Thursday, March 8, 2018

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge: # 28

Did you all think I had abandoned my sewing challenge???  I haven't, it's just there are only so many hours in the day and the spare hours I have are being taken up with helping hubby repair our outbuilding/shed.  (We're 75% done with it!!!)

However, I did get one day where I was able to sit down and do some work and here's what I did ...

I cut out all of clue #6 and started getting it ready to sew to clue #4 in the mystery quilt I am working on.  Okay, maybe it wasn't actual sewing but it was something that had to be done before I could do the actual sewing.  I'm counting it as a sewing day which puts me at having completed 78 days in my 100 Day Sewing challenge.

I feel like I am crawling at a snail's pace with my sewing right now ... but I'm still crawling!!!!!

What have you sewn, knitted, crocheted or crafted lately?

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  1. I watched a Missouri Star Quilt free tutorial online for their Summer Camp block quilt ( )and saw that, instead of buying or using a precut jelly roll of coordinating fabric strips, it would be a great way to use up some of the 2-1/2” strips I have filed in a shoebox that were trimmings from other projects or scraps I had!
    Sure enough, in only about a day’s time, I have the whole quilt top made without buying a thing!
    The sewing was fast and easy but I still like the look of the quilt!

    1. gardenpat, your quilt is beautiful and I especially like that you were able to make it from your scrap stash!

    2. gardenpat, great idea to use scraps instead of a precut jelly roll! Nancy

    3. patsy, Your mystery quilt looks interesting! (and like a lot of work!) I bet it will be really pretty. I have not been keeping track but plugging away at different things! Nancy

  2. Hi Patsy,
    I am looking forward to seeing how this mystery quilt of yours turns out.
    I have been making shopping bags using placemat panels I picked up in Africa about 5 years ago. The panels feature the big animals of Africa. I used calico from the stash to line the bags. I also made a little embroidery of lavender that I stitched into a little pillow filled with lavender. This sits under my pillow giving my bed the most amazing scent. I am still working on a crocheted blanket for the daughters boyfriend. His Birthday is in May so I still have a bit of time to get this done.

    1. Jane Allan, your shopping bags are cute and what a great way to use the panels! I love your little lavender filled pillow that you stitched, and crocheting a blanket for your daughter's boyfriend ... you are one talented lady!

  3. Last weekend the website Craftsy was free for the weekend. I watched a course on "Freeform Crochet" and it was very good. I poked around at lots of things on there and it looks interesting. I already got an email saying I could get a 7 day free trial so I might use that later. I was kind of a freeform quilter so I can already see that's how I'm going to be with crochet. My daughter's favorite movie was The Land Before Time and now she watches it with her daughter. She asked if I could make Trees Star....a leaf that the baby dinosaur slept under. I managed to pull it off and made a big, green leaf shaped blanket. I posted it in a crochet group and it got hundreds of responses and people asking me for a pattern!

    1. Gloria, I would love to see a picture of your baby dinosaur leaf blanket. Is there somewhere I can go to see it. I took advantage of Craftsy's free weekend too only I watched gardening courses as we're changing over almost completely to raised bed gardening this year and I wanted to learn as much as I could. The next time they have a 'free' weekend I intend to see what they have to offer in crocheting!

    2. I sent a pic on you W P facebook


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