Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge: #26

This week I was able to sew/crochet/get ready to sew 4 days for at least 15 minutes each, which brings me up to 75 days!

Here's what I got done ...

I finished crocheting this baby doll blanket ...

... and almost finished cutting out clue #5 of the mystery quilting I'm doing!  I'm getting anxious to start putting all these clues together ... I know that that's just around the corner!

I didn't get a lot of sewing on the machine type of sewing done last week as we were in on the road most every day, hence the crocheted baby doll blanket.  I love taking portable crochet projects with me and working on them as I ride in the vehicle!

What about you, what did you sew/crochet/knit/craft this week?

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  1. That doll blanket is so pretty! I have done 22 days done on my second time doing the 15 min challenge. Even 15 mins here and there help accomplish things! Nancy

  2. Thank you Nancy! There is definitely a round 2 of this challenge in my future!

  3. Last week I worked on a simple quilt top of squares for a bereavement baby blanket.

  4. I’m working on what will be a queen size quilt out of her father’s shirts and coveralls. It has 6 Large trees and 5 smaller ones that are in the backs of 5 trucks. So far, all the trees are made and I’ve started on the trucks! The smallest pieces in it are 1-1/4” squares!!!!

    1. gardenpat!!!! That is going to be beautiful and I love that idea. Please be sure to share the finished product. You are one talented quilter!

    2. Here it is so far this morning:


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