Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hurricane Florence: Entry #11

(picture:  a glimpse of one of the 3 - 4 days of continuous rain we had.)
Today, I want to share with you what happens when trucks can’t get into an area to make food deliveries with any regularity.
I went into 2 groceries stores today looking for something for 2 different people and couldn’t find either item.

Meats, eggs, milk, cheese, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are scarce.  Store shelves are sparse and that’s because trucks are having a hard time getting into the area to make deliveries.  
Anything that was perishable had to be tossed after the widespread power outages and this also affected fast food type places.  There’s no lettuce or cheese for your hamburger and some items on the menu are just not available.
Getting the stores restocked is hampered by the fact that a road might be open this morning but due to new flooding, closed this afternoon.  There is no consistency on which roads will be open when.
Then, there’s the fact that when a truck does get through the perishables sell out very quickly so if you’re not close by or in the store, you lose out.
Another dam in another town burst today and the residents are being evacuated as I type, some by helicopter and others by Hummer.  Florence just keeps on giving!
We were told on our evening news that the rivers won’t be through cresting and causing flooding until the end of next week.  This just keeps everyone on pins and needles.
We put in another full day of disaster relief distribution and delivery today. 
Our post office is open but no mail is getting through to be delivered.
Our trash pick-up resumed today.
Curfews are being lifted or shortened, so that is good.
Flood waters are going down in some areas and rising in others.
I have been asked by more than one person about making donations to an organization on a local level to help people recover from the devastation.  This is a rural area and I'm sorry but I don’t know of a reputable organization that is local to suggest to you.
I have also been asked about making donations to me personally for the relief effort here.  Unless the donation is being made to me for our personal use to help cover the additional expenses we are occurring as a result of our involvement in the relief efforts, I feel like I have to decline as I’m not comfortable taking donations to be distributed to others.  
Please understand, I am not asking for donations, I am answering questions that I have gotten more than once about this issue.  If you still want to make a donation to me personally for the purpose of helping us cover the additional expenses we are incurring, you can do that by going to my blog, look on the right hand side at the top of the side bar where you will find a 'Donate' button,  you can make donations through Paypal there.

Thank you for wanting to help!
We are fine!  We are blessed!
Thank you for your continued prayers.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. Patsy we are glad you are okay and you are right it is scary to think how fragile our food sources are when trucks cannot get through to an area to supply the shops. As most who have been through something similar the shop stocks they have on hand is about 3 days.

    This heightens the need for us all to have food stored in our homes to get us through natural disasters and other situations.

    I went through the 1974 floods here in Australia as a child and I know how scary that was with my grandmother and us as children wading through shallow areas of flood water to get to our local shop to stock up on the basics. My grandmother went through the great depression and what she could cook with limited ingredients was something to behold.

    Keep up your wonderful service to others and I am sure you will be truly blessed for your efforts from other people as well as Heavenly Father.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  2. Patsy, the shelves in our supermarkets were bare in parts too when the distribution areas were flooded a couple of years ago. There was no flooding here but it just showed how quickly things could change and was a real eye opener to a lot of people. I pray that the water will recede soon so that the recovery process can begin.

  3. So glad to hear you are doing well. This is surely a fine example of why we all stock and prepare for bad things and emergencies.
    It makes me more mindful of prepping, especially when it hits people I am acquainted with.
    God bless my friend.

  4. It is pretty sobering to see how quickly stores run out of things. I am glad you have things stored up for your use, but also that you can help hand out items to others who don't. I'm sure that in all that flooding, gardens are a thing of the past, so it's a good thing a large amount of food preservation has been finished already.

    Even here, where we don't have many natural disasters, we struggled to get water this past summer. The city water was affected by cyanobacteria in the reservoir and so they declared the water here was not safe. There was price gouging on water--the worst I read was $48 for a case of bottled water. I am aware that you can pay that if you buy it one bottle at a time at an amusement park or the fair, but generally those cases run around $3 or $4 at most. Thankfully, the issue was quickly resolve, the National Guard set up water stations, and things are fine now, but that was sobering for me, too. I'm glad I had water on hand, and am doubly glad I am well-stocked after reading your accounts of the hurricane.


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