Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Ways of My Household/Vickie Challenge: 6/3/2018 ... part 2

In part one of this week's The Ways of My Household/Vickie Challenge:  6/30/18, I mentioned that I had so much to share that I wouldn't put it all in one post …

And now here's part 2 …

For the sewing part of my pantry, I added several pieces of fabric and by using coupons and shopping sales I saved 113.19.  I have lots of new fabrics that I'll be turning into pillowcases in the near future! 

I found some more pickled corn, which I love, so added these 4 pints to my pantry.  It's on my list of things to can myself but I just haven't gotten around to it … yet!

I bought a new broom, this broom was handmade by the Mennonites.  It sure does sweep good!

I found these Yankee candles at Ollies for $6.99 each (the large ones), regular price is $24.99.  The smaller ones cost $2.99 each, regular price $8.99.  Savings:  $54.00

I purchased these herbs and vegetable plants at one of the Mennonite nursery's that we went to.  The cuttings in the center, between the two trays, are lilac cuttings I was given by one of my sisters from her bushes.  I'm happy to report that they are still happily growing a healthy root system!  I'm going to get them in some potting soil this week … or that's the goal anyway!!!

 Here's a variety of things I purchased to add to my pantry, hot spicy corn relish, sugar free jellies, mushroom soup mix and broccoli soup mix.

I purchased regular size canning lids (345 lids in the roll) and wide mouth canning lids (288 in the roll) in bulk.  I continue to get ready for a busy canning season and this is just one of the ways.  I purchased these at a Mennonite store and talked extensively with one of the ladies who worked there about the lids.  When she told me these were the ones she used, I decided they must be okay!  Savings to me by buying them in bulk … wide mouth lids $42.35 … small lids $26.61 … Total Savings:  $68.96

When we travel/go on working/vacation we don't usually spend our monies on trips to shopping malls or tourist attractions, we look for bargains and useful things that will build up our home.  There's not anything wrong with shopping malls and tourist attractions and occasionally we do indulge, but for the most part those are just not how we choose to spend our monies. 

This trip was a success in the things that we were able to add to our pantry and home.  Some were given to us, some were purchased on sale and some were purchased at thrift stores or from a Mennonite store or produce auction.  

My Vicky Challenge savings for part 2 comes to ... $236.15.  Add that amount to the total of $4509.62 since March 21st, 2018 and our savings thus far are … $ 4745.77.

Stay tuned for part 3, yes, there is a part 3!!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I've never bought bulk canning lids--just Kerr and Ball ones in boxes. I will love hearing about how they work, but I agree with you--if the Mennonite ladies are using them they must work. When I was part of our family u-pick peach business, I would see Mennonite ladies hauling out bushel after bushel of peaches to can--hundreds and hundreds of pounds each year. They were such industrious ladies, and we always really respected them for their frugality and work ethic. Although I do not live on the farm anymore, I like to think they are still picking and canning in their pretty pastel dresses, wearing their lovely lace caps--it's a good memory for me.

    1. Becky, It won't be long before I start using them so stay tuned!

  2. We do just like you on trips. In fact we love to hit thrift stores in other places. Besides every mall has the same stores. When my husband traveled for work he said that every city is the same coast to coast.

    We have not been to the grocery this week so it aways saves to eat what we have. I scored a 6 pack of 6 lb cans of tomato sauce on Amazon for $9. Belk had a deal on men'S IZOD chino pants so we bought 3 with free store pick up for only $27. Regular price is $54.99 each. This was a real need and I was so happy to find that deal. Only $13 spent on food from out this week which is rare. I got a $25 Amazon card from Swagbucks. Aldi had a pressure attachment for the hose last week. This finally gives us something that will get water up to our second story for cleaning and keeps hubby off the ladder which is priceless. We really need to get out of this big two story house but have put all that in God's hands. We tried hard for a year to downsize and every door closed.

    I ordered a corn stripper tool from Amazon with my gift cards. Now I am waiting for another corn deal.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. Lana, I love it that you have put your housing desires in God's hands. That assures you that His will, will be done! You got some good deals, way to go!!!

  3. I think my friends believe I'm nuts, because I keep talking about finding a good straw broom. I can't help it--I love to sweep, and a well made straw broom just makes it a meditative experience!

    1. Evelyn, they are hard to find so when I came across this one, I grabbed it … it was the last one!!!

  4. Patsy, that broom looks like it will last a long time. Goodness me you are really busy at the moment now that the weather has turned warm. We are enjoying the cooler weather here in Australia.

    1. Nanna Chel, I'm so busy that some days I don't know whether I'm coming or going!!! But I love it!

  5. Patsy, are they 2 pc lids and rings or ones like the picture? CAN you can with the ones in the picture? Thanks, Bobbi

    1. Bobbi, they are just the lids, no rings.

  6. Wow Patsy you got some great deals and made the most of your trip and I am sure the canning jar lids will come in handy and you will use them in no time knowing how industrious and hard working you are. The vegetable seedlings all look wonderfully healthy too :).

    We have started doing what you did on the mass preserving and so far blanched and froze 31 more meals of sweet potato for the freezer. We can hardly see a dent in the sweet potatoes we picked though :o . The push continues ...

    When we travel we love to go to unusual places off the beaten track and don't like to go to the malls either. We much prefer to go to op shops, out of the way little country town fabric stores to look for fabrics and quite often come away with great deals and smaller specialty produce stores as well.

    Patsy it looks like you have some more preserving in mind in the near future which will build up your pantry some more, how wonderful.


    1. Sewingcreations15, we'll be doing sweet potatoes in November and yes, there is lots more preserving ahead of me this summer.


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