Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Ways of My Household: 3/18/2018

This week my focus has been on launching my little cottage industry, Pillowcases by Patsi, but I did get a few other things done.
We found meat on mark-down at a local store and did a stock-up!  The regular price before tax was $70.21, we paid $31.12.  We saved $39.09 which was more than we spent!  Now, that’s the way we like to buy meat!!!
I needed a gift for a baby shower so I went to my gift trunk and shopped there.  I love being able to shop my gift trunk instead of department stores when I need a gift!
Pine pollen is falling really badly in our area (everything outside is covered with a layer of green pollen, even the muddle puddles) and my dear husband has been suffering with sinus pressure and discomfort.  I asked him one day if I could rub some essentials oils over his sinus area.  He agreed so I applied some diluted tea tree oil followed by some diluted OnGuard oil and within 30 minutes he was much better.  He has asked for this same remedy several times since!  (Note:  I am not a doctor nor do I have medical training, please consult a doctor for medical treatment of your symptoms.  I’m simply sharing what has worked in my family.)
I added some more dried lemon peel to the lemon extract I’m making.
I added a new post to my other blog, She Hath Done What She Could.
I added a 'donate' button to this site.  For those who are able and would like to help support my writings, this is how you can do it.   

Want to see how I’m doing on my March’s goals/‘to-do’ list?  Click here to find out!
We continue to cook from scratch, feed the compost bin and do all our normal money saving things that are second nature to us.
We hope to get back to work on our outbuilding/shed this week … if the weather cooperates!  I'm looking forward to finishing this project up!
That's it for me this week, how have you built up your pantry or saved money this week?
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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. It's great that you got to stock up on meat at such a great price!

    Even though I have been sick this weekend, and couldn't do the household things I usually do, my wonderful husband pulled through for the family! He went to the store 3 times, getting the deals form each place, drove the kids around, and kept the meals up. He scored $1.89/lb butter--an amazing deal I've been looking for for a long time, and scored 10 boxes! He got 2 large laundry soaps for $5/each. He got 2-lb shredded cheese bags for $3.99 each and got the 5 allowed. For some, 10 lbs of cheese would be too much, but for my family the cheese inhalers, we actually kept 3 bags in the fridge and only froze 2:). I was really impressed!

    This coming week will be easier, as spring break starts on Wednesday afternoon, so my husband only has to work 3 days, then has a week and a half off. I'm not sure why he gets so long off, some schools don't, but this school district does, which is nice. I also will have most of 2 weeks off. I'm supposed to work Monday, but am not sure I will be well enough, yet. They don't want this crud! Hopefully, I can get caught up a little, go on a little trip with my hubby while 2 of the girls go off on their own little trips and the other stays home to work and keep house, then host Easter on April 1.

    1. Becky, I'm glad you're feeling better, being sick is not fun! So glad your husband picked up the slack, isn't it great when our hubby's step in and help when they're needed! Enjoy your long break!

  2. Excuse my language, but where the He** do you find these deals? So frustrating! I can't find ANY deals like this. Can I ask the name of the store? Now, we do have a Save "something" that is dirt cheap, but I have always been scared of the quality. Even Aldi doesn't have those prices! Ok, April is going to be a FIND the DEAL month for me. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Barbara, We found these deals at Walmart!

    2. NO WAY! sheesh, I wonder why I can't find these deals at my walmart....makes you think.
      Well, glad you are so blessed! :)

    3. My son is a meat manager at. Kroger. He told me that ‘most stores’ mark down meats on Mon. and Thures. Hope that helps someone!

  3. Your husband may have the same relief for his sinuses by just inhaling the oils. You could put a few drops of each on a cotton ball and he could put it on his bedside table at night, too. Pollen is just starting here and I am not looking forward to the mess in my screen porch. That was a great buy on all that meat!

    We did all the usual things here but traveled 2.5 hours each way on Tuesday to see one of our daughter in laws and youngest grandson. Sure beats the 11 hours each way to their home. Her Mom made a delicious lunch for us all and we had a nice visit.

