Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Ways of My Household: 3/5/2018

We were given several blueberry bush starts from a neighbor.  When my husband was talking ‘blueberries’ with a neighbor one day, one thing lead to another and the neighbor invited him into his blueberry patch and told him to get all the starts he wanted.  The neighbor actually helped my husband harvest the bushes!  We were thrilled as planting more blueberries was one of the things we wanted to do this year.  God is just so good to us; He even provides blueberry bushes for us to expand our blueberry patch!  (You have to look close at the picture to see the blueberry bushes as they blend in with the surroundings this time of the year.)
My husband purchased some red potatoes and cut them up so they could begin to chit before planting.  We’re not going to plant a lot but I do want a few for canning purposes.
I made another jar of cider fire.  It will be ready for use in about a month!
I dehydrated the left over ginger and turmeric from when I made the cider fire.  
I worked some more on getting the raised beds ready for planting.  I added chicken poop to each of them and plan to work in some more garden soil and compost before I plant anything in them this year.   Got to get the soil ready!
We harvested our first asparagus this week!  Yum!  
We continue to work on our outbuilding/shed.  We try to do something on it each day if at all possible even if it is a small thing.
I decided to move my multiplying onions to a new location so I pulled them up and they are now waiting to be replanted, which will most likely be tomorrow. 
I also moved the rabbit tobacco (rabbit tobacco is an herb).
Speaking of herbs, I'm gathering all my allergy and pollen related herbs, essential oils and homeopathic remedies as pine pollen and several other 'blooming' pollens are everywhere now!  Yikes, I love spring time, but I don't love the allergens from all the trees, flowers and grasses!
I canned 7 more quarts of pinto beans; I’m almost done canning those beans!!!
I pulled together this wreath for my front door.  You can read how I did it HERE.
And then I got sick and everything came to a screeching halt until I learned that Crafty was having a weekend where all classes were free.  I watched four different gardening classes during my recovery and learned several things to try in my garden this year.
That's it for me this week, what did your week look like?
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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27 

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  1. This week I was given another 10 pounds of fresh green beans (Last week I bought 20 pounds for $2!) so I dehydrated that too! At the same place I was given a bushel box filled with “heads” of salad lettuce greens that will be chopped up and given as fresh treats to my laying hens! They in turn convert that into about 4 dozen eggs for me! I sold 4 dozen of my excess eggs to a friend for $10, so that paid for the dry feed I give them for the month! Oh how we love our chickens!

    I bought ten pounds of green onions that I have been cutting and using their green tops in cooking and plan to plant the white ends with their roots directly into my garden tomorrow! I have four of them on my windowsill already planted that are giving me everlasting green cuttings for cooking! My $2 investment has given me over 100 individual green onions to plant!!

    I found free bricks on Freecycle and made two trips which retrieved over 500. I am using those to extend and expand my brick walkway in the yard! Like your shed, I find that if I spend an hour on it every day that the weather allows, it moves along quickly!! Amazing what those little bits of time can add up to when working on a big project!

    I finished a quilt for a client (she provided materials and supplies) which brought in an extra $200. She’s pleased, I’m pleased and after tithing, the rest of the money gets added to our savings and to debt repayment! Again, it’s surprising to see how little dribs and drabs of money can add up to big progress on both!!
    Another client picked up her first of two matching bookcases on Saturday and loved it so much that she’s now ordered a third one!
    Our soap making client picked up her custom soap cutter to slice her blocks of soap easily and evenly and is so pleased that she’s telling her other soap-making friends which may result in more sales!
    We are pleased with how the Lord has been blessing our little side business!

    I was able to watch some free crafts classes too this weekend and have been amazed at how much there is to learn and how easy it is to get that learning with the “magic” of technology!
    Take care, Patsi!

    1. gardenpat, I love reading your comments, you are so inspiring and definitely are 'singing my song' with your lifestyle. I'm going to add some onions to my window seal too before planting the rest in my garden today. I also want to add some herbs to my window seal, I have a really wide one in just the right place for this kind of thing. I love hearing about your little side business, if all continues as planed mine will be ready to start this month and like you I am praying that God will bless it.

