Monday, July 9, 2018

Adding to My Pantry: Sweet Pickle Relish, Canned Potatoes and Peaches

I've been adding to my pantry today, come take a peek at what I've been able to do …

9 pints of peaches that were left from the picking we did last week … (I'm seeing an occasional peach cobbler in our future with these) ...

6 quarts of potatoes from the potatoes we grew (these were the last of the potatoes and the smallest ones. I just halved or quartered them and left the skins on) … these will be roasted or fried ...


4 pints sweet pickle relish from cucumbers we grew … (this will be plenty of sweet pickle relish for us until cucumber harvesting time again next year) ...

We've been listening to the 'ping' of jars sealing all afternoon … that sound is music to my ears!!!

Every jar has sealed and tomorrow I'll remove the rings, wash down the outside of the jars, label the lids and add them to my pantry.

Yes, it's been a very good day!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Oh that lovely ping! You have really been busy and it pays off!

    1. Yes, Lana, I have been busy but it is such a satisfying kind of busy!

  2. Hi Patsy and got to say I just love seeing home preserving going on and building up our pantries with gleened, cheaply or home grown produce. Well done it all looks wonderful :).

    We are also hearing the popping of lids in our strawberry jam making too, oh happy days :).

    Here is how we have built up our pantry up until yesterday -

    - 1.215 kg of cherry tomatoes, 1.214 kg of beetroot and 400 g of carrots we used for juices saving $21.83 over purchasing them.
    - Harvested another 1.127 kg of cherry tomatoes from the gardens saving $11.27 over purchasing them.
    - Separated 46 g of French lavender and 28 g of English lavender saving $12.55 on usual prices. We traded these with a friend for some lge containers of natural homemade lip balms.
    - Picked and dried from the gardens we separated out 21g of marigold flowers (used for part trade for lip balms) and 319g of dried thyme saving us $41.96 over purchasing like for like organic in the shops.
    - On half price specials + 5% discount from using our roadside assist club discount gift card we got 1.5 kg of strawberries (on about $2 off per kilo), 24 tins of harvest long life meat and vegetables and 13 tins of spam as well as 4 free reusable bags saving $84.63 on usual prices.
    - Made 2.706 kg of jam in our bread making machine with some home picked strawberries and some purchased strawberries making 9 jars (we washed and reused some we had with pop tops) saving $17.19 over purchasing the same quality in the shops. The only equivalent is a French made one that costs an arm and a leg :).

    Continue doing your wonderful work and hearing the marvelous lid popping :).


    1. Sewingcreations15, I love it when I can trade what I have with someone for something I don't have! You've had another great week!!

  3. I agree - pinging jars are the best music to our ears. The potatoes look great (along with everything else :-)) I love adding to my pantry too. Cindy

  4. You have been very busy. Great job. You sure will enjoy them this winter. I got some great sales at the grocery store this week because of 4th of July sales. Between coupons, sales and Ibotta I saved over $65 and I added lots to my pantry.

    1. Making Cents of It All, that's quite a savings! You go girl!!!

  5. I got 2 pineapples and then the kids went to camp before anyone ate them. Since they were only 99c (unheard of price), I had purchased 2. I canned them into tiny jars to use for pizza, fried rice, etc. I got 8-1/2 pints. I love to can, too, and also love the popping of the jars.

    I picked enough blueberries from our 2 bushes to make peach-blueberry jam. I used frozen peaches from last year for the 4 cups of peaches called for, but was delighted to get 4 cups of blueberries. I've frozen blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, but only a very few strawberries. I did do one batch of strawberry jam from frozen strawberries.

    1. Becky, I love it when I have planned ahead for canning season by having things in the freezer that I can use to finish out a canning recipe! I recently did that with the sweet pickle relish I canned. For the onions in the recipe I used ones I had chopped and frozen last fall. It sure was a time saver!

  6. YOu are doing great! I used to love canning but find it very difficult to do now with both CFS and Fibromyalgia.

    1. Debbie, I'm sorry you have health issues that make canning difficult. Aren't we glad that canning is not the only option available to us when it comes to building up and maintaining a well-stocked pantry??


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