Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 2018 Goals/To-Do List!

February held an unplanned time consuming project that I hadn’t planned on so I didn’t get as much of my ‘to-do’ list done as I would have liked, but sometimes life is just that way.  It’s all good, these are goals and while I do strive to try to accomplish them, I don’t fall apart if I don’t … especially when there’s a good reason I didn’t!!! 

We’re entering a busy time of the year with gardening and yard mowing and outside projects to complete so my to-do list will reflect that.  Some things will be put on the back burner until fall or until a rainy day gives me some inside time to work on said projects so, if you don’t see something on the list as being ‘Done!’ just know that it hasn’t been forgotten or dropped, it’s just being prioritized to a more convenient time!

You will notice several carryovers from January and February … maybe I’ll get those done in March!!! 

January’s to-do list can be found Here. 

February’s to-do list can be found Here. 

Here’s my March ‘to-do’ list otherwise known as breaking my 2018 goals down into baby steps … 

Complete clues 5 and 6 for the mystery quilt I’m working on (This is a carryover from February) ... I finished clue #6 and am almost finished with clue #5
Stitch up a shirt skirt for myself (This is a carryover from January and February) ... Didn't get done!  

Fund another 10% of our emergency fund ... Done!
Purchase one gift card and stash it away ... Done!
Earn enough Swagbucks for an Amazon gift card ... Almost, but I didn't quite make it!
Earn $5 Amazon gift card through Bing ... Done!
Continue to work on secondary sources of income ... I hope to be able to 'open shop' this month!  Done!

Pantry and Preparedness
Spend $25 on a non-food preparedness item ... Done!
Continue working on building up my pantry each week through my $5 or Less Pantry Building Challenge  ... Done!

Half-bath (This is a carryover from January and February) Didn't get it done!
Pantry (This is a carryover from January and February) Didn't get it done!

House and Other Construction
Finish painting kitchen cabinets; they really just need a few touch ups (This is a carryover from January and February)  Didn't get it done!
Finish making a ‘sayings sign’ for inside house (This is a carryover from January and February)   Didn't get it done!
Continue to work on repair of outbuilding/shed ... Done!  We're not finished with the project but we worked on it as much as we could this month.

Complete Bible class on the book of Revelation ... Done!
Continue daily Bible reading ... Done!
Continue teaching teenage girl’s Bible class ... Done!
Continue attending our ladies Bible book club class once a month   Done!
Prepare and speak at a ladies day event on the topic of hope ... Done!

Read at least 2 books ... Done!

Continue to post on blog daily  ... I posted most days, but didn't hit every day this month!  There was just too much going on!!!

Plant early garden ... Done!

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  1. Hello Patsy and everyone :).

    Our goals this month are to -

    Sewing -
    - Make another bread bag so I have one to use and one to wash in the home. I also want to make some to list in my internet shop as a new line to diversify a bit.
    - Sew some soft double hankies and more cleaning cloths out of soft flannelette I saved from old sheets.
    - Make a set of white cotton napkins for our table from saved soaked and washed material from old pillow covers.

    Financial -
    - Only spend on needed items in the home to reimburse some funds spent on our new mattress and pantry stocking.
    - Bank as much money into our saving for our home deposit account.

    Gardening -
    - Buy more bulk horse and cow manure and amend 1 - 2 garden beds to get them ready to plant some more garlic and other vegetables shortly.
    - Strip dried herbs picked from the gardens for house supplies and some to sell on the internet.

    Spiritual -
    - Read the Bible and BOM when I get the chance each day.

    House maintenance -
    - Knock down nails protruding on the front and back verandas.

    Hope everyone has a productive month ahead :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, you've got a busy month ahead too. I find that my to-do list helps keep me motivated though and I look forward to accomplishing and checking off items as they are completed. I hope you and I both have a successful month!

  2. Thanks Patsy for the encouragement :), like you this list is not set in concrete but this is a hope I get this all accomplished. I tend to set an ambitious list and if I don't get it finished that is fine because I carry it over to the next month too.

    I also like to work to a goals list as I find it gives me some direction and keeps me on track as well.



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