom made me these over the years and I can tell you that they are great to use. When she was feeling 'blingy',she'd crochet in sequins and beads! :) My mom is gone now & I still have a few left. I really need to learn how to make them myself!

    1. Debby, what a sweet memory! I like the idea of adding sequins and beads. Thank you for that tip!

  2. Patsy you have been so busy that it is amazing to me that you got anything towards you challenge completed. I on the other hand got a lot done in the sewing room. We have been having torrential rain with localised flooding. There isn't much to do other than sew. I did try and dust and sweep but the high humidity, in the 90 percentile range, meant I was almost making mud puddles everywhere. I shall get the this job once it starts drying out around here. This is not a complaint. We have been in drought for so long that good rain is such a blessing.
    I am involved in a few online swaps. For one I made Christmas bunting, balloon cover, edged tea towel and Christmas coasters. For another I have made bowl covers, edged tea towels, and an apron. I plan on adding some pot holders to the second swap.
    My sewing room is looking used and abused, so todays task is to tidy it up so that accessing the machine is no longer an obstacle course.

    1. Jane, the receipents of your swaps are going to be so blessed! A messy sewing room is a sign of a used and enjoyed sewing room!!! I totally understand about the humidity, 75% of the time that's the way it is in our area.

  3. They are very pretty! I have 34 days done of the sewing challenge but got bogged down with other things. Am crocheting fold over pot holders and I don't count that for the sewing challenge. Maybe dome day I will tackle crocheting the pony tail holders or around a wash cloth. Not an experienced crocheter. Nancy

    1. Nancy, I am a completely self taught crocheter and there's plenty I don't know, but I continue to learn. If I can do it, you can too!


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