Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Ways of My Household: 2/18/2018

This week didn’t go like I thought it would!  You know how you tentatively have a plan for how your week will go and BAM, it suddenly all changes?  That’s what happened to me this week!  I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the week would go …

I was going to finish canning the pinto beans I’ve been working on off and on since January …
I was going to knock out some sewing I wanted to get done …
I was going to make some more herbal remedies …
I was going to work some more on my raised beds …
I was going to prune the grape vines …
But, instead I helped my husband do this …

(The board on the roof was used to mark where the screws needed to go in.  It will come down when we're ready to put the tin on the other side.)

Let me give you a little background.  We purchased this storage building used about 5 years ago and moved it onto our property.  We hadn’t had it long before a huge tree limb fell on it during a storm.  It caved in the roof on one side of the building.  We removed the tree limb and patched the roof.  It was meant to be a temporary patch but you know how those things go.  

(The building with the tree limb still on it and before it was patched.)
Monday morning, my husband out of the blue, said, ‘let’s repair the storage building.’  After I got over the shock, I said ‘okay’ because I’ve been wanting it done ever since we patched it way back when.  
So, that’s what we’ve been doing most of the week.  I’ve been filling the role of ‘gopher’ going to fetch this and handing him up that, helping hoist the tin upon the roof, handing up lumber, nails, nail guns, holding the tape measure, whatever he needed while he measured and marked and figured and worked from the top of the roof.  My most important job though, was keeping him from getting too close to the edge while on the roof and falling off (Let me just say that this part was very nerve racking!)!
As you can see in the pictures, we were able to get one side roofed and the frame work on the other side done.  This week, as time allows, we’ll permanently repair the damaged roof and put the roofing tin up on the remaining roof side.  Then we have to repair the damage to the back and sides where the tree came down, tin the sides, add doors on each end and paint the roof.   It’s going to take us a while ...
That was my week, what did your week look like?
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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. The shed will be great when it is done! I really hate men on roofs too!

    Second week at the lake. A lot of rest and reading was all we intended to do. Then we found out that DDS had set up a Dr appointments for Hubby an hour and a half from here. Yes we did it because disability takes long enough to qualify for without saying you will not jump through all their hoops. We stopped in WalMart and picked up some clearance items. We have to go home tomorrow after 15 days. It's going to take a few days to get back in the saddle!

    1. Lana, I always feel like I need a vacation again when it comes to getting back in the groove of things after we get home from being on vacation!

  2. This is another part of our preparations--mending things. Now you have a shed that is truly functional. Good job! I haven't had to keep the Redneck from falling off the edge of a shed, but I DID have to find out where the yellow jackets were swarming from every time we went to dismantle an old shed up in the mountains--fun times!

    1. Evelyn, I don't want yellow jacket duty ... no ma'am!

  3. Hello Patsy and what a wonderful job you and your husband have done on the storage shed. What do you plan to use the storage shed for machinery or food storage ?. What a wonderful lean-to you have created which could be used for a garage, entertainment area or an area to store machinery under :). My husband and I also work side by side when we have maintenance or large jobs to do as well and doing it yourself saves so much money rather than paying a tradesperson to do it.

    This week DH and I also created a privacy screen approx. 1.8mt or 6ft high and 2.4mts or 8ft wide on our back veranda from shade cloth we had been given, some tent posts we had, and using some fencing wire we had in the shed. We also moved our large 3mt cantilever umbrella to this area and tied it down with tie wire to the rafters as we have high winds here and don't want it taking off. This has created a nice shaded area for us to eat outside with a lovely view over the mountains here.

    Other things we did was -
    - Had our yearly checkups with the doctor, blood taken twice as they got my file mixed up with someone else's in another state, one ear flushed, DH's skin condition dealt with and DH's bulk pain medication prescription filled for another month. Appears so far I am in the healthy range of BMI, have low blood pressure and DH is doing well too having lost a lot of weight.
    - While at the chemist filling DH's scripts I saw multivitamins, Echinacea and zinc tablets and ear drops on specials from 63%,40% & 15% off usual prices and purchased 3 x 100 tablet packets of multivitamins and 1 x 30 tablet packet of Echinacea and zinc tablets and the ear drops saving $53.24 on usual prices. They all had short expiry dates on them but most will be used before those dates or soon after, and we know through research that they last a lot longer than those dates that the manufacturers are obliged to put on them.
    - In the gardens planted a 3.5mt row of turnip seeds that have now sprouted. Apart from that it has been too hot to work in the gardens.
    - We did an organisation attack on the second pantry room and vacuum sealed all our blankets, sheets and got them either in the linen cupboard in the bathroom or on top of the medical cupboard in there. Also finished vacuum sealing all of our winter clothing in there too. Did I mention the second pantry room is also our dressing room/medical room as well :).
    - Our huge pantry stocking grocery staples order arrived from our local supermarket and we put away and dated the flour, sugar and oats in labelled 10lt storage buckets on the top shelf of the gorilla shelving stacked, packed our tinned diced tomatoes, champignons, tinned pears and cocoa powder on the shelves. This brings us to 12mths supply of oats, sugar and flour (yippee !) and 3 - 4mths worth of the other products.
    - In the kitchen cooked a new recipe of oat biscuits which we like and will keep and cooked all bread and meals from household stocks.
    - Did the usual washing, deep cleaning and vacuuming between us for the week so the house sparkles again. The kitchen also got a good deep clean as well.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, what a productive week you've had! It was inspiring to read your comment! We will use one of the lean-to's for storage of a big item that is currently taking up room in another storage building (I have plans for that space once it is emptied!) and the other will be used for storing winter wood.

  4. Glad both are safe and it will be wonderful to have that building to use. Nancy

    1. Nancy, the extra storage space will be nice for sure!

  5. I'm glad you got your roof on safely. That would be the most nerve-wracking part for me, too!

    1. Becky, we still have a little bit to go, but we're almost done with hubby being upon the roof!


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