Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My $5 or Less Pantry Building Challenge: Week #11

I had $5.60 to rollover from last week's pantry building challenge.  When I added this week's $5 allotment to it I had $10.60 to work with.

Here's what I added to my pantry ...

8 cans of tomato paste @ $.62 per can = $4.96. 

This is enough tomato paste to last us several months.

$10.68 - $4.96  = $5.75, which is the amount I have to roll over to next week.

What about you, how did you do with your $5 pantry building challenge this week?

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  1. Hi Patsy and great to see you have added more to your pantry. It is amazing how fast your pantry grows by just adding a few things at a time :).

    Here is how we added to our pantry this week -

    - Banked a further $54.01 from the sale of saved garden seeds from our gardens on the internet and a refund through our health care provider for a medical bill bringing our pantry budget now to -$186.34. We have now caught up $87.81 on our pantry building budget from our bulk pantry stocking purchase.

    We did also purchase a lot of needed items from our next 2 monthly normal grocery list we found on 50% off specials and topped up on medications for DH too which I will tell everyone about in the next ways of our household thread.

    Hope everyone was able to find some good specials to top up their pantries with too :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, you're really working on getting your pantry budget out of the negative. Good for you!

  2. Tomatoes!!! On Tuesday, I was given (2) 25 pound boxes of tomatoes that I am processing into 22 half pints of tomato paste.

    I spent $1 on a 5 pound bag of chopped onions that I froze in 2 cup increments for easy recipe use.

    For the other $4, I got 20 pounds of potatoes and have been cubing and dehydrating them to use to make some mason jar complete meals! (I actually bought 50 pounds of potatoes for $10 but if we are only counting $5 worth of pantry additions, that added the 20 pounds I listed above! ) I will probably dehydrate the whole 50 pounds although some I will dry into shredded hash browns!!

    1. gardenpat, where do you get all this free produce and great deals!!!!!

  3. Again, I spent more than $5 for a pantry stock up. This week I finally found breaded "English Style" Haddock fish (the kind I like) on sale at Costco for $10/box of 12-15 fillets. The last time I bought this same product at the grocery store, it was $10 for only 8 small pieces! The Costco box will give us at least 3 family meals, instead of only 2. So I bought 3 boxes while they were on sale, which should last us for several months, since we only have this maybe once a month.

    1. Rhonda, we have to take advantage of those good deals, if we can, when we find them don't we!

  4. I had a doctor's appointment in the city yesterday. After I was finished at the doctor I went to the farmer's market and bought a bunch of spices that I had run out of. Spices are so cheap there! I'll call these my pantry stock up for the week!

    1. Holley, we use a lot of spices too and are always on the lookout for a good deal!

  5. More laundry soap came my way this week. It was $5, so we got 2 more to add to the 4 we got last week. I have paid between $11.99 and $14.99 for the exact same soap, many times. My husband has to have the environmentally friendly kind--the regular kind makes him break out in a rash--so I'm excited.

    1. Becky, my husband has laundry soap sensitivity too so I have to be careful in this area too. Sounds like you got a good deal!!!


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