Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Announcing A New Class ...

As many of you know I teach classes online in a private group Facebook setting.  Our last class was titled Beyond the Generator, Plans B, C, D and E which we finished up last month.  I didn't intend to write and teach another class so soon but a situation occurred that made me realize I needed to go ahead and do this one now.

So, what's this class about?  It's about facing and dealing with hard financial times.  In fact, I've titled the class Facing Financial Hardships.  With all my classes I create a scenario as if the students were actually living the situation, and this one will be no different.

Here are the specifics ...

Start date:  Monday, March 12th

Class length:  approximately 3 weeks

There is no charge for the class.

The class is limited in size.

Update 3/9/18:  The class is full and closed to new members!

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