Friday, March 9, 2018

My $5 or Less Pantry Building Challenge: Week #10

In the last $5 or Less Pantry Building Challenge, I had $6.58 to rollover and add to this week's $5 allotment.  This gave me $11.58 to work with this week. 

Here's what I added to my pantry ...

We paid $5.98 for these two jars.  We purchased these in a neighboring state where food items are taxed differently than the state we live in so there was no tax on this purchase.

These 2 jars will last us for several months ... depending on how much chicken salad or deviled eggs we make!!!

$11.58 - $5.98 = $5.60 which is the amount I have to roll over to next week.

What about you, how did you do with your $5 pantry building challenge this week?

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  1. Hello Patsy and everyone :) and I hope you have all added to your pantries this week.

    Well done on getting products whilst travelling tax free Patsy.

    This week we have added to our pantry by -

    - Picking 1.9kg of cucumbers picked fresh from the gardens saving $11.21 over purchasing them. We gave two to our new next door neighbour as we had so many come ripe at the same time that we couldn't use all of them fresh. He is searching for work at the moment so I suppose that added to their pantry too :) .
    - I downloaded $21.49 from PayPal earned from selling saved garden seeds and an eye mask on the internet and banked it into our pantry budget bringing it down to -$241.35 from our bulk pantry stock up earlier.

    Through investigations I noticed that they will have some more grocery e-Vouchers for our supermarket in around November so we will save up our pantry stocking budget until then so we can take advantage of the 16.66% discount on a bulk order that will be home delivered free.


    1. Sewingcreations15, That was sweet of you to share your surplus cucumbers with your new neighbor. To my knowledge we don't have e-Vouchers here but it does sound like it is a good thing. Now that you know when the next one will be available, you will be more prepared for it. Now that's looking ahead and preparing for your household!!!

  2. This past Saturday, I bought over 100 green onions for $2. I cut the tops down and dried some and used some fresh in cooking. The rooted bulb part of the green onions, I planted in our raised bed garden to regrow! I also took 5 of them and have them on my Kitchen windowsill to give me everlasting green onions.
    I was given 10 pounds of fresh green beans that I cut up and dehydrated.
    So actually, I only used $2 this week for my pantry building!
    Tomorrow (Saturday) , I will go again to the produce market to see what treasures I can find to build up mypsntry!!

    1. gardenpat, I really like the idea of having fresh green onions growing on my windowsill! I hope you have good luck at the produce market!

    2. I got a 25 pound box of big red tomatoes for $5 and about 8 pounds of apples for $2 and a quart of heavy whipping cream for $1 today!

    3. gardenpat, you amaze me at the deals you find!

  3. Last week I didn't share my $5 deal, as I didn't really have one. This week makes up for it. I bought 12 jars of crunchy peanut butter @ $1.25/1kg jar, 2 cases of bottled water @ $1.88/24 bottles, fresh cucumbers @ $3.77/bag of 5 cucumbers (they are "imperfects" which are fine with us!), 4 cans of generic brand cheddar cheese soup @ $0.57/can (we prefer this as our "cream of" soup in recipes), a bag of pearl barley @ $0.99/450g bag and my favourite deal...2 boxes of breaded chicken (strips & burgers) on sale for $4.97/800g box minus a $4 coupon/box, so I paid $0.97/box. So I know that this is way more than $5, but every single one of these deals were worth mentioning!

    1. Rhonda, you racked up! You go girl, those deals are definitely worth mentioning!

  4. We used our raincheck for 4 more bags of gritst a dollar each and picked up a 50 cent jar of Hellman'S mayo on sale with coupons.

  5. I wasn't going to shop this week, but several things changed my mind. For one, when I looked in my Safeway app, the laundry detergent I buy came up as $4.75 for 150 oz. Since I have consistently paid between $12 and $15 dollars for the same container, I really thought it was a mistake. It wasn't. So, I got 4, all they had on the shelf. So, one of those could count as my $5 stock up. Then, chicken breast was $1.49/lb. That is extremely low here, although I have heard others get it for even lower in other places. So, I got between $20 and $25 worth of that--the 2 huge packages I was allowed to get--cut the enormous pieces up and re-packaged and froze. I got the other items on my very short grocery list and came home. I knew we were out of a couple of things, like maraschino cherries, and I had decided to wait a week.

    At this point, it almost became comical. I no sooner started putting things away when it became apparent that we were out of several other items. At family Sunday dinner, they ate it almost all up--so no leftovers. Then, in the afternoon, as I wanted to cook ahead for the week, I realized we were out of even more things I had not noticed because they were odd items I don't use often, and I assumed there were still some cans/bottles/etc. left out there in the garage. Nope. My husband shared he wanted some lunchmeat for the week ahead, and there was none.

    So, thankfully, I was not going shopping by choice, because I thought I didn't need anything, rather than by necessity this time. Whew! So, we went to 2 stores--Grocery Outlet and Winco. G.O. just varies so much on what it carries from time to time that you start there, get great prices on what you can, and then have to get the rest somewhere else. We decided to get everything we thought we needed for the next 2 weeks and to fill the holes in the pantry, so got maraschino cherries, water chestnuts, Worchestershire sauce, A1 sauce, produce, and more. Bread (I can't make it anymore, since I'm so sensitive to wheat that the flour makes me sick when it gets on other things, so I buy them bread--and I was out). Milk, and so forth.

    I was not able to get 1/2 and 1/2 or pineapple chunks. Winco's shelves were bare of those items. I am not accustomed to going there on Sunday evening, and probably won't do it again very soon. It looked like a tornado hit the place--tons of people, and lots of bare shelves or places where it looked like someone stirred up the groceries:). I've been there before early in the morning, and it's well stocked from the night shift, and quite empty.

    I cleaned out those grocery envelopes. They are totally empty! Thankfully, my month is from mid-month to the next mid-month and I will fill them again in a few days. Until then, we're stocked.

    I really don't like my pantry to get too low. Even though some of these are non-necessary items, I will buy them sooner or later and probably won't have to buy them again for months. Since some of them ended up being on sale, I bought several, such as 5 cans of water chestnuts. Even though I use maybe 1 can every 2 months, or even less, I like to have them now and then for a recipe. I am now aware of a couple of gaps and will fill them if I find a sale. If I let the pantry run down too far, it can cost hundreds to bring it back up to where I like it. So, I try to fill the gaps when I find them. Sometimes you just have to laugh. What are the odds of all those things running out at once?


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