Monday, April 9, 2018

Financial Preparedness: Secondary Sources of Income ... 4/9/2018

For our financial preparedness post today, I want to give you an update on how my goal of developing a secondary income is coming along.

On March 21st I launched Pillowcases by Patsi and I am happy to report that it has been a success.  I still have a lot to learn and am not paying myself yet.  The proceeds from everything sold is going back into materials and supplies in order to grow the business, but we're off the ground and going!

I am also concentrating on turning my writing into a profit making venture and this month my plan is to launch an e-book.

Another part of my developing a secondary source of income is using affiliate links.  Every time you go through one of my affiliate links and purchase something I earn a small percentage.  It's not a very big percentage, but every little bit helps and adds up!

I also strive to earn enough Swagbucks and Bing points each month to earn gift cards.

Every once in a while someone will asked me to make a cake for them.  I count this as part of our secondary income as well.

I'm setting a goal for this month to earn at least $200 in secondary income from these sources.  Wish me luck!!!

How about you, are you developing secondary sources of income?  If so, what are they?

Do you have an earning goal for each month?

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  1. You are doing good. It doesn't seem that I have enough time in the day. I have sold something on Facebook. I earn money on Amazon. I would like to write a book but I babysit a lot for our grandchildren. I have started one though so I'll get back to it when there is time again. I'm doing Swagbucks. If you need any hints Patsy on my last frugal posts I had a nice commenter leave me all sorts of hints on how to earn more. I'm no were near the $200 a month though.

    1. I'm off to check out the comments you're referring to ... thank you! Don't give up on that e-book. Someday you will find time to finish it, in the mean time you have your priorities right, enjoy those grands!

  2. Patsy I am so glad your pillowcases are taking off and starting to earn money for you and hope it continues in success so you can then pay yourself some income and have sufficient materials to continue to thrive :) . Your cake making is also a good skill to have as well as your writing skills.

    Wishing you the best in reaching your income goals through all these means.

    We as a husband and wife team have earned extra income or accepted goods in trade in return for our labour. We like yourself do odd jobs such as -

    - DH mows lawns and whipper snips both home and commercial bike tracks for friends and neighbours. He gets paid on average anywhere between $50 - $75 a job depending on how many hours of work each job is and this happens about twice each 6 week period.
    - DH and I have also cleaned houses for rental exits for friends who offer to pay us. Our most recent one was our previous neighbour in which we swapped our labour for 30kg of honey from his hives for our food storage. As pure unfiltered honey here to buy is around $12 - $15 a kilogram it was a great help to us and our pantry stocks as well.
    - As a couple we have also earned money from weeding peoples yards as well.
    - I have earned additional income from cleaning other people's homes on my own.
    - Another way we earn extra income is by selling our vegetables and saved garden seeds in excess of our needs to friends.
    - I sell on the internet saved garden seeds and most recently dried herbs picked from the gardens as well as handcrafted items I design and sew. On average I would earn around $50 - $70 a month from these sources.

    As most know we are saving up a large deposit for a home rather than borrowing a lot from the banks so every bit of extra income coming in helps us a great deal. We use this income for our home deposit savings, for needed items in the home, garden machinery and vegetable garden maintenance.

    It is surprising by keeping your ear to the ground at what opportunities will come your way through others. Also by thinking laterally and using the skills you have to turn your abilities into a money making venture to earn extra income for your family.


    1. Sewingcreations15, you're doing good! I love it that you and your husband work as a team on your secondary income ventures, my husband and I do as well. My hubby is a tremendous help to me in doing the behind the scenes kind of stuff. Great job!

    2. Dear Patsy and Sewingcreations, As it turns out I was telling a couple people both yesterday and today about you both! And your ways to diversify the income streams and what you do!
      My main things have been to start looking at things I can sell or trade. I have had to learn to be a seller. This coming weekend I have quite a bit to list on our local buy sell swap pages. Last time I sold everything almost instantly.
      I also have a phone to sell. As I looked into how to sell it I found a list of the phones values and I asked my family for any unused phones laying in drawers thinking this was a LONG SHOT but I got three! Now I have FOUR phones to sell.
      My daughter is thinking of starting an ETSY shop and I could sell some items along with her.
      We are working to barter much more and have had some good developments on that.
      I am glad your shop is going so well Patsy! With love

    3. Annabel, An ETSY shop is in my future too. Let us know if and when you do!

    4. Thank you both Patsy and Annabel for your encouragement too :).

      We may also try out selling things on Facebook swap and sell as DH is on Facebook but not myself. Bartering is a fabulous way of diversifying income streams and we have found it is a great way to swap things we either have an abundance of or for our labour for needed items in our home.


  3. I love that you have so many income streams. I have a full time job - so my secondary income streams are - doing surveys for gift cards - which I save for christmas shopping - my goal being that all gifts are essentially free with the gift cards. I am a licensed preschool teacher - I am able to work as a respite care provider for foster children - I do that on some Saturdays. My husband and I refinish furniture to sell.

    1. meme, good idea for saving the gift cards for Christmas shopping! Looks like you've got several good secondary income streams going!

  4. I have been watching your pillowcases sell like hotcakes. And I was very happy to see dishcloths yesterday.

    Our source of extra income is Swagbucks. My husband and I average 50 to 60 dollars every month but laston the I mafe $75. My earnings go into household supplies and I started on a supply of Tattler canning lids lastonth. My husband spends his on tools. He needed a special saw to install the Rev a Shelf we added to our kitchen cabinets and purchased it with Swagbucks earnings. This is working very well for us.

    1. Lana, I really need to put more effort into Swagbucks, you are such an inspiration!

    2. I am blaming my silly phone for all those typos! Good grief!

  5. Dear Patsy,
    I am still working towards my Etsy shop. I feel like I have enough inventory but I am going to keep building that up this month and then next month I will order my shipping supplies. Then hopefully I will be up and running!
    I also do Swagbucks but I don't earn very much at all. After reading through the comments on this I am going to put in a little more effort.
    Colton graduates this month (hooray!) and that means we will have more time to hopefully do more things together as a team. I'm looking at having a big garden in the future, not only for our own use but to also have produce to sell at the local farmer's market. Produce plus eggs once we can get more chickens.
    We finally got our grass in this past weekend and my husband installed it! I guess he was talking about it at school because one of his classmates ordered grass as well but was given a quote of $3000 to install it! It is just a small city yard. That doesn't even include the cost of the grass! Colton told her that was crazy and so now he texted me that the first thing she said to him this morning was that she would pay him $1000 to install it. Well we think that is still crazy so we will see what comes of it!
    I am very happy to hear your business is going so well. Sewingcreations15, you are an inspiration as well.
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Kelsey, if the lady is willing to pay $1000 to install the grass, I'd take her up on it, especially since your hubby already as the experience!

    2. Kelsey thank you for your encouragement :) . I am with Patsy on saying yes to installing the grass for $1000 as it will earn you money and save the lady $2000 on hiring someone else to do the job. It is a win win for both parties concerned and is obviously what the lady considers to be a fair price to have it installed.


    3. It turns out she doesn't have her grass in yet due to rains where the grass farm is, but if she ends up getting it, Colton would like to install it. How can you pass up $1000 for a day's work?!

  6. I know now why you all feel like family to me- you are kindred spirits!
    All of our married life, people have offered side jobs to us and for a while I wondered if they thought that we were poor! (Not a surprising since we have 11 kids! Lol!) But we have cleaned up newly built houses as construction crews finished their work, built tons of wood shelves, quilt racks, chairs, mowed lawns, made quilts, done alterations and the list goes on! You name it, we will do it if we can!
    Our family motto is “Any honest work is honorable work,” !
    Currently we formally established our main side business Handmade in Olde Towne where we build wood furniture and home dec products as well as soup cozies, quilts, and now “Softies”!
    We work at all of our elections which gives us each $168 per election and is just a block away from our house!
    I do surveys, we both do focus groups.
    My friend called a few months ago because her Kitchenaid mixer stopped working. She wondered if I knew a repairman! Knowing that Dave is pretty mechanically inclined and that YouTube has incredible DIY tutorials, I said he could take a look at it! He found a tutorial, opened it up, ordered the parts needed with our Amazon Prime 2 day free shipping. When the parts came, it took him 15 minutes to install them and have the mixer purring like a kitten! My friend paid for parts + $60 for his 15-20 minutes labor! Every little bit is something to add to savings and pay down debt!
    We earn an extra $400/ month , sometimes more. At this point, our business could grow more, but we limit it because of our family and church commitments! When Dave retires next Spring, we will have more time to expand. In the meantime, if someone asks if we can————, we will probably say YES!!!

    1. gardenpat, we are right along there with you! If we can do it, we will. Yes, I do believe there are quite a few 'kindred spirits' here!!!

    2. Gardenpat I often wondered about your thinking "we are poor" statement about lots of people offering us side jobs too :). Upon thinking on it though, these people know that if they want work done that they will approach and prefer to hire someone who has a good work ethic. I think that is what we as families have in common is we are not afraid of a good days work and enjoy doing it well and to a high standard :) which is probably what sets us apart from lots of other people.


    3. Sewingcreations15- over the years, when our kids have been involved in service projects as teenagers, we have consistently heard from their leaders and others about what hard workers they were! (Not that we didn’t hear grumbling about it when we had them work at home! Lol! Our family song was Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel! )

    4. Gardenpat one of our favourite hymns as well (good robust beat to it), and suspect we are of the same LDS faith as well when I saw your wonderful food storage and pantry setup ? :) .


  7. I am so happy for you. The pillowcases are beautiful. We just went to a farmers market and bazaar this Sunday. have you looked at maybe getting a booth at events like that? I used to do that when my kids were little and I didn't work outside the home. If the booth fee was small(like at churches) then it was worth it. I am still working on my eBay and Craigslist sales. Some months are good and some are not so good. We never depend on it so that is a blessing. It just goes into the college fund when I do sell stuff.


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