Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gardening 2018: Fruit

So far in this garden planning series I’ve talked about ...

the kitchen herbs I plan to grow this year ...
and the medicinal herbs/plants I plan to grow this year ...
and in this post I want to talk about the fruit I want to plant/grow this year...

We already have a small orchid but there are some things that need to be replaced and then there are things we want to add so here goes …
(The picture is of peach tree blooms from a previous year.)

Replace pear tree that died last year 
Plant more blueberry bushes
Plant blackberry bushes
Grow more lemon trees from seed.  ( I did this once and had success but the frigid weather we had this winter killed them … totally my fault, I know they don’t like really cold weather!)
Try my hand at growing Rosella  (Thanks Jane for telling me about this fruit and it’s benefits!)
Plant 2 cherry trees

Plant strawberries
Do you grow any fruit?

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  1. We have two pear trees, blackberries, blueberries, and scuppernongs. We have started two grape vines, and have gotten some, but just enough to eat off the vine. Hopefully this year we will get more. We have two apples trees that haven't produced yet, hopefully this is the year. And two peach trees, which are beautiful to look at but won't bear. I'm not sure why they won't. We have two young plum trees which hopefully will bear this year. I could eat warm plums straight off the tree all day long. Oh, and a fig tree. I used to hate figs, but now I love to grab some and eat them as a sweet snack.

    1. Wendy, we have grape vines too and the grapes from them are delicious. We love having fresh fruit as close as our backyard when it's in season.

  2. Hi, Patsy! Here in the U.P., we have so many wild blueberries that I don’t have to plant them. I am so thankful! I’d like to live near Annabell to get the free fruit she gets! We have a tiny side yard. There, i’ve planted three dwarf apple trees, one sad plum, one red currant and one black currant. I pulled a gooseberry to put the black currant in so we haven’t had fruit from it, yet. I have several raspberry plants in pots that don’t do very well. I also have a lemon tree in the front window in a pot. I read somewhere that you should plant the most expensive foods you eat that can grow in your area. That will save the most money. So, that’s what i’ve tried to do. We don’t expect to retire here so I don’t really want to spend much more money on this property. Trees are too hard to move.

    1. Debbie, Annabel does find some great fruit, doesn't she!!! Does your lemon tree do well inside?

  3. We have 13 fruit trees in our side yard-4 apple, 3 cherry, 2 peach, 2 pear, 1 aprium and 1 Chinese Mormon apricot. We got the book : “Grow a Little Fruit Tree” from the public library and liked it so much we bought a copy! Amazing book!!!
    We also have raspberry bushes, a red currant bush, blueberries and goji berries. I hope to put in more fruit bushes this Spring since we built more raised beds!

    1. gardenpat, you have a small orchard there ... good for you! I'm going to check out the book 'Grow A Little Fruit Tree,' thanks for mentioning it!

  4. I have a lot of fruit trees growing in the ground and in large pots(44gallon drums cut in half). In pots I have pomegranate, kaffir Lime, Lime, Lemon, mandarin, mulberry, mango, goji berries, avocado, olive, malabar chestnut, tamarillo and blueberries. In the ground I have banana, Longan, Abiu, Peanut Butter Fruit, tropical apple, coffee, lemon, rosella, raspberry, elder, avocado, mango, fig and Brazillian Cherry. I have a wire fence that has grape vines on one half and passionfruit on the other. I Bought Bluey a Mango tree as an early Birthday present this year. Last year he got an Avocado for Fathers Day. I want to get more strawberries and more blueberries planted. Here the heat knocks the strawberries around and I have only had two plants last more than one season. I have pineapple planted in pots and in the garden. Around the corner from us there is a large Lilly Pilly(Australian Native fruit) hedge. This is in abundant flower right now and just might end up producing some fruit. I might be knocking on the door and seeing if I can pick some once is fruits up. This fruit is very tart and not real big, but makes a delicious jam or syrup. The syrup is wonderful over icecream.
    Our garden is only 4 years old. This year we have gotten fruit off everything that has been in the garden or pots for at least two years. I only planted the banana last September so they are only half grown, but they are doing well. As each year goes by we will benefit more and more from the garden. My hope is that we end up growing enough of our own fruit to not need to purchase any. We're about 1/3 of the way there.

    1. I forgot that we also have Concord grapevines, Jane, until you mentioned yours!! Sounds like a tropical paradise!! Dave and I are also planning our fruits with the goal of not needing to purchase most of what we eat/preserve! Ours is an urban property but we are working towards making every inch count!!

    2. gardenpat, do you have a photo of your fruit trees/orchard?

    3. Here are photos after we pruned them. (2 pears, 1 atrium) (2 peach, 1 apricot) (3 cherry) (4 apple)

      As you can see, these were from our first year. When you plant them, you cut them immediately down to knee height! 😱😱
      Then, they are pruned twice a year to establish branch shape and to keep them to a maximum 6-7 foot tall for ease of harvest. These are not dwarf trees, but you keep them pruned and planted closer together so that they stay smaller. But the fruit is prolific and easy to harvest without a ladder!!

  5. I adore your blog. Have just found it. Will return again and again, thank you.

  6. At this house I don't have room for trees in my courtyard but I am trying to grow strawberries and raspberries. Nancy


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