Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Making Holiday Potpourri: Part 2

In yesterday's post I shared that I was dehydrating lemon slices and orange slices to make holiday potpourri both for myself and to give as gifts.

Today, I put the potpourri together and bagged it up …

Ingredients:  dried lemon slices, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise, whole cloves and dried cranberries.

I divided the ingredients into 5 smaller bags (these will be gifts) and one much bigger bag (this one is for me!)

I put the 'gift bags' in a basket and it has now become part of my holiday décor where it will remain until they are distributed.  The big one is part of my holiday décor too, but I will soon start using it!  I wish you could smell this potpourri … it smells divine!

Before I give the ones set aside for gifts I'll attach a gift tag with the instructions to add 2 - 3 cups of water and the mix in a pan, bring it to a boil, let it simmer and enjoy the scent!  (You could also simmer it in a crockpot!)

This was a fun and easy project that didn't cost a lot of money as I already had most of the items in my pantry already!

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  1. Hi Patsy,
    I've enjoyed reading your blog posts since I came across your blog a few months ago. While the smell of the potpourri simmering on the stove would be undoubtedly divine, have you or your blog readers tried the strained liquid as a tea? As I was reading the ingredients of your potpourri, I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to use the strained liquid in iced tea, even hot tea/cider. Just curious if anyone has tried it.
    Thanks for writing.

    1. Savitha, I've never really thought about that! You've given me something to think about! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!

  2. I have so many lemons right now that this is looking like something I could do. I am thinking about what else I have and I know there is plenty of Rosemary in the garden. I might have a play with the ingredients and have a go at this. Thank you.
    Yours looks so pretty in its wrappings. I would never have thought to do this.

    1. Jane, how blessed you are to have an abundance of lemons!!! I think Rosemary would be a good item to add!

  3. It looks so tempting, I almost can smell it across the internet!

    Where do you get such large containers of star anise? I have seen the cinnamon sticks that way, but not the other one.

    1. Becky, I found it at an Asian store in a nearby city. I wish you could smell this potpourri … it smells sooooo good and festive and reminds me of holidays of my childhood!


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