Friday, June 29, 2018

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: 6/29/2018

In my last $5 or less pantry challenge I had $54.14 to roll over into this week.  Add this week's $5 allotment and that gave me $59.14 to work with at the grocery store.

Here's what I purchased ….

We don't use a lot of coconut flour but occasionally a recipe will call for it so I like to keep it on hand.  Recently, I wanted to try a new to us recipe that called for coconut flour and I didn't have any!!!

So, I added it to my shopping list and this week when we stopped to pick up the few items we purchased, I bought some.

While I was in one part of the store deciding on which one to get, my husband found it in bulk in another part of the store.  After I made my decision, (a 17.5 oz bag for $5.49) I set out to locate him.  When I found him he asked how much the coconut flour I had in the cart was and when I told him he showed me what he had found.  It was cheaper … on sale $2.99/lb regular price $5.99/lb.  I told him to dish out a pound of it while I returned the bag I had back to the shelf where I had gotten it.

He actually got more than a pound, 1.82 pound to be exact but since we had already gotten it out of the bin we decided to keep it … the cost was $5.44.  $5.44 for 1.82 lbs verses $5.49 for 17.5 ounces … I'll take it!

$59.14 - $5.44 = $53.70 to roll over to next week.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. I hope you are feeling better today. Your husband is great at finding the deals! We have not spent all our grocery money for several months so we have plenty of stock up money when deals come along.

    12 packages of Oscar Mayer bacon pieces at 50 cents each=$6
    20 pounds of Ronzoni pasta at 50 cents a box=$10 (likely a year's supply)
    4 bottles of Stubb's BBQ sauce at $1.18 each and this comes in great glass bottles that I will save=$4.76

    I follow our local Wise Buys grocery surplus store on Facebook and they post new deals everyday so I know when our favorites are restocked. But, it is a good thing we do not live too close to that store because we could easily get carried away with the deals.

    1. Lana, I think I've turned the corner, or at least I hope I have. Thank you for your care, concern and help.

      You found some really great deals and you're accumulating some stock-up money too. You are one prudent and wise woman!

    2. I am so glad. PM me if you need what help I can offer from a distance.

  2. Dear Patsy I just love hearing about husbands who keep an eye out for specials too and well done him and you getting the coconut flour so cheaply :) .

    Like you we have been rolling over our unused pantry budget and so far I have only used $1 for 4 tins of lychees of the $40 allocated and have $39 left as at today.

    We have added to our pantry in other ways through trades and harvesting from the gardens being -

    - 8 more double bags of sweet potatoes we blanched and froze from ones we picked from the gardens. We ended up with 89 double meal bags all up for the 2 of us which will give us a years worth. We also gave away around 40 kg we could not fit in or could use all of them to everyone at church which people appreciated.
    - Added 11 more double meal bags of silver beet we picked blanched and froze from the gardens.
    - Harvested a huge amount of fresh thyme from the gardens which we have drying on a large wire rack on the veranda behind shade cloth. Once ready we will keep some for us and sell the excess on the internet.
    - Added 4 tins of lychees for the pantry for $1 OOP after using a $10 off voucher I earned from buying the normal groceries. We have now topped up what we used since we went shopping earlier in the month.
    - Picked another huge lot of both French and English lavender from the gardens we currently have drying on curtain rails in the hallway. We also separated already dried lavender from our previous picking giving us 33 g of French Lavender and 36 g of English lavender.
    - I traded dried 30 g of dried oregano, 8 g of tarragon, 34 g of English lavender, 100 g of dried rosemary and 50 g of dried thyme picked from the gardens (apart from the oregano and tarragon we had to much of here) for 6 x 25 g tins of lip balm and a 50 g tin of comfrey cream a friend makes with all natural products. Any natural lip balms cost to buy here are anywhere between $8 - $16 ea eek !. My package has arrived and my friends is in transit in the mail as we speak and we are both happy with what we are receiving as herbs are very expensive to buy where my friend lives in the country too.

    Other than that we have been staying away from grocery shopping and pantry stocking preferring to save our money for E-Vouchers that will come out again in August/September which will give us 20% off the cost of all our groceries.

    From our clothing budget we have purchased a few things for DH as he is now been treated for his Q Fever and is now feeling the cold and some things for me as well on good specials being -

    - For DH a bomber jacket for $24.99 instead of $35 for working in the gardens and chainsawing in winter, 3 Sherpa lined jackets $25 ea instead of $59 ea and 3 flannelette shirts $7 compared to $15 elsewhere. For me we bought a bomber jacket saving $10.01 and 4 long sleeved t-shirts for $5 ea instead of $6 as mine were so well worn they were getting holes in them and also too tight since I put on some weight. All up with specials and by price matching we saved $161.70 on usual prices.

    Hope everyone has had an equally good week :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, I'm waiting on my thyme to get big enough to harvest and plan on making some comfrey cream in the near future too. You did really well with your trade!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Patsy! I have two weeks worth of the $5 pantry challenge to report. I got two bottles of my husband's magnesium vitamins for $1.74 (I wanted to shout at everyone at the store, "DON"T YOU SEE THIS GREAT DEAL!!!" :) ). And then the next week I got four loaves of French bread to go into the freezer off the Walmart clearance rack and four six-pack applesauce-to-go's for .74 each! They are yummy and make a nice little side at lunch. And of course my kiddos love them!

    1. Wendy, thank you, yes, I am finally beginning to feel better. That is a great deal on the vitamins and the bread! If you had shouted at everyone in the store about the good deal, they may or may not have listened. Unfortunately, some people just don't have the time to bargain shop.


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