Thursday, June 14, 2018

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: 6/14/2018

I didn't realize it had been so long since I've done a $5 or Less Pantry Challenge!  With traveling, getting ready for traveling, VBS, getting ready for VBS, working on the shed and getting the garden in I've had very little time for doing this challenge!  But now that things have settled down a bit, I'm back at it and here's this week's report ….

I had $11.14 to roll over from the last pantry challenge, add each weeks $5 since then that I haven't spent (11 weeks) which comes to a total of $55 and the total I had to work with this week was $66.14.

Here's what I purchased to stock my pantry … (Remember this $5 each week is to stock my pantry, not to purchase weekly groceries.)

I was in a local grocery store chain and they had these on clearance.  The regular price was $1.98/jar, they were on clearance for $1.25.  I added 4 jars to my pantry saving $.73/jar.  Total spent $5.00 leaving me $61.14 in my 'stocking up' fund.

What about you, what have you added to your long term pantry storage for $5 this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Are those plastic jars now? I thought I had seen that they are doing that now? If so and if they are close to expiration, would you ever consider re-canning them in to glass jars? Just curious if that is doable?

    1. Barbara, these are not plastic jars and the best buy date is 4/25/2020. I use these type jars to store dried herbs in, etc. I've never re-canned in them. I hope this helps! They may be clearancing them out because they are going to a plastic jar … I don't know, I just know that it was a good deal so I took advantage of it!!!

  2. I got 5 cans of tuna on sale for 88¢ each. My total was $4.40.

  3. Hi Patsy and yes sometimes we can all get so busy in our homes doing other things that time just flies. We have had very similar experience here with so much harvesting and processing of produce in the gardens :).

    We have adjusted our pantry stocking budget down to $10 per week here but shop 2 monthly and now it will be 3 monthly giving us $120 to use for stocking.

    It has been a good time for stocking up our pantries here in Australia as we have never seen before so many bargains, vouchers and e-vouchers that we could stock with specials. Retail sales here in Australia have been very low due to record low wage growth so retailers are putting on specials and extra vouchers to encourage people to spend.

    Shall start off with the free things from our gardens and trading that we have stocked with -
    - 100 kg of free (we just transplant small ones after each harvest) organically grown sweet potatoes picked from the gardens saving us $900 over purchasing organic varieties in the shops. We have now blanched and frozen around 7 months meals for the 2 of us for the freezer using free lemons (we juiced) from a friend that we traded vegetables with from our gardens. We will end up with a years worth once we finished processing the rest on the veranda.
    - 109 g of rosemary from the gardens that we dried saving us $21.68 over purchasing it in the shops.
    - 50 g of English lavender from the gardens we dried saving $6.99 over purchasing.
    - 200 g of strawberries and 618g of cherry tomatoes picked from the gardens saving another $9.81 over purchasing in the shops. We froze the strawberries and used the cherry tomatoes diced in meals.
    - We traded 14 bottles of failed home brew a friend gave us to another friend to use for garden bug traps for a 3kg grass fed leg of pork (he butchered) from his farm saving us another $27 over purchasing it.
    - Traded an old bed base with didn't need with an apiarist friend who needed a bed base for 9kg of honey.

    On the pantry stocking front we purchased 1 $350 e-voucher for $300 and for groceries another $350 for $300 e- voucher and received 2 x $15 off $100 purchase vouchers in the junk mail we used for groceries.

    - I used the $130 in free groceries to stock the pantry with from all the vouchers which I turned into another $100 savings taking advantage of half price specials.
    - Used the other $350 for $300 e-voucher to stock the pantry with using an advance in the pantry stocking budget.

    With these savings and the e-voucher I was able to stock up on lots of 3 varieties of tinned fruits or about 3 cartons of large cans (810g) and a carton of 410g of fruits in total, 2 cartons of mushrooms, 1 carton of tinned baked beans,8 spam, 10 long life tinned vegetables and meat,2 cartons of wet cat food, a carton of 8 kg powdered milk, 24 x 500g of butter, 10 kg of white long grain rice, 9kg of white and raw sugar, 8kg of all purpose flour, 2 x 32 pks of toilet paper, 3 6 pks of scourer sponges and 3 3pks of metal scourers.

    With earnings from my internet store from selling seeds, dried herbs and some handmade items and being way under in other budget categories I have already paid back the $300 in e-voucher pantry stocking expenditure. We have started putting away money in a high interest bank account (earning bank interest) each fortnight for both our grocery and pantry stocking budget so we can take advantage of the $240 for $200 supermarket e-vouchers that will come out in around August/September again on eBay (I asked the seller when they would be selling them again). I will of course take advantage of any 50% off weekly specials to make this saving stretch further.

    I can truly say we have outdone ourselves and if you can be sick of going grocery shopping I would say I have reached that point until another 3 months rolls around :). We are truly blessed though to have full kitchen pantries, freezers and a half full one wall 2nd bedroom grocery stock room.


  4. Sewingcreations15, I had to laugh when I read your statement 'being sick of going to the grocery store' for I get that way sometimes too! You've done really well, keep up the work!

  5. We went two weeks without shopping and just ran to Aldi for perishables on Tuesday this week. The grocery budget is very well funded since we have not shopped but I am ready to get out the the surplus store and see what goodies they have in stock. We would not be hurt at all by going another two weeks without shopping.

  6. Patsy, I was just thinking about the $5.00 Challenge and was hoping you would start it up again. I was looking through my pantry yesterday and was thinking I need to start it again. Your $5 posts are always so encouraging to me.

    1. MamaHen, it helps keep me focused and my pantry well-stocked so it's helpful for me too!

  7. I have actually been doing the opposite lately - concentrating on fresh groceries and eating down my pantry a bit. I had gone through re-organizing things and noticed that more than a few items were getting towards their Best By date - and while I'm not a fanatic about these dates - I did think it was time to use up a few things. I think I will continue to do this over the summer as our real bargains tend to be in September and October and I will stock up then. In the meantime I'll try to keep the money aside so that I have a lump sum available.

    1. Margie, that is so wise and from time to time I do the same … and yes, I save the money for stocking up purposes when I do.

  8. Patsy,
    You have certainly been a busy lady! With my $5 and coupons I was able to get 24 bottles and packs of juice boxes for $3.06. Plus added toilet paper and 3 rolls of paper towels for free. My hubby used to laugh at me about it years ago, but I told him you'll see $5 can yield lots of things and now he is happy with the pantry so he had to admit I was right. LOL that doesn't happen often!

    1. Vicky, You did good and yes, $5 can yield lots especially when you can add in coupons! Great job!!!


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