Thursday, February 8, 2018

Financial Preparedness: Week #6

Here we are at the end of the first week in February and we've started work on our goal of adding another 10% to our emergency fund.  

I continue to work on developing secondary streams of income ...

 (1)  an e-book I'll be offering for sale in the next couple of months.

 (2) sewing up pillow cases to sell.

In addition ...

I'm working on earning Swagbucks, trying to earn an Amazon gift card

We’ve saved our change this week.

We were given a late monetary Christmas gift this week and we added half of it to our savings.

Every small baby step we take, every little thing we do moves us towards something bigger that will eventually help us accomplish our first financial goal of 2018 which is building an emergency fund.

How are you doing on your February financial preparedness goal?  Have you set them?  Are you working on them?

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  1. Hello Patsy and you are so right that a good emergency fund gives peace of mind and more than once we have used ours for appliances, moving and for machinery repairs too.

    DH and I are like yourselves and are developing second sources of income and even a little extra income helps in every family.

    This week DH earned $50 from doing a mowing and trimming job for our next door neighbour and this all came about by welcoming him to the neighbourhood and telling him if he needed a hand we did have a ride on mower. Our properties are both 1/2 an acre in size and he only had a push mower which broke down so since then every two months or so DH does his lawns. It is amazing how we are blessed by simply mentioning things to people. We banked this into our saving for our home deposit account.

    DH and I also work together and have been harvesting our herbs from the gardens to dry for another income source and today we separated our first lot of dried lavender and rosemary and now have them in jars. We also pruned our sage and thyme plants and washed a lot today and hung them to dry on the veranda. Once I get enough I will list them on the internet to sell. Also the other day I traded some fresh rosemary and thyme from the gardens for 36 fresh figs from my friend's tree that I have been enjoying all week for lunches.

    Hoping everyone has had a wonderfully productive week.


    1. Sewingcreations15, yes, it's amazing what simply mentioning things to other people can do in bringing in a little extra income. lavender, rosemary and thyme, it sounds like your herbs are doing really well. I tried to find you on ebay and wasn't able to ... I'm going to try again.

    2. Hi Patsy and thanks for your encouragement too. We are in saving for our house deposit mode at the moment but are still working on home cash emergency savings gradually too.

      Speaking about emergency funds we have just rebuilt ours to $2000 in the bank after DH's and my laptops both died last year and we had to buy another juicer and iron as ours suddenly disintegrated after 8 years of good use. We also have an at home emergency cash fund of around a third of that that we are building at $20 a fortnight as well.

      It is amazing how you can build an emergency fund gradually by just adding a little each week or pay.


    3. Sewingcreations15, every little bit we can add moves us that much closer to our goal! I'm all about those baby steps!

  2. This has been a very good pay period for us! 5% put in emergency fund as well as a good payment to debt and a small amount set aside for fabric to make a curtain for our bath, cover a back pillow, and recover porch pillows. Yay! I look forward to hearing about your e-book.

    1. Angela, good for you for being able to put 5% in an emergency fund! You could have chosen to do other things with that money!!!

  3. Our paperwork finally went through to start receiving finds from our 401k . It has been tons of paperwork and phone calls to get it done. It will vary every month depending on what is happening in the stock market but it will loosen the tight purse strings a bit. Finally a pay off for all the years of sacrifice to save.

    1. Lana, that is wonderful news! So happy for you!


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