Thursday, September 27, 2018

Strawberry Barrel Update

The windshield on our van cracked yesterday. We don't know if it is a residual from Florence or what, all we know is that one minute it was fine and the next it had about a foot long crack in it. Nothing hit it that we are aware of but we have to have the whole windshield replaced. Since this is our only vehicle it's put a cramp in our disaster relief distribution until it is repaired, which is tomorrow. So, today we found ourselves at home and we decided to do storm clean-up on our yard since we haven't taken the time to do it yet.

We also decided that we needed to get the strawberry plants we purchased while traveling (that was only 3 weeks ago but it seems as if it was forever ago!) planted so we set to work.

Some of the strawberry plants were a little worse for the wear but I think most of them will do okay.

A neighbor offered my husband some composting worms a few weeks ago and hubby went and got them today.  We added some soil to the center cylinder in the strawberry barrel, then some worms, then some compost material and just kept repeating until the cylinder was full!  Then we added the cap to the cylinder.  I'm so glad to have it done, I kept looking at those strawberry plants and hoping they would survive until we could get them planted!

(Click HERE for a tutorial on how my husband made the strawberry barrel!)


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  1. Sorry about your windscreen, Patsi. However it must have been nice to have a break even though it looks like you kept yourself very busy. Hope you get lots of strawberries.

  2. Sorry about the windshield but I am not sorry you had a chance to slow down for a day. I am sure a day at home was a blessing. I hope you have a bumper crop of strawberries! We are van drivers too. It just seems to be the best vehicle for us. Our oldest son is an engineer on the Honda Odyssey and he said they have to keep in mind that the age of those who drive that vehicle is 50% retired people. Yes, we drive what our boy engineers but far from new. :)