    I have just this week started on this months grocery money. We got some great deals yesterday but were panhandled in the grocery store parking lot which always just kind of ruins my day. We had groceries we had just bought to share but these people always want cash. I always picture lottery tickets and cigarettes or worse.

    My husband asked a professional painter how to work in the stair well that he has to paint and make it safe as in not slipping on the drop cloth. He was told about a rubber backed canvas cloth so we bought one to keep him safe. $20 well spent. I suspect it will last many years and make all painting projects safer.

    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you Lana for the tip about the cotton balls! That will be easy enough to do! We've been approached several times by panhandlers too and it is awkward. By all means, safety must be considered when doing any job, otherwise it could cost a lot more if someone is hurt.

    2. My niece suggested that we get a box of granola bars or other snacks to carry around in the car to hand out to homeless people. We sometimes remember to do that, and it gives us something to hand out. Yes, they'd rather have money most of the time, but I don't give it out. Homeless, hungry people is one of the things that I have had the biggest trouble adjusting to when we moved to town. We just didn't see any in the country, or the small town where we often shopped or the larger town where my husband worked. I just feel so bad, and wish I could help more. So, I often pray for them. In my car. My husband, being big, burly and brave, prays for them in person when God lays it on his heart:)

    3. We did have things to give but this guy creeped us out because he followed us from the store to our car. Our son in law says to just give them a bit of money and it is not your responsibility as to where the money goes but that bothers me. I hope this does not become a regular thing at this store because we shop there every week. We have gotten pretty comfortable with handling situations in the inner city when we take food to the homeless shelter but we were not prepared for this incident. We will now be on our guard at the grocery store, too.

  4. Hello Patsy and you have had such a marvellous week. What a fantastic price for pork tenderloins :) and glad you were able to ease the allergy discomfort of your husband by using essential oils.

    I also suffer from allergies and it makes you feel just miserable and tired although since moving from the city to the country my allergies seem to be a lot less so I think it may have been pollution to that was a major contributing factor for me as well.

    Here is how we saved money and built up our pantry this week -

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    Sewing -
    - Cut out and made 2 more bread bags which I listed in my eBay store for sale.
    - Ironed the white upcycled pillow fabric in readiness to cut out my set of cotton napkins to make for our kitchen.

    In the garden -
    - Harvested 16kg of cucumbers from the gardens and used 8 for juices, 1 for lunch and have another in the fridge to use for us and still have more growing in the gardens. We were able to share our excess with 6 other families who we know help others a lot or who are on low incomes to build their pantries as well.
    - Planted another 3.5mt row of beetroot seeds in the gardens.
    - As a side note happy to say that our beetroot, silver beet, and onion seeds have sprouted in the gardens and are all doing well under the canopy of our Eucalypt tree during this heat here even though it is cooling slightly.

    Grocery purchases -
    - Topped up on 12 months worth of potato chips on half price special saving $19.80 on usual prices. One of our few indulgences apart from chocolate while we are saving for our home deposit :).
    - Topped up on half price special on 8 months worth of mouth wash and 2 dips as well as 16kg of flour, 2 containers of citric acid and 2 tins of mangoes at usual prices off next months shopping list. Combining our 5% off roadside grocery card, $10 off supermarkets rewards voucher and the half price specials we were able to save $46.90 and only spend $48.02 so we are very happy with that :).

    Car maintenance and making do with what we have building -
    - Our car battery finally died after 9.5yrs from new but we were able to have it replaced/installed/battery terminals cleaned by our roadside assist club at a $20 discount and got a further discount by paying in cash from our home cash emergency kitty of $5 by not using Eftpos.
    - Built our own firewood rack from an old fallen fence post that was rotted at the bottom and some old wooden garden stakes saving $89.95 over purchasing one. We cut the rotted bit off the bottom of the fence post and then cut it into 3 for the support beams at the base of the firewood rack and laid the wooden garden stakes over the top for the firewood to sit on. Our real estate property manager requested we have the firewood elevated off the veranda which we have accomplished spending $0 on the rack, we are chuffed with ourselves :) .

