Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Gardening Update: 4/18/2018

Things are happening in our garden and greenhouse!  

I made these plant markers out of ....

... these old discarded window blinds that I saved for this purpose.

In the greenhouse the Aramian cucumbers are doing really well.  The bottom 2 right containers have cayenne pepper seeds in them and Jalapeno seeds.  You can't see them but they are beginning to push through the ground.  On the left side, all 6 containers have heirloom tomato seeds that my mom gave me a start for many years ago.  I grow them every year and save the seeds for the following year.  The seeds I planted in these 6 containers are from 2012 and they are coming up!!!!  I wasn't sure they would, but they are!!!

I snipped some honey suckle starts and set them to root ...

My lemon trees are doing well.  One more has come up and another has just broken through the soil.

Our raspberries are blooming ...

Here's what I used the above mentioned plant markers for.  In this tray are soap nuts on the right, Roma tomatoes, baby Roma tomatoes and cocks cone flowers.  

The potatoes are really growing well!  I think they like their raised tire beds!

I also planted some pickling cucumbers; I was in a hurry when I planted them and didn't snap a picture.

This is a portion of what's going on in our greenhouse and around our home!  What about you, what do you have growing?

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  1. Dear Patsy,
    That is a genius idea for plant markers! I'll be saving my old blinds now lol.
    I got my garden planted on Monday. Three different types of squash and lots of it since it is too late for anything else in our area, except okra which will be done later. I planted some zinnia and sunflower seeds in two short rows for fun from seeds that I had. We'll see if they come up. The tomatoes I have in pots have lots of green tomatoes on them, despite the tomato worms' best efforts. I also sprinkled some old flower seeds and basil seeds in pots and bought a rosemary plant and spearmint plant to pot, too.
    I'm interested to see how your soap nuts do. I have some but unfortunately can't use them on my clothes as I am allergic.
    It's all so fun to see things growing and the fruits of our labors.
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Kelsey, we have squash planted too as well as okra. We're just now in prime planting time and it seems everyday there is something in the garden to do or plant. I love it!!! This is the first time I've tried to grow soap nuts so we will see how they do! I'm doing a lot of experimenting in our garden this year!!!

  2. Patsy I love how you reuse everything at your disposal such as the venetian blinds for plant markers :). Your potatoes are looking really healthy and taking off and should give you a good crop of potatoes when they are ready.

    We have planted a 9mt row of garlic recently in the back paddock gardens and some broad bean seeds and parsley in the front gardens. The garlic is looking lovely and sprouting as are the broad beans :).

    This week we have been concentrating on getting our flower beds organised as we are approaching winter here. The canna lilies have now died back so we have trimmed them down and transplanted half of them from one bed being the orange ones, in another temporary garden bed we have set up so we can amend that garden bed with manures we will rototill through. Also in that bed we transplanted and split a lot of native lilies and transplanted those too.

    Gradually we will do this with another garden bed at the side of the house too and amend that one too.

    We are hoping by doing this we will be able to propagate more as the soil will be healthier so we will have many plants to take with us when we build our new home to save on landscaping costs.


    1. sewingcreations15, I have some iris flowers I need to divide but that will have to wait until this fall. Healthy soil is an important key to a successful garden. I work really hard to amend our raised bed soils every year and keep it as healthy as possible. I'm all about propagating plants, it allows me to have more at a lower cost!!!

  3. Everything is looking great! The plant markers are such a great idea and it looks like you will have plenty for years to come.

    It is still too cold here. Seems I can hear Jeopardy music playing every time I go out near my containers so we continue to prep the soil and wait. I have been bringing home any plastic silverware we get and washing it to save. I am going to try it around the sides of my pots to deter the racoons. They come and dig deep holes at night but never bother the plants but I get tired if cleaning up their messes.

    1. Lana, we don't have a problem with raccoons here but rabbits are a different story and they do bother the plants!!! That's a good idea to repurpose your plastic wear for this purpose. I'm all about repurposing too!!!

  4. Love the little markers. Great job using what you have. We have been cleaning the garden beds out. It has been slow going as the weather doesn't want to stay nice. It rained all day yesterday. I went through my seeds and supplies so I know what I need to purchase. Happy Gardening!

    1. Making Cents of it all, that's where it all starts, cleaning out garden areas and inventorying our seeds and supplies! I hope you have a great gardening year!

  5. I've been away for the past 10 days, and boy was there a difference in the growth since I left. The weeds have grown like...weeds! The areas I planted before I left have tiny baby sprouts of lettuce, carrots, beets and more coming up, and the peas are really showing up now. It rained a great deal while I was gone, so the ground is soggy and wet. I'm glad I used that little window of opportunity before I left. I was super busy, but did it anyway, and I'm delighted that I made myself work out there.
    My potatoes are barely peeking up, but I have high hopes!

    1. Becky, staying on top of the weeds and keeping them out of the garden are my forced form of exercise!!! Glad your potatoes didn't rot in the ground with all the rain you've had!

  6. I love your idea of recycling the mini blinds as plant markers...pure genius!

    1. Debbie, I'm sure the idea has been used many times by others over the years, but every since I learned of it several years ago, I've used it over and over!

  7. are getting a lot of gardening done.. What a fantastic idea to use the mini blinds for markers.. Thanks for sharing that.

    1. Judy, it is peak planting season for us!!!


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