Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall Gardening: Before and After!

Remember this … we'll call this 'Before' …

We had such high hopes for these collard plants.  We just knew that we were going to be able to restock our pantry with home-canned collard greens from these plants!

This is the after … after what you ask???

After the rabbits got through with them!!!
(Our soil is really sandy which makes it hard to see what the rabbits didn't eat!)

They didn't stop with my collards either, look what they did to my kale, which was ready for it's first harvest …

My husband thought I had harvested it, it wasn't me!

Let's just say that I'm not real happy with the rabbits around our house right now!!!

A Working Pantry
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  1. Oh NO!!!! It's a good thing these woodland critters are so cute, it's their one redeeming quality. Around our parts, it's the squirrels who wreak havoc. When our apple tree was still producing, my neighbor four houses down would occasionally catch sight of a squirrel with an apple in its mouth in her yard, and this past summer, we saw a squirrel hopping across the road with one of our tomatoes in its mouth. Darn things!

    Better luck next time that the rabbits find somewhere else to snack on!!!

  2. Time to add some rabbit stew to your pantry ? They should be plump enough after chowing down on your garden!! Lol!!
    Sorry- I know it’s a disappointment!!! 😟

  3. That stinks. Sorry. Maybe you will be eating rabbit for dinner soon.

  4. Well that stinks! The squirrels used to mow off my pansies so that they look like your kale. Now I know that they hate the smell of orange peels so I put orange peels out but I have no idea what repels rabbits.

  5. Oh no! Sorry. So far have ! Nancy not had a problem with rabbits but my dog

  6. Oh dear Patsy all I can say is OH NO. I too would be having rabbit stew too I think.

    Such a lot of hard work gone into your growing and I hope some of it survives. If you can get some dog netting and fence the area that probably might be the only way to keep the furry little critters out of your garden patch.

    We will be contending with kangaroos, rabbits and we heard there is the occasional deer down on our new property too. Time for 6 ft fences to keep them all out when we build our vegetable patch.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

  7. Have you considered putting up an electric fence? My husband puts one around our rows of corn to keep the groundhogs out. He had to put another around our melons because coyotes were ruining them.


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