Friday, February 23, 2018

My $5 or Less Pantry Building Challenge: Weeks 7 and 8

We've been so busy working on making the repairs to our shed that I haven't set foot inside a grocery store in two weeks.  (Just another blessing of having a well-stocked pantry ... not HAVING to go to the grocery store when time is an issue!)  

It's time to catch up on this challenge though ...

Let's see, in the last post, I had $3.30 to roll over into the next week.

That would have made $8.80 available for last week once I added in the weekly allotment amount of $5.  I didn't spend any of it so that meant that I had $8.80 to roll over into this week.

When I added the $5 allotment for this week to the $8.80 roll over from last week, that put me at $13.80 available in my $5 or Less Pantry Building Fund.

Yesterday, we needed to take care of transferring our prescriptions from one pharmacy to another and since we were in a Sam's Club I took the time to do this week's pantry building challenge.

Here's what I purchased ...

I paid $7.28 for these 3 bulk size bottles of Ketchup.  IF I'd had coupons and IF I had somewhere locally that would accept said coupons without hassle and IF the ketchup had been on a good sale, I could have done a lot better on the price.  But I didn't, and we needed the ketchup, so I made the purchase.  This will be enough ketchup to last us for mostly likely a year.  When you look at it that way, $7.28 for a year's worth of ketchup is not too bad!!!

The $6.52 remaining will be rolled over into next week's total.

What about you, how did you do with your $5 pantry building challenge this week?

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  1. No shopping here either other than perishables. A good bit of February grocery money will roll into March here.

    1. Good for you Lana, maybe you'll find some good deals in March!

  2. Last week, while picking up some items at a pharmacy, I noticed an adorable kitten throw pillow on the shelf with the Valentine's day clearance items. It was marked down from $14.99 to $3. I grabbed it up to add to my gift pantry, as I know my daughter will love it! I also used store loyalty point to score $100 worth of free groceries.

    This week I did a large pantry stock up, as our grocery store had a huge $1 sale. While most of my groceries this week were pantry restock, I'm going to list the 4 packages of pasta @ $0.50/pack and the 4 packages of discounted bagels (that went straight into the freezer) that were $0.50/6 pack as my pantry restock items this week. That totals $4 for this week.

    1. Rhonda, so you added to the gift part of your pantry as well as the food part of your pantry, way to go!!!

  3. Hi Patsy and good on you for stocking up on the ketchup for a years supply. Must say being Australian that the term ketchup makes us giggle as we call it tomato sauce, so I love the different names for the same thing in different countries and cultures :).

    Before we joined this challenge as part of our groceries in November last year we saw 2lt bottles of BBQ sauce on special for $3ea and purchased 4 which also stocked us for a year. They are usually $7 per bottle here so it was a great special and we use (DH uses particularly) a lot of.

    Last I reported we started stocking on our $60 per 6 weekly pantry stocking budget and had $12.96 left. We then went a bit berserk and saw a $350 e-voucher on groceries on eBay for $300 and purchased that and did a lot of pantry stocking with that. I rolled over the $12.96 left over into that debt which put it at -$274.75 as of 20th February.

    We have decided to go shopping now only once every 2 months after our large pantry stock or when we see specials in our usual grocery items we have used. I will not use our pantry stocking budget category until I have it in positive territory again and plan to roll our $80 into it on the 17th of April and put any money earned from selling online into that too.

    Still glad we did one large stock up though with our e-voucher as it has got us so far ahead and saved a lot of money on staples that don't come on special here on our pantry building challenge. I plan to save up my pantry stocking budget for another e-voucher later in the year which come up once every 3 months or so I have noticed on eBay.

    We shall be good and only replace what we have used during our normal grocery shopping until then.


    1. Sewingcreations15, good for you for taking advantage of the e-voucher. Good deals come in all shapes and sizes. Smart shopping looks different depending on the situation too! You all did good!

  4. I was able to get 5 jars of peanut butter for 89 cents each to replenish our supply! We use it often in baking!

  5. A local Walmart now has a clearance section in the back of the store. My teen daughter and I walked back to see what bargains we could find. We found Betty Crocker cookie mixes for $1 a bag. We got seven. They were salted caramel and also white chocolate cranberry. With those ingredients I don't think I could make them from scratch for under that price.


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