Friday, March 15, 2019

$5 or Less Pantry Challenge: 3/16/2019

This week's $5 or less pantry building challenge took me back to the Dollar Tree where I did NOT work on the first aid section of my pantry again!!!

Remember that this $5 is not part of the weekly groceries budget. It is set aside to be used just for stocking up in any area of our pantries.   

This week I added …

NON-GMO pure cane sugar … each bag contains 2 lbs and of course, cost $1/bag.
The size of the bag is a real convenience for someone who doesn't use a lot of sugar like us, plus it's a lot easier to handle weight wise than the 5 or 10 lb bags that other sugars comes in.

That's what I did this week, how did you do?  What did you add to your pantry for $5 or less?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. Patsy you did really well and wish we had a store that sold most things for predominantly $1 here although we do have discount variety stores here but just not that cheap.

    For the second half of this month we found an exclusive online special in our supermarket for 50% off all branded frozen goods for a $30 or over pickup order so we decided to stock up our freezer as these prices were even cheaper than buying generic brands. This is just unheard of in Australia to have such low prices on these goods and got to say I was doing happy dances.

    From what I heard most people are keeping their wallets closed and are not spending money so this is perhaps the reason as most retail businesses are struggling here due to a huge slump in property prices, rises in mortgage rates with the banks and wages not keeping up with inflation.

    Here is what we purchased with our $20 -

    - 2 x 4lt of quality ice cream for $7.50 total.
    - 3 x 500g frozen blueberries for $9 total. These are $39.20 per kg on special here :o .
    - 1 x packet of frozen passionfruit pulp for $3. These are usually $1.50 ea here to buy fresh.
    - 1 x 500g packet of frozen peas, corn and carrots for $1.25.

    Total = $20.75 as I used our under budget amounts from past fortnights.

    We did buy other items as part of our monthly grocery shop as well.

    A great week for bargain prices to top up our freezer with :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, you did well also, rising prices are happening everywhere and people are having to make some hard choices.

  2. This week I stocked up on some pasta sauce that most of the family loves (I don't, but they do) as it was on sale for $1 per jar. I initially bought 4, but then picked up 6 more jars while shopping another day. So I spent $10 (plus tax), on stocking up. However, this amount will last us a few months, so I'm happy to spend the money while it is on sale.

    1. Rhonda, that was wise thinking!!! You go girl!

  3. I need to stack up on white flour, I never keep more than 100 lbs, and then when it is gone by more, but I also could use a little more sugar.


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