Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 10/22/2017

(The photo is of a field of soybeans in front of our house.  When the plants turn brown and drop their leaves, they will be ready to harvest.)  

Another week has come and gone and for the most part we have enjoyed more fall like cooler temperatures, which have been soooooo nice. Okay, let’s just be honest and say that it has been really nice and I’ve enjoyed them immensely!

Here’s what I got done this week …

I gratefully received an envelope of cock’s cone flower seeds in the mail.  While we were traveling I admired a lady’s beautiful cock’s cone flowers.  They were some of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen.  I had forgotten about them until a fat envelope arrived in the mail and I saw the return address.  She had harvested the flower heads and brought them to her sister who had in turn retrieved the seeds from the flower head after they had dried and fallen out … and mailed them to me!   I shall enjoy planting these seeds in the spring and the beautiful flower heads as well once they develop.  That you Ms. S and Ms. B.!

I did my monthly pantry at a glance reorganizing this week.  It’s where I quickly go through my pantry, put things back in their places and straighten things up.  It makes the big inventory and organizing events that I do in the spring and fall a lot easier!

Even though I completed my ‘Learning about Essential Oils 100 Day’ challenge a while back, I’m still learning how to use essential oils.  This week I added more blends to help combat medical issues that my family deals with to my essential oil recipe collection!  Just because the challenge is over, doesn’t mean I stop learning!

Here’s a list of ‘free things’ I got this week ...

3 packages of makeup remover cleansing towelettes
3 snack size packages of fruit snacks
2 individual small packages of strawberry jam

I downloaded this free at the time e-book … The English Son: The Amish Millionaire, part 1

I downloaded this free e-book by Katie Singh: The Housewife is a Writer.  Thanks Katie for making this free for your readers for 5 days.

I started ‘making over’ the cheese box I was given last week.  Here’s the before picture … I’ll share the after picture when I get it completed.

I needed a birthday gift for a one year old over the weekend so I shopped from my gift trunk.  My gift trunk is a valuable part of my pantry!

When we did our monthly grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago we purchased a 5 lb bag of shredded cheddar cheese.  This week I finally got around to dividing it up into cup size increments and freezing it.   I added 26 snack baggies (1 cup of cheese each) to the freezer part of my pantry in addition to using enough for a dish we were having in our evening meal.  I have a 5 lb bag of mozzarella cheese I need to do the same thing too … maybe I’ll get around to it this upcoming week!!!

We spent less than $5 on groceries this week!  We can do that because I work hard to keep our well-stocked pantry.

I had a 25 lb bag of sugar in my kitchen waiting to be put into jars and added to my pantry.  Let’s just say that I’ve had it several weeks, this week I opened that bag, scooped and scooped and scooped out the sugar into quart jars.  When I got done I had filled 10 quarts and 2 pints as well as the gallon pickle jar turned canister that I keep our working supply in.  This will be enough sugar to last us at least a year if not more.

That's it for me this week, what did you do to live frugally, save money or stock your pantry this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. My main job last week was redoing all our favorite recipes into binders. And it has truly made cooking so much easier.
    Now, I’m back to sewing and working on hems for 5 pairs of suit pants for my son.

    1. Rhonda, I like your recipe idea. I can see how it would definitely make cooking easier.

  2. Dh didn't work at all last week (PKD, severe pain right now) so we are eating from our pantry this coming week. I'd say we'd stay home to save gas, but there are 3 dr appointments (2 out of town) this week that will require more gas than we have, sigh. It's just a rough fall around here.

    1. So sorry Tammy. I hope things improve soon.

  3. We did several household repairs on Saturday, always a money-saver. We also collected free wood scraps from a business that gives them away. We were delighted to find 2 full tote bins available Saturday morning, and, even though there were 3 sets of people collecting, there was plenty for all.

    I used all my weekly budgeted grocery money, plus a little more. I cooked and cooked and cooked. They ate and ate and ate. Things they usually don't want, they ate tons of. Things they usually want, they wouldn't touch. Hmmmmm. Thank goodness for a deep pantry, full freezers and a lot of home-canned goodness. I do have to go to the store again. I am now out of milk and some other items, and want the children to have plenty of those type of items, but have plenty of staples to make it to the end of the month. At least I think I do.....I wonder what they will eat this week:)

    We were able to u-pick some apples from a farm. That was fun, as well as tasty.

    We found a few items we could use from the one garage sale we saw on Saturday. It was rainy, stormy, windy, etc., and most people chose to choose another day for their sale. The prices at this sale were outstanding....I think they wanted to sell it quickly--my favorite kind of sale.

    I put my weekly update here with a picture of my niece picking apples--she had so much fun!:

    1. Becky, sounds like you had a great week ... and lots of fun!

  4. We bought $125 worth of groceries at Publix for s35 with sales and coupons. Also shopped Ingles for 17 cent cans of beans and 20 cent cans of chili beans.We are well stocked now except can green beans but will be purchasing those at Walmart for 38 cents a can when we go out tomorrow. We bought one can to try before sticking up on them.

    1. Lana, those are some excellent prices, definitely time to stock up!!!


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