Monday, February 19, 2018

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge #27

This week it was a real struggle to find time to sew even 15 minutes at a time but I did manage it on two different days, which puts me at 77 days out of the 100 day challenge.

Here's what I got done ...

this cute little shabby chic style heart that I'll turn into a mug rug ...
(I used scraps to make it!)

I started stitching up the pieces to mystery quilt clue #5 ....

and these vintage style gift tags!
(I had everything on hand including the 'vintage' fabric tape.)

What about you, what have you sewn, crocheted, knitted or crafted?

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  1. Dear Patsy,
    You've made such beautiful things! I especially love those tags. No crafting here lately, as I've been under the weather. I'm hoping it is just severe allergies and not the onset of something more serious. I'm also praying that whatever it is doesn't get passed to John. Sorry for my absence lately!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Kelsey, please take care of yourself, allergies can make you sick all over. I've run a fever and had chills with allergies before. I hope John doesn't get sick.


  2. Have been working on bookmarks and forgetting to keep track! LOL Love your heart mugrug! Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy, do you have a picture of your bookmarks? I need to make some myself!

  3. That little heart is just lovely. I haven't done any sewing this week but I did do some crochet. I made my GD a little pink purse with a bunny rabbit on it. This little purse, a little dress I made last week and a soft squishy bunny, that I will be making, will be her Easter present.

    1. Jane Allan, you do beautiful work. I hope you will share a picture of the squishy bunny when you get it completed.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Laura. I'm keeping you in my prayers, stay strong!

  5. Patsy, I love the colours in your mug rug. I haven't done any sewing lately as we have just had another heatwave and it has been too hot to do anything but survive :-) I do have curtains that I need to finish ASAP though.

    1. Nanna Chel, I hope you are able to stay cool. We are in the cooler part of our year and we are trying to take advantage of it before the heat and humidity comes back again.

  6. Love the heart and gift tags Patsi. I see that you are using the Wonder Clip style clips, do you love them? I want to switch from pins which always seem to distort the fabric some so was just wondering what your thoughts are. Take Care.
    Hugs, Sandy

  7. Sandy, I really like the wonder clips so much so that every time I have a coupon and am at JoAnn's I add a few more to my collection!

  8. I FINALLY got to do some sewing! I took the opportunity of a few days off for President's Day weekend and got everything out, put it on the table, told everyone to eat somewhere else and use up leftovers, and sewed!!

    I finished a skirt for my daughter, Patsy. I had started it a long time ago. So nice to have it done.
    I made her a nightie as well.
    I made another daughter a pair of plaid pajama pants. I'm a little rusty with the plaid matching, but finally got it done.
    I got another skirt cut out and started, but ran out of time. Still. I'm thrilled.

    Then, I cleaned it all up, and now the table is ready for people to eat at again:)

    I love the projects you made. The heart is stunning, and the gift tags are so elegant.

    Pictures of my sewing projects are on my blog:

  9. Becky, sometimes we just have to make time for sewing don't we? You really got a lot accomplished!


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