  2. Hi Patsy and what a productive week you have had and fantastic about getting your garden preparations done and the free blueberry starts your DH got from your lovely neighbour. That is where a lot of our plants have come from in our gardens is from friends.

    Here is how our week has gone so far -

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - Made a double layer devils food cake and topped it with buttercream icing and filled it with fresh cream saving around $19.86 over purchasing one premade in the shops.

    In the gardens -
    - Harvested around 1.2kg of cucumbers and 1 lonely cob of corn for lunches and dinner.
    - Planted a 4mt row of turnip seeds and a 6 metre row of brown onions in 1 of our amended garden beds.
    - Took all but a couple of weeks worth of firewood off the veranda and stacked it under the house as sadly the old cottage veranda beam that was previously broken has given way and they are about to send a builder into repair them. We also have a beam out on the back veranda that will need replacing too so it looks like the owners builder will have to pull up a lot of the wooden veranda planks to repair it all.

    Sewing -
    - Made a bread bag from fabric I had on hand from a doona cover I had previously made our toilet and bathroom curtains and a A4 notebook cover out of saving $22.50 over purchasing one.

    Ebay listings & earnings -
    - Listed another 27 handmade items on eBay taking advantage of a free listing promotion saving $44.55 in listing fees.
    - Made $27.90 from the sale of seeds and homemade items and downloaded some to bank to catch up further on our pantry stocking budget.

    Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.


    1. Sewingcreations15, I am impressed! On my to-do list is to make some notebook covers too. I have everything on hand, I just need to set aside some time to stitch them up. Can you send me a link to your ebay store or give me very simple instructions on how to find you? I have just not been able to find you! Great comment, I love reading how you get so much accomplished!

    2. Hi Patsy and thank you for your encouragement :). We still have to stack the large firewood thrown on the lawn from the veranda under the house today though as it is on the lawn and unfortunately raining, but we did get the kindling stacked under there.

      As I don't have a shop on eBay and just list on there here is the easiest way to find my shop -

      Here is a link to try first but not sure if it works -

      If that fails try this -

      - Go to the front page of eBay you will see a search for anything at the top of the page and on the far right beside the search button you will see advanced, click on that.
      - Next page you see on the left under a heading items By Seller, click on that.
      - Enter sellers user ID - as sewingcreations15 and click close and exact matches and click search.
      - Enter in the magic number they have displayed.
      - you will find my seller name in blue displayed click on that and then on the right of the page click view items for sale and my items should come up.

      I hope this helps you find it.


    3. I found your page sewingcreations15! The link worked! Thank you so much, I'm off to look at all your wonderful creations!

    4. Most welcome Patsy and hope you enjoy your tour of my eBay shop. I tend not to be conventional in what I make and create and design my own patterns in my head and then put them on baking paper to work with.


  3. Congratulations on the blueberry bushes! How exciting! You sure did manage to have a great week even with getting sick! I hope you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you Holley, yes, I am feeling better!

  4. You were very productive--and boy, do I know how illness brings those screeching halts into our lives. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. What a blessing to receive all those blueberry bushes! I am glad to see in the above comments that you are feeling better.

  6. I am waiting to hear about your side business as you get it started. It's very interesting to me to see what others do.

    God really blessed us yesterday, when a total stranger gave us most of a 25 pound bag of onions. He approached my husband in the store parking lot, and said he had taken out what he wanted, and some weren't that great, but many were---did my husband want the rest? Of course, he said yes, and then he sorted them and put the good ones in the onion bucket to use fresh, and chopped and froze the not so great ones, after cutting away the bad spots. I was down to my last 3 onions, and was touched that God even knows how many onions I have, and continues to meet our needs every single day in such a fashion.

    1. Becky, what a blessing ... free onions!!! And you knew just what to do with them ... sort/cull, freeze and store!


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