    Medical purchases -
    - Got a bulk script for DH's pain medications for the month and had it filled saving $70.40 over buying the boxes separately on scripts.
    - DH and I have had 3 doctors appointments that were bulk billed for the removal of moles on me and to take care of a skin complaint on DH saving us $96.90 on medical bills.

    Earnings/Internet listing fee/home deposit savings -
    - Earned $4.50 from the sale of seeds from the gardens which I have left to build up in my PayPal account.
    - Listed 7 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $11.55.
    - Banked more money into our home deposit account bringing us to 24.09% of the way there.

    Hoping everyone else has had an equally productive week :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, do you have a blog? If not, you need to start one!!! You are an inspiration!!!

    2. Thank you Patsy for your encouragement and blushing here :) .

      No I don't have a blog at the moment but may look into it once we buy our own home and move in.

      I do love being involved in yours and others blogs though that I find inspirational as well. It is so good to get different aspects and ideas from both yourself and others who comment as well.


  5. You did amazing with all of that meat. I'm glad you had the room in your freezers. My sinuses have been bothering me this week too. My daughter made me some oil mixes and I have been using them. They do seem to help. I got some reduced produce this week that I was very happy about. 6 yellow peppers for $1.99 and 6 cucumbers for $1.59. We have been using them up. I started a blog and hope you come visit. Have a frugal week.

  6. For those looking for meat deals, check with someone in the butcher/meat dept. at your favorite store and ask when they do their markdowns. One of my local grocery stores does it overnight, Saturday into Sunday, and puts all mark-down packages in a separate cooler. If you're there really early on Sunday, there is typically a lot to choose from. The other one does it in the AM when filling the meat cases and they just sticker the marked down packages, leaving them in the same section of the meat case. Sometimes I find good deals, other times not so much.

    1. Finding out when they mark down meat is a good idea!!! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Buying meat on sale is what I do every week! I only buy meat that is marked down 2 days before its "sell by" date. Whenever I go into the grocery store I walk the meat aisle for these markdowns and that way I stay stocked up with meat. I use my vacuum sealer to meal portion the meat and freeze it the same day I buy it. The markdowns are regularly 30% which isn't quite as high as your markdown but I hardly ever pay full price for meat.

  8. Wow that was a bargain. I bought a large whole pork loin for $13 ( buy one about 4 times a year), I cut one end into 3 small roasts, the middle into 10 chops and the smaller end into small pieces for tacos, stir fry etc, 6 meals worth. I consider a roast 2 meals so I got 22 meals out of it for my freezer. My big freezer is not working so I need to decide if I want to get it fixed or buy a new one. I don't know how old it is, it came with the house. I can so much I don't think I need one that big.

    1. Gloria, it's probably not real energy efficient either. I can and dehydrate more than I freezer too!

    2. I make soup and can it regularly but I have not been real happy when I can meat or vegetables - they all come out as mush. I have tried raw packing chicken and it is still too soft for my liking. Any help would be gratefully received. We just downsized and only have a regular fridge and small chest freezer now so canning or dehydrating is more important. (We used to also have a full upright freezer - won't mind losing the hydro bill for that but miss the space.)

    3. Miriam, I raw pack green beans and just cover with hot water and add salt to each jar. They are perfect every time. I have learned to really pack them into the jar for better results. Process quarts for 25 min and pints for 20 at 10 pounds of pressure.

  9. Thank you for the essential oil recommendation. We always have Tea Tree.
    Nice score on the meat! As Barbara said, we don’t get many meat deals here either. When we go down state to visit, I always take coolers to stock up. Sometimes, i’ll have my son buy me several things he finds on mark-down and freeze them for me. On my last visit, I think I had about 40 lbs. of chicken. My husband came back with ten pounds of butter and five packages of cheese.

    1. Debbie, we always take a cooler with us when we go grocery shopping. One just never knows what kind of meat deals you might find and we want to be prepared!


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