Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Journey to a Mortgage Free Home ... #18

(You can read previous entries in this series HERE.)

In our last post I shared about the porch and how blessed we were to have help to get it completed before a permit expiring deadline.

We had one more big thing to get done and it took a span of 2 years to complete it.

What was it?  It was our flooring!

We wanted hardwood flooring in our house so we saved and scrimped and saved and scrimped until we had enough to purchase it.  Next came the installation and two young men volunteered to install it for us ... free of charge. (They had helped a contractor install lots of hardwood floor and knew how to do it!) This was just one of the many ways God used others to help us in our mortgage free house endeavor!  

Between purchasing the flooring and finding a time that fit everyone's schedule to get it installed, we sat with a huge pile of flooring in our living room floor for 2 years.  It was huge and it took up so much room ... and oh how I wanted this job done.  This was an intense lesson in patience for me personally ... just saying.

I am so grateful for and to the young men who installed our flooring.  They did such a professional job and took such care while doing the work.  I just cannot say enough good about these 2 young men.  Everytime I think of these 2 men I ask God to bless them, they were so good to us.  Today, I enjoy beautiful wood floors because of them!

After the flooring was installed and the sanding done and the finish put on them ... guess what?  We could officially finish moving in ... what a happy day that was!

Oh, there was still plenty to do, lots of little things and there are still several things yet to be done.  But we are content to work on them as we have time and money.  We are so thankful for our mortgage free home, I won't pretend that it has been easy because it hasn't, but the end product has been worth the journey.

We still want to add on a full length back porch, a couple more bedrooms, brick it and several other smaller things, but we rest in the knowledge that if none of those things get done, we still will have accomplished our goal of having a mortgage free home.  We give thanks to God and all the people who were willing to be used by Him to make our mortgage free home a reality.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey thus far, from time to time I will give updates on our latest project but for the most part this is where my sharing our story ends.

I hope it has inspired you!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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