Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Ways of My Household: 2/11/2018

The pineapples we purchased last week were ripe enough to be canned this week and that’s what I did.  I got 4 pints, 3 half pints and then I dehydrated some.   Dehydrated pineapple is so good to snack on!

I’m still working on getting those pinto beans canned.  I had hoped that I would get them finished this week but it didn’t happen, I did however get 7 more quarts done.

I started working on cleaning out the raised beds this week, yes, in our area it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for gardening season.

I also pruned the blueberry bushes and raspberry canes.  I moved several raspberry canes as well.
We took a ham out of the freezer, thawed it and cooked it up.   It was a small ham but was plenty for us to have it as an entrée in a meal, in chef salads and in omelets. Three different ways to use it in 3 different meals!
I made valentine treats for the children at church.   The 'strawberries' say ... 'Jesus loves you berry, berry much!  There was a small heart shaped box of candy in each bag attached to the 'strawberries.'   

My husband received a phone call from a neighbor this week telling him that they had some free fabric for me if I wanted it.  Of course, I wanted it!  I am being so abundantly blessed in this area lately!
That's it for me this week, what did your week look like?  How did you save money, live frugally or build up your pantry?

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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27 

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  1. Hello Patsy and everyone and hope your week has been good :) .

    It has been incredibly hot here in the later part of the week but cooler towards the beginning of last week so we have not got a lot of things done in the gardens. Today for instance is 35 oc and yesterday was 39 oc pheww we are melting.

    In the cooler part of the week we did get to harvest a lot of herbs being thyme, sage and a little lavender which we now have drying inside the house and on the veranda behind shade cloth. Also in the gardens we noticed that the zip on our collapsible rain water tank had come away from the body so the lid was dragging in the water and couldn't be zipped up. DH started sewing the zip to where the stitching has come away with a leather awl and some waxed thread to the main body of the tank so that is now half done but we will have to wait for cooler weather to complete that task. While DH was doing that I planted a 3.5mt row of turnip seeds in one of our amended garden beds.

    Today since it is too hot to go into the gardens we have been sorting and vacuum sealing blankets and sheets (previously in the dressing/medical/second pantry room) and putting them back in the linen cupboard in the bathroom. This way our second storage pantry area will be cleared so we can stock more groceries and other items in there. Currently we are about 3/4's of the way there.

    Stunned I found a way to save more on our groceries as vouchers or hugely discounted specials here are rare here in Australia. I purchased an E voucher online from eBay for one of local supermarkets and paid $300 for a $350 grocery voucher which is a 16.66% reduction in our grocery costs. My intent is to couple this discount with weekly specials. I think this will pretty much get us almost there to having a years supply on a lot of the most used items we use on a daily basis in our pantry.

    I have been a bit naughty as this is definitely not my $10 per week pantry challenge stock that I had planned but I will take this amount out of my pantry stocking budget until it is paid back ( I did fund part of this purchase with the money I had earned from selling items online). Shall update you when we spend it and on what we purchased. Fortunately I planned ahead and have bulk storage buckets at the ready to fill up :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, that's the kind of heat we have in the summers and I dread it!

      It's good that your husband could get enough repaired on your rain water tank cover to do until cooler weather.

      Sounds like you hit the jackpot with your voucher and I just bet you'll turn it into a much bigger savings with smart shopping.

      It also sounds like you are doing really well in the pantry building area ... you go girl!

      You've had a good week in spite of the heat!

  2. The children are very lucky to have someone like you Patsi, to make their day special. Your Pineapple looks great. I got to do a bit more canning this weekend and added 7 half pints of pickled garlic and 7 full pints of pickled baby carrots and garlic mix.
    Hugs, Sandy

    1. Sandy, pickled garlic and pickled baby carrots ... yum! Is your garlic mix pickled also?

    2. Yes they are, I just used a mix of 2 3/4 cups white vinegar and same of water with 1/4 cup canning salt and 1 Tablespoon pickling spice the recipe called for a tablespoon of red pepper flakes but I never have liked real spicy flavors. I'm hoping they turn out good since it's my first time pickling any thing other than pickles.
      Take Care, Sandy

    3. Thanks Sandy, it does sound good, we do like spicy flavors so I'll probably add the red pepper flakes!


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