Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Ways of My Household/Vicky Challenge: 5/8/2018

(Another iris on the door side of our chicken coop smiles at us every time we go to the coop!)
We worked on our shed a combined 2 hours this week.  At an average of $23 per hour we saved $46 by doing the work ourselves. 
My husband found this pot lying on the side of the road and brought it home.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it!  He looked it up on Amazon and if you purchased 10 of them the cost was $100 so savings to us is $10.
My husband has been working early voting the past couple of weeks and one of his fellow workers gave him these brand new knives.  We looked them up on Amazon to get a price idea and learned that their combined value is $123.59.  Savings to us …  $123.59.
We planted more garden Saturday using seeds we saved from last year or plants that we grew from seeds we saved from last year.  Savings to us …… $25
We spent zero dollars of our grocery budget last week!  We continue to eat mainly out of our pantry.
I stitched up 2 of these pretty pink ruffled pillowcases and added them to my shop, Pillowcases by Patsi.
Our chickens gave us 8 dozen eggs this week:  savings $24  
I made another batch of home-made yogurt this week.  Savings: $15.12  
Not working outside my home:  savings $100.
We continue to cook from scratch, feed the compost bin and do all our normal money saving things that are second nature to us.
My Vicky Challenge savings this week come to ... $343.71.  Add that amount to the total of $3462.92 since March 21st, 2018 and our savings thus far are ... $3806.63.
That's it for me this week, how have you built up your pantry or saved money this week?
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Hi Patsy and you had another fabulous week and I took a peek in your shop and you are on fire with your sewing and adding new products all the time :).

    Something exciting that my new range of bread bags I put in my shop that I made 2 of is that I sold one last week too.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $315.33 in savings this week bringing us to $6306.32 from the 21st of March.

    Here is how we saved and built up our pantry last week -

    Financial, earnings & free internet listings -
    - DH earned $50 from gardening jobs that he put into our home emergency kitty to build that up.
    - I earned $21.21 from saved seeds and a homemade bread bag which I downloaded and banked to top up our pantry stocking budget.
    - I listed 25 listings on eBay taking advantage of a free listing promotion saving $41.25 in usual listing fees.
    - Our grocery expenditure was $42.90 last week and our saving according to the average family of $296 a week (2015-16) is a saving of $253.10. With what I have purchased on sales I will save more than the grocery expenditure in what I am making which will be more marmalades as well as other things we have already made.
    - Saved more money into our saving for our home deposit savings account bringing us to 25.25% of the way there and we also added $1 to our bank emergency kitty too.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased a roasted chicken on special saving $4.15 on usual prices that we purchased chips with and brought a drink from home to celebrate both my birthday and our temple sealing anniversary in a local park.
    - Found 3 x chicken Maryland on 50% off special or $3kg saving $4.63.
    - Purchased a 3kg bag of Valencia oranges on special saving 0.50c.

    Home organisation -
    - Sorted out the vegetable freezer drawers and moved the oldest to the front of the baskets. It is amazing what you find and yes unbeknown to us we still do have capsicum in there :).
    - Took more photos of items I don't have listed in my internet shop to prepare for future bulk free listing promotions coming up.

    Blessings and gifts-
    - A friend gave me 12 more lemons saving us $4.68 over purchasing them in the supermarket. Hello more marmalade here I come.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made 3 bags of lemonade concentrate from free gifted lemons and free honey we get from our apiarist friend who has hives on our property. It will be enough to make 9lts of cordial when warmer weather comes around or armour against the cold and flu season coming up.
    - Made all bread and meals from scratch.

    In the gardens -
    - Planted 50 more broad bean seeds from saved seeds from the gardens last season saving $3.87 over purchasing them.
    - Picked a bunch of silver beet from the gardens saving $3.60 over purchasing them in the supermarket which I gifted to my friend to say thank you for the lemons.
    - Transplanted 3 more beetroot seedlings from the nursery bed into the gardens.
    - Raked up leaves and used dried grass clippings to mix with hay to mulch 2 garden beds with. We run over this with the ride on lawnmower with catcher and doing the mulch in this way makes the hay spread much further as it is now getting very expensive to buy.

    Hope everyone else also has had a wonderfully frugal week.


  2. I have picked some of those type pots from the roadside myself. They make up part of my container garden and are great pots. Your irises are lovely. It has been a great year for irises.

  3. I love the ruffled pillowcase. I'm amazed with all the creative sewing projects you are coming up with. It's amazing that you are able to keep up with it all!

    I worked in my garden for a long time on Saturday. There is still much to do, but real progress has been made. I love the fact that a few things are starting to grow--I can really feel the grocery savings when the garden is producing and I love that. Lettuce will be the first main crop that will come on from what I planted, and I have lots of that coming along. There's even one lettuce that is quite large that came up volunteer and I had my husband till around it, so it will be ready soon. I've been getting a few small artichokes, a few herbs, and so forth, but the main bulk of things are just getting started.

    I watched my niece and nephew all weekend, starting Thursday night. Because my paid job is helping them, and my husband is also a PSW as an extra job on his time off, we can each bill for 8 hours per day that they were here, which will make a nicer paycheck than usual when that pay day arrives. It's also a huge blessing for my sister and brother-in-law to be able to get away for the weekend and provides with lots of time for auntie and uncle spoiling. Yes, it is work and they take a lot of care, but I feel very blessed to be able to be the ones who give part of that care to them. They did go to school Friday, so a lot of that day was filled with dropping off and picking up--them plus 2 of mine needed rides here and there--I drove a lot that day, but did manage to get a good walk in while waiting for my nephew to finish up with his school, since I was already in the area from dropping my daughter off at her house cleaning job.

    I got lots of free items from Safeway, as they were giving out stacks of the Monopoly tickets, even if you bought very little because the game ended. So, it helped keep the kids busy opening them, a wonderful gift to me. I love the items I got for free, too.

    My husband took 2 daughters and our nephew for a few hours Saturday, and went from park to park letting the younger ones play on equipment, while he took our 17-year-old's senior pictures. The shots came out amazing, the kids had fun, and I hear they visited 3 fast food places so that each one could have the snack they wanted after eating the food that was taken along in the cooler! I stayed back at the house with my niece, working on the garden and house, and then sent her with her older sister to her horse therapy stable where she groomed horses and had a riding lesson. (Big sis is also a PSW for her, and often takes her to that activity--and it's better for her to stay in routine as much as possible). Between the kids and the garden, the inside of the house looked like a train wreck, but it's starting to get back into order again! This week is a little less busy, which is good so I can catch up a bit. I don't work with the kids today, but I have 9 out of the past 10 days.

  4. I always stop when I see pots. Hubby fixed my large garden where some of the wood rotted out. He used treated cedar that we got when we took down a swing set for my sister. We have used this free wood 3 times now and still have a bunch more for future projects. I have been outside working lots. Everything is starting to look great. My list is here: https://mcoia.blogspot.com/2018/05/my-frugal-list-week-of-april-30-2018.html


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