Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge: #30

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge is almost complete.  In the last sewing challenge post I told you that I had completed 84 days of sewing at least 15 minutes each day, since then I've added another 10 days bringing the total number of days to 94.  Only 6 more days until this challenge is completed!

So, what have I been sewing ...

I finished all of clue #6 in the On Ringo Lake mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter I've been working on.  Clue # 6 is the one on the right.  I worked on clue #5 some more (the one on the left) but I still like several of those to complete.

I've been sewing pillowcases and adding them to my shop, Pillowcases by Patsi.

I stitched up several of these 'flannel hankies' for my own personal use.

 (The hankies are super easy to make and this lady makes and sells them.  If I were going to purchase them this is where I would buy them from ...

What have you been sewing, knitting, crafting or crocheting?

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  1. I'm not sure if the hankies are easy, or if they are salable, but you could stitch a few up and add them to your shop. Who knows? Maybe someone would buy them! They are very cute looking. You are doing a great job stitching up new pillowcases. They get cuter and cuter:). I'm still crossing my fingers that they will sail off your cyber shelf!

    1. Thank you Becky, thus far I have been very pleased with the way the pillowcases are selling. The hankies are super easy to make but are not on my radar for selling them. This lady makes and sells them and if I were going to purchase them this is where I would buy them from,

      Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Patsy your pillowcases are gorgeous and so are your flannel hankies :).

    With your flannel hankies do you make them double layer ?, or single layer. I have seen some tutorials and some make double layer and others single layer.

    Thanks for your help and inspiration :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, the hankies I make are double layer. I tried single layer but was not as pleased. For me, double layers work better.

      You are an inspiration to me as well! Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. Well done, Patsi! You’ve been busy!!! I still haven’t started my ORL mystery quilt yet, but I have it printed out and put into my 3 ring binder with other BH quilts I want to get to!

    Love your pillowcases! Such great prints in a good variety! That diversity is a good way to increase your sales opportunities! And you’re wise to add to your inventory because the more items you have in stock, the more people will view your business as a business plus add to what they had planned on purchasing! Looks like you’re on the right road!! Well done on this too!

    Glad you like the flannel Kleenex! If we ever get out of our on again, off again winter cold weather, we’ll go into our Spring allergy weather, so I am glad to have these in our “pantry” as well!
    I’ve sewn up over 130 of them now for our shop!

    I’ve also been sewing on the pieces/parts to a wingback chair that I’m recovering. I’m really getting tired of making/sewing piping! Lol! Soon, it will be done, however!

    Hope everyone’s enjoying this challenge and seeing how just little bits of time can really make a project move along and get finished!
    Thanks for the motivation!

    1. gardenpat, I have some other BH quilts I want to do too, especially En Province, I could just kick myself for not printing out the clues as she gave them. I have the purchased pattern but would love to have the clues as she sent them out! Live and learn!

      I hope you sell all 130 of your flannel Kleenex! If I weren't sewing my own I would buy mine from you for sure!

      Thank you for your encouragement on my business. Your encouragement and words of wisdom mean a lot to me and are so helpful.

      Reupholstering is not something that I think I could do, so hats off to you! Isn't it wonderful that God blesses us with different abilities!

      I laughed when I read about your piping, I've had projects that I've felt that way about too!!!

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  4. Hi Patsy, Congratulations on doing so well with your sewing challenge. I need to start again as think I accomplish more! I love that pink hankie with the crochet edge. Is it made out of flannel? I only do a single material with my flannel and have never made one with anything else. Have a good day! Nancy

    1. Nancy, the edges are a scallop stitch done with my sewing machine and yes, the hankies are made out of flannel. I think I'm more intentional with having a sewing challenge to work towards too!

  5. Your pillow cases are adorable and I love all the fun prints you've chosen. I hope you do very well in your business adventure. Those hankies are just the cutest and make me want to go try out my scallop stitch !! I'm embarrassed to say I never have tried it, but you have just given me a new reason! Thank you!

    1. Tracy, practice on a scrap of fabric first and then go for it on the real thing! It makes such a pretty decorative edging! You can do it! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement on my pillowcases!


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