Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 6/11/2017

(All pictures in this post are from our garden or produce we harvested from it.)

I am happy to report that my husband’s injury has healed up nicely and hopefully with one more doctor’s visit he will get the all clear.  Thank you to all who have expressed care and concern.

I’m also happy to say that I’m back to blogging, I have missed it, but the time away was necessary in order for me to be able to keep everything going and retain my sanity!   Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy this issue of ‘the ways of my household!’

I harvested comfrey, lemon balm, plantain, lovage, nettles, Italian oregano and garden sage last week.  I washed and then dehydrated each one.  My herb jars are beginning to fill back up with this year’s herbs.

Our raspberries are coming in and I’ve been harvesting a few every day.  We cut our bushes back in February and replanted several in a different location so we knew the harvest this year would be less than last. But that’s okay; we’re enjoying what we are getting.   Fresh raspberries are so good!

Since we replaced our flock of chickens last spring, we weren’t going to add any new babies this year but, three of our hens had other ideas and last week two of them hatched out 15 baby chicks!  Two weeks ago mama hen #1 hatched out 7; with what hatched out last week it made 22 baby chicks.  Sadly, only 15 survived (mama hen #2 was not a good mama and had to be separated from her babies).  When they all get old enough that we can tell the roosters from the hens, we’ll butcher the roosters and add them to the freezer part of our pantry … or I just might can them instead!

I tried to make a sourdough starter from scratch for making bread and was afraid I had done something wrong until Annabel over at TheBluebirds are Nesting took me under her wing and got me thinking right.  It wasn’t my starter, it was the instructions I was trying to follow!  I am happy to report that Prudence (my sourdough starter) is doing quite well.   (Remember that name as you will be hearing about her from time to time.)

We’ve been harvesting squash from the garden and sharing the surplus with others in our community.  This week I plan to can some and make squash casseroles for the freezer.
We’ve also started harvesting cabbage and I want to try fermenting some.  I’ve made lots of sauerkraut and canned it in the past, but I want to learn how to preserve it without canning this year.

I also want to ferment some garlic as well.  I guess you can tell that my next ‘old ways’ skill I want to learn is fermenting.   (The first was how to make sour dough bread using a starter made from scratch without the use of yeast … that’s why Prudence was created!)

Hurricane season started June 1st for our area so we are taking stock of our hurricane supplies and getting this area of my pantry in top form.  After Hurricane Matthew last fall, trust me when I say we take these preps very seriously!!!

Well, that’s a wrap for last week!  What did you do to add to your pantry or how did you live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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