Monday, March 5, 2018

Financial Preparedness: Looking Back at February's Goals

It’s time to check-in and see how we did with our financial goals in February.  Here they are … 

February Financial Goals … 

Fund another 10% of our emergency fund … we did it!  We now have 20% of our emergency fund funded.  That may not seem like a big deal to some but to us it is, we’ve set a goal and every time we advance we are thrilled!  Why are we thrilled over such a small victory, because it came through hard work and sacrifice!  You just can’t put a price tag on knowing you’ve done your best and reached your goal in the process!
Purchase one gift card and stash it away  … we did that too!  We are being sure to keep the receipt with the card should there be a problem when we go to use it.
Earn enough Swagbucks for an Amazon gift card  … I did not get this one done.  When we started working on the outbuilding/shed it was all I could do to just keep the things that were a priority done.
Earn $5 Amazon gift card through Bing … I got it done.  It’s much easier and less time consuming for me to earn a gift card through Bing than it is Swagbucks .
Continue to work on secondary sources of income ... I’m working on all the behind the scenes stuff right now … it won’t be much longer!
Financial accomplishments not mentioned above…
We paid off one medical bill we had been paying on for a while.  We will now take the amount we were sending them each month and add it to the amount of the next smallest bill which happens to be another medical bill.  This will double the amount we are able to send them each month.
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Everything we do is geared toward paying off our debt and keeping our pantry well-stocked.  That’s our big harry goal and each baby step we take gets us closer to it.
What about you, did you meet your financial goals for February?
Do you have a big harry goal? 

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  1. It’s great to see the progress that can be made when you write down and focus on your goals and translate them into action items. This has been a great month for us- our side gigs-woodworking, quilting and eggs- brought in $780 in February. Coupled with no spend/low spend month and zeroing out our bank balance at the end of each pay period and then dividing the amount in half (after tithing). We were able to pay down our next debt (we are down to just 3 including mortgage) by about $1000 and added $1200 to our savings! We can feel the momentum building!!!
    As I drove home from a meeting today which went way past lunchtime, I saw a dozen drive throughs and considered stopping, but found myself going on home and having lunch from my pantry at home!
    That represents a big mind shift for me!
    We will continue to squirrel away as much as we can while we prepare for hubby’s surgery bills to start coming in soon! But the more we do now, the easier it will be to pay those off too!

    1. gardenpat, you did have a good February! When we get that 'mind shift' things start to change don't they? You are looking ahead and preparing, that is such a good thing to do! I hope the medical bills aren't too bad and that you can just pay them off when they come.

  2. Patsy well done on paying down another medical bill I am so pleased for you :) and it sounds like you are well on your way to planning paying down another one too.

    I didn't put down any financial goals for February but wanted to congratulate you.


  3. Well done on meeting your goals! I understand the sacrifice since we did that for many years to pay off our house. Every penny that I could spare I put toward the mortgage for five or more years. I found it so rewarding in the end when our goal was met.

    Our goal was to begin getting disbursements from our 401K and work out a new budget. And we sort of did that except my husband asked for the annual amount to be sent monthly. That first payment freaked me out until I realized what he had done. So, we got the money for the entire year in one lump sum which I have figured out how to handle and he stopped any more pay outs util next year. These are the daily sort of things that happen with a brain injury. I have to keep watch. I did work out a new budget and how to handle all that money showing up at once and we are set to go forward. I am happy that we have some money to put into savings again since eventually we will have a big repair here at the old house and one day we will have to replace our vehicle again.

    1. Lana, thank you for your encouraging words!


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