Monday, July 2, 2018

Vertical Gardening: Cucumbers

This year we decided to grow our cucumbers vertical …

just planted and cage put in place for the cucumbers to grow up …

they're off to a good start and are even blooming …

they've got the entire cage covered, are still blooming and we've starting 
harvesting from the vines … which I might add includes very little bending over!!!

I do believe I like vertical gardening!!!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Wow look at those cucumbers grow!

    I just might have to try this method next season. I have noticed that cucumbers do like to wander a lot, so keeping them contained like this would be so much better :)


  2. Tania, we have been very pleased!

  3. My dad always grew them on a fence on the side of the garden. That is how I grow mine. It works great.

  4. Patsy what a great idea on the cucumber container of growth and spread of the plants and it also makes it easier to harvest them that way without much bending.

    We also save all the lemon juice we can get from free to us lemons from friends to blanch and freeze our sweet potatoes once a year, to make lemon and honey cordial and to make cheesecakes with.

    I shall have to see if some of our builder friends have any concrete mesh spare to do that next season with our cucumbers. It would stop the cucumbers rotting too where they touch the ground.


  5. At our old house, one time my husband put a hog panel (fence piece) leaning up against another fence for one kind of cucumbers that one of the girls was trying to grow. It worked great! I really wanted to grow some cucumbers vertically in my greenhouse but it did not work--I did not get enough water on them, so the plants stunted. Live and learn. Right now, I've struggled to get any slicing cucumbers to come up in my garden at all, but finally have a few starts from my nephew's efforts--dig a big hole, and put some in, and also put some barely covered--have a big cluster of seeds, and some down far away from the hill....cover some deeply and some barely at all--and use cheap, dollar store seeds from a few years ago....I'm still laughing that he got his to come up when mine didn't--twice!!!

    Thankfully, the pickling cukes came up nicely. I need to do a lot of sweet pickles as well as some dills.


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