Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Ways of My Household: 11/26/2017

I snapped this picture of some of the harvesting going on all around us this week.

Last week I was blessed to spend several days at home and was able to get some things done ….

I started working with my herbs, getting them ready to make tinctures and salve.

I added fresh dried cayenne peppers to the ongoing cayenne tincture I keep going.

I started a jar of comfrey oil using dried comfrey leaf and dried comfrey root.  I’ll use it to make comfrey salve.

I started a jar of plantain oil.  That too will be used in my comfrey salve.

I started a jar of garlic tincture that I mentioned in last week’s post.   

I harvested the last of this year’s sage.  I have it drying in a bowl on my window shelf.

I baked a German chocolate cake for a gentleman in the community.  A little extra money is always welcomed. 

I baked another German chocolate cake for my husband whose birthday is Monday. 

I planted 29 cloves of garlic.  If I have time, I want to plant some more but at least I’ll have some of my medicinal garlic planted. 

This is a picture of one of four boxes of quality fabric that I GRATEFULLY received from a reader.  Thank you again Bobbi! 

I spent an afternoon, sorting and adding to my stash.  What fun! I also cut some of the smaller pieces into sizes that I use in quilt making.  Here’s a picture, on the right, of a couple of my ‘scrap boxes.’  Shown in the picture are 5 inch squares, 2.5 inch strips, 2 inch strips and the makings of a jelly roll.

I made these ‘Thanksgiving’ treats for the local little people in my life using candy corn I got on clearance at the after Halloween candy sales.   I used what I had on hand to package them including chalking the homemade tags.

I continue to enjoy living my Fall Bucket List that can be found HERE.  (I continually update it, so check it often!)

I completed 2 days of at least 15 minutes of sewing in my 100 day sewing challenge, which makes me sitting at 41 days.   I started working on clue #1 in the On Ringo Lake Mystery quilt project by Bonnie Hunter.  I don't have all of clue #1 completed yet, but I'm pretty close.  I also started stitching up some more bowl covers.

I took the fall decorations down and put up the Christmas ones.  We’ve gotten to the point in life where we prefer our decorations to be simple.  Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the big elaborate decorations that some others do but for us, in our season of life, simple is best.

I switched out our fall smelling candles for Christmas smelling candles.  The one I’m enjoying now is Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle, which is my absolute favorite!

I hand delivered Christmas cards to the members of our church Sunday.  The members of our congregation bring their Christmas cards to church and distribute them. This saves everyone the cost of postage.

I emptied out my gift trunk and started assigning gifts to people, wrapping them and getting the ones that have to be mailed, ready to go to the post office.  Can I just say that I love having a gift trunk!

I pulled out my Burl Ives Christmas CD’s and got everything ready to start listening to them.  I love, love, love to listen to these CD’s!   

I watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” curled up on the couch with a blanket!  It’s the little simple things that make the holiday season for us!

I changed out our regular pillow cases for the Christmas ones I made earlier.

We continue to cook from scratch, feed the compost bin and do all our normal money saving things that are second nature to us.

I added lesson # 2 on Dorcas to my other blog, She Hath Done What She Could.    

This week's featured post from the archives is ...  This is Why, part 7!   

That’s it for me this week, what did your week look like?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Happy belated Birthday to your husband, Patsi! Your cake looks divine!

    I, too, like simple decorations. I still have fall up, but will switch it out to winter on the 1st. My only Christmas decor is my tree...everything else is snowmen and snowflakes so that it can stay up until February :)

    Looks like you had a wonderful week!


    1. Jenn, I like your idea of decorating! Thank you for the well wishes for my husband's birthday, the german chocolate cake is his favorite and what he requested.

  2. We are greatly simplifying Christmas decor here this year. It will be such a relief not to have to take it all down. All the stateside kids were here for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be pretty quiet and I just want to enjoy the season instead of the hoopla.

    Our big savings was shopping around for new car and home owners insurance. We ended up saving $300 a year on our home owners and insuring our new vehicle and adding collision that we did not have along with keeping our old one for the same out of pocket as before trading cars. I had been concerned about that since we are pretty tight on disability. We had a nice surprise when our monthly check came through as it was a good bit more and we found out that after being on disability this long we no longer have to pay FICA. what a blessing! This windfall can cover some expenses that are upcoming that I wondered where the money would come from. What an awesome God we have! He is always one step ahead of us in taking care of us here.

    Our daughter's family arrived safely to their mission field on Thanksgiving Day. We are thankful for being able to communicate with them for free over the internet. They have also sent many pictures as they traveled along with the grandchildren's new rooms, etc. It gives us peace of mind to see those things and the kids.

    Enjoy the music! Bing Crosby Christmas is my favorite.

    1. Lana, isn't the Internet wonderful for keeping in touch with our loved ones who are far away. I am so thankful that we have this option. Yes, God is always one step ahead of us and yes, He is awesome! Love hearing how God is working in your life!

  3. Patsy I agree with you about the internet being a wonder for keeping in contact. I watched our son, in the Middle East, skype with the Granddaughter yesterday. He was able to play with her over the phone. Her giggles and laughter had us in stitches.
    You are very lucky to have had all that fabric gifted to you. I just love what can be done with bits and pieces of fabric. Being able to scrap things together is such a skill and quite an art form.
    Since the kids left home I have not been one who does much decorating come Christmas. This year is different. We have Tilly with us so we want this to be a wonderful Christmas for her. She has discovered, and is fascinated by Santa. So this meant I had to buy a tree(plastic) and tinsel. We have a box of decorations that have been made by Mum for the kids or made by the kids themselves.
    Christmas lunch is the main meal here. It will be all cold seafood for us.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Jane, what wonderful memories you are making with Tilly this year, for you and Bluey and for her while her daddy is away!


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