Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gardening 2018: Vegetables

In this last entry of my garden planning for 2018, I'm going to be talking about the vegetables we want to plant.

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This year we are switching over to all raised bed gardening.  As we are getting older we are finding that all the bending and hoeing is getting harder and we need to find a less intense method ... enter raised bed gardening.  We already have 7 raised beds and plan to add at least one more, maybe more.  We've been slowly moving towards using only raised beds for a few years so it's not like we're going cold turkey on the huge 'row gardening' we've done in the past.

(The picture is of some of our raised beds (yes, they're huge tractor tires) from a previous year.)

We're also going to use more really big pots to plant in (we'll put those pots on wheels to make moving them around easier), the only things we'll plant in the ground will be tomatoes but they will be put along side one of our storage buildings where they will be caged.  Our cucumbers will be done the same way along side another outside building ... all close to our house.

So, what vegetables will we plant in our raised beds and huge pots?  Here are the first things that come to my mind ... (This is not a complete list.)

several varieties of peppers
lima beans
green beans
asparagus (we already have this growing, it will be our third year so we should be able to get a good harvest)
Rhubarb (it's already coming up)

I want to put together a salad box (spinach, lettuce, arugula, etc) and grow it from my porch.

What type of vegetables do you plan to grow this year? Are you a 'row gardener,' a raised bed gardener, a container gardener or all three?

Now that I've planned out what I want to plant/grow this 2018 gardening season I'll be getting out my paper and pin and sketching where I want to plant everything.   Then it'll be time to start amending the soil in the raised beds and pots and to start planting the early vegetables.

Yes, for us, the 2018 gardening season has begun!

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  1. We built raised beds immediately when we moved into our home 24 years ago and with 2 knee replacements since then, I appreciate that I can sit on the sides f the beds and care for my garden! We also designed it with SFG in mind as well as vertical gardening. Here’s a photo looking at it from my second floor bedroom window:

    1. gardenpat, yes, this is what we want!!! Thank you so much. What are the plastic bottles beside the plants being used for?

    2. These are 16-20 oz recycled water bottles. I drill about 4 or 5 small holes toward the bottom end of the bottle on two sides of the bottle to no farther than about 4 “ above the bottom of them bottle . Before I plant my tomato plants, I “plant” my water bottle so that the top of the bottle with it’s cap is about 4” above the soil level . This way, I can water my tomatoes by pouring water into the top of the water bottle and the holes direct the water directly to the roots of my tomato plants. It also waters them more evenly which is critical for tomatoes and I’m not wasting water! Plus I’m recycling plastic water bottles!

  2. We have very little sun on our property so I only grow 6 large pots of grape tomatoes. Last year we had so many we could hardly keep up with eating them. I do have a few herbs in pots too because if I put them in the ground the voles eat the roots. If we ever are able to downsize I am hoping for a sunny garden spot for raised beds.

    1. Lana, we have mole problems! They tunnel all over the yard! With 6 pots of grape tomatoes, I bet you were overrun!!! Those things bear like crazy!!!

  3. I have raised beds on legs. Would anyone know about the fact that they are raised off the ground and the cold air can get to the bottom if things in there would freeze faster? I love having extra grape or cherry tomatoes. I cut them into and freeze on a tray and get them out a couple minutes or so before we have salads and put them on. They are thawed just enough not to be hard but yet not mushy. Nancy

    1. Nancy, hmmm, I don't know for sure but it does seem that your raised beds being up on legs would allow them to freeze faster but it does also seem that it would allow the soil to warm up faster too. Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you.

  4. My garden is in start up stage. Tonight I planted corn seed and some small flowers to bring in the good bugs. I have lavender, pak choy, silverbeet(chard), red kidney bean, red dragon snake bean, and pumpkin all up. I am waiting on the capsicum, rockmelon(cantelope), coriander(cilantro), spring onion, chives and chia seeds to come up. I haven't put any tomato or lettuce seeds in for years. These plants are weeds in my garden. I have transplanted 7 self seeded tomato seedlings into pots. I can keep them better contained this way. I noticed a cucumber is up on the wire fence in the middle of the passionfruit vines. I dont know what sort this will end up being. I still have zuchinni to go in. I thought I had some seed but nope. I will order some tonight. Yes I am planting to grow my garden through the winter. Our winters are very mild and are summers are very fierce. I can grow over summer if I have the water on 24/7. I choose not to do this. Bring on growing time!!!!~

    1. Jane, I chuckled when I read that tomato and lettuce seeds are like weeds in your area ... I guess I just never thought of the possibility that they would just grow anywhere under the right conditions.

  5. Hello Patsy and fantastic you are planning and getting ready to plant in your garden at the moment :) .

    We are still in blazing summer here so trying to keep anything alive in the garden is a true challenge. It is not usually as hot but this year it has been exceptionally hot here in Australia.

    We are row gardeners here as we are in a rental and cannot see the point in spending a lot on permanent fixtures but will move to raised beds when we buy our own home.

    Currently we have chosen to cut back our vegetable garden beds to only 2 planting in shaded areas under Eucalypt trees and near sheltered fences so that the plants don't get burnt with the severe heat.

    Currently in the front yard garden beds we have planted -
    - Strawberries, thyme, French lavender, basil, lemon grass, rosemary, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes we have just started again from squeezing seeds into the ground from our previous crop. Our tomatoes grow like weeds here too with volunteer plants coming up everywhere.

    In the back yard garden beds we have growing -
    - Just sprouted turnip seedlings, dwarf green beans, some sweet corn, carrots and beetroot.

    In late March/April we will plant our garlic bulbs saved from a previous crop, some broad bean seeds also saved from a previous crop.

    In the meantime we will try and get hold of some more strawberry plants and plant them in the front gardens and separate out some runners growing. We will also succession plant more dwarf beans, beetroot, and turnips.


    1. Sewingcreations15, our summers are blazing hot too and very humid. That's why we plant early and the bulk of the harvesting is done by early July. The end of August it's time to start planting the fall crops. We also save seeds from heirloom seeds we plant each year. Eventually we would like to plant only heirloom seeds but we're not quite there yet.

    2. Patsy we are going to be moving more to heirloom seeds as well especially for corn.

      We do have heirloom seeds for our broad beans, cherry tomatoes and dwarf green beans, sweet potatoes, and our garlic.

      Like yourself we are swapping over gradually as our budget permits as the seeds are rather expensive to start off with. We will both get there :) .


    3. Sewingcreations15, yes, we will both get there one step at a time!!!


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