Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Ways of My Household: 12/3/2017

(The picture is from a section of our Christmas tree this year!)

Christmas preps are in full swing at my house with a little pantry stocking on the side!

Read on to see what I mean ….

I had some bananas that were getting to the over ripe stage so I peeled, sliced and dehydrated them.   I’m trying not to let anything go to waste!   

I added a case of green peas to my pantry after having found them on sale for $.38/can.

I completed 5 days of at least 15 minutes of sewing in my 100 day sewing challenge, which makes me sitting at 46 days.   I finished clue #1 in the On Ringo Lake Mystery quilt project by Bonnie Hunter and started on clue #2!  I am really enjoying doing this mystery! 

I also stitched up these 'Frosty the Snowman' Christmas pillow cases for the little girls who attended our church’s annual ladies Christmas party this weekend.   

And then I stitched up these Christmas pillowcases  ...   

 I was in charge of doing a Christmas game at the above mentioned party and raided my gift trunk for prizes.  (Everything in my gift trunk has been either made by me or purchased on clearance.)  That makes being ready for gift giving or providing prizes for a game easy, stress-free and budget friendly.

I continue to enjoy living my Fall Bucket List that can be found HERE.

I added lesson # 3 in the series on Dorcas I'm teaching teenage girls at church.  You can find it HERE!

This week's featured post from the archives is ...  This is Why, part 8!   

That’s it for me this week, what did your week look like?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I love all the pillowcases. I'm sure everyone who gets one will like them, too.

    1. Thank you Becky! They are quick and easy to sew up!

  2. Don't you love it when you have everything you need already in your home!!!! Great pantry skills!!!!

    Patsy, do you have a pattern that you follow for your pillowcases? I would love to know how you whip these up so fast!!! They are ADORABLE!!!!

    1. Thank you Holley! I have some more to make this week and when I do I'll take pictures and do a tutorial and post it.

    2. Yay!!! That sounds great! I can't wait!

    3. Holley m, the tutorial is up!

  3. I love the pillow cases! I think some grandchildren will need those next year. :)

    I guess we saved by just staying out of the stores and that is always the best way for us. We did make a stop at a good thrift store and I found a white butter dish that is Corning Ware like the casserole dishes for $2.50. I was pretty happy about that as it should be more durable than most since we have a real talent for breaking them. We also found a little espresso cup that will hold two shots for hubby. That will save him a second trip to the kitchen to make the second one in the evenings.

    1. Thank you Lana! I've made several pillow cases this year for all the little people in my life and have 3 more to go. After Christmas I will hit the fabric stores and restock Christmas fabric (when it goes on clearance) for next year's sewing of Christmas pillow cases.

      We use Corning Ware too so are always on the lookout for extra pieces at thrift stores! It's so expensive in regular stores.

  4. I love my Christmas pillow cases. They are so fun.

    1. Out My Window, they are fun aren't they????

  5. Patsy Missouri Star Quilt Company have a wonderful tube pillow case tutorial on You Tube. I use this to make up my pillow cases. It's quick, easy and looks fab.
    I, like you, have been busy getting the house ready for Christmas. It seems that every time I set something up a small Dictator comes along and re arranges to suit her 16 month old self. The tree is naked on the lower branches where she has removed all decorations. These can be found in all sorts of wonderful hidey holes around the house.
    I love being able to go to the gift cupboard and pull something out. It makes this time of year so much more fun. I hate shopping at the best of times so when the shops are crowded it is even worse than normal.
    Bananas are very cheap right now so I might just buy some extras to dehydrate. I love dried bananas to eat like lollies(candy). I like dried pineapple for the same reason. Pineapples are on sale at the markets by local growers. Might have to get some this weekend. Mine are still a bit green and will need another week or two before I can pick them.
    My sewing has consisted of making two bucket hats for small people and one balloon cover. The small Dictator likes to be on my lap or on my foot on the sewing pedal. It does make the job of sewing something just a little difficult.
    Here's to a lovely build up to Christmas for us all.

    1. Jane, I have used tube pillow case pattern before and I agree it is quick, easy and looks good. I had to laugh about your little 'dictator' ... you'll probably find ornaments she has 'put away' months from now!!!

      I really like dehydrated banana chips too. They make a really good snack. I haven't tried dehydrated pineapple, will have to do that the next time I find them on sale.

      We enjoy the build up to Christmas as much as we do Christmas